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Determination to Achieve Will-Power in Chinese / Japanese...

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Determination to Achieve / Will-Power

yì zhì
Determination to Achieve / Will-Power Scroll

This Chinese, Korean, and Japanese word means, "determination to achieve". It can also be translated as: will; willpower; determination; volition; intention; intent.

In Japanese, this can also be the given name Ishi.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
cān wù
    can1 wu4
ts`an wu
    tsan wu
Determination to Achieve / Will-Power Scroll
to comprehend (the nature of things etc); to achieve enlightenment



see styles
jiān yì
    jian1 yi4
chien i
firm and persistent; unswerving determination


see styles
Determination to Achieve / Will-Power Scroll
determination; esprit de corps; (place-name) Shige


see styles
yì zhì
    yi4 zhi4
i chih
will; willpower; determination; CL:個|个[ge4]
will; volition; intention; intent; determination; (given name) Ishi


see styles
chéng jiù
    cheng2 jiu4
ch`eng chiu
    cheng chiu
 jouju / joju
Determination to Achieve / Will-Power Scroll
accomplishment; success; achievement; CL:個|个[ge4]; to achieve (a result); to create; to bring about
(n,vs,n-suf,vt,vi) fulfillment; fulfilment; realization; realisation; completion; (given name) Jouju
siddhi: accomplishment, fulfillment, completion, to bring to perfection; achieved


see styles
zhèng dìng
    zheng4 ding4
cheng ting
 shoujou / shojo
Zhengding county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄[Shi2 jia1 zhuang1], Hebei
{Buddh} (See 八正道) right concentration
saṃyak-samādhi, right abstraction or concentration, so that the mind becomes vacant and receptive, the eighth of the 八正道; 'right concentration, in the shape of the Four Meditations.' Keith; right concentration ; correct determination



see styles
jué xīn
    jue2 xin1
chüeh hsin
Determination to Achieve / Will-Power Scroll
determination; resolution; determined; firm and resolute; to make up one's mind; CL:個|个[ge4]
(noun, transitive verb) determination; resolution


see styles
Determination to Achieve / Will-Power Scroll
willingness (e.g. to do something); eagerness; motivation; inspiration; determination; high aspirations

see styles
 ryou / ryo
to finish; to achieve; variant of 瞭|了[liao3]; to understand clearly
finish; completion; the end; (personal name) Riyou
To end, see through, understand, thoroughly, know, make clear, thoroughly, completely, final; to cognitively apprehend

see styles
 sou / so
to play music; to achieve; to present a memorial to the emperor (old)
(See 奏する・そうする・1) report to the emperor; (female given name) Melody

see styles
to construct; to form; to make up; to compose; literary composition; paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera)
(irregular okurigana usage) (1) structure; construction; appearance; (2) posture (e.g. in martial arts); pose; stance; (3) readiness; determination; preparedness; (4) kanji enclosure type radical (must enclose at least two sides of the kanji); (kana only) paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera); (surname) Kamae

see styles
to satisfy; to succeed; then; thereupon; finally; unexpectedly; to proceed; to reach
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) end; final; (2) end of life; death; (adverb) (3) never; not at all; (personal name) Toguru
to achieve; to achieve

see styles
mischievous; obstinate; to play; stupid; stubborn; naughty
(adjectival noun) (kana only) obstinate; stubborn; mulish; die-hard; bigoted
Stupid, obstinate; dogged determination


see styles
yī hē
    yi1 he1
i ho
(noun, transitive verb) (1) sharp, loud rebuke; bark; roar; (noun, transitive verb) (2) (See 喝・かつ・1) rebuke used in Zen to achieve enlightenment
A call, shout, deafening shout; a call, shout


see styles
bù tuì
    bu4 tui4
pu t`ui
    pu tui
determination; (surname) Futai
(不退轉) avaivartika, or avinivartanīya. Never receding, always progressing, not backsliding, or losing ground; never retreating but going straight to nirvana; an epithet of every Buddha; non-retrogression


see styles
zuò dào
    zuo4 dao4
tso tao
to accomplish; to achieve



see styles
chū xiàn
    chu1 xian4
ch`u hsien
    chu hsien
(sports) to go out of bounds; to go over the line; to qualify for the next round of competition; (Tw) (fig.) to make the grade; to achieve success


see styles
pàn dìng
    pan4 ding4
p`an ting
    pan ting
 hantei / hante
to judge; to decide; judgment; determination
(noun, transitive verb) judgement; judgment; decision; ruling; finding; adjudication; verdict; call



see styles
gāng jué
    gang1 jue2
kang chüeh
firm determination; firm determination



see styles
shèng jiě
    sheng4 jie3
sheng chieh


see styles
(v2m-s,vt) (1) (archaism) to dedicate; to make an offering; to pay (fees); (2) (archaism) to supply; (3) (archaism) to store; (4) (archaism) to finish; to bring to a close; (5) (archaism) to restore (something to its place); (6) (archaism) to achieve (e.g. a result)



see styles
fèn yǒng
    fen4 yong3
fen yung
dauntless; to summon up courage and determination; using extreme force of will


see styles
dìng xiàng
    ding4 xiang4
ting hsiang
Fixity, determined, determination, settled, unchanging, nirvāṇa. The appearance of meditation.



see styles
shí xiàn
    shi2 xian4
shih hsien
to achieve; to implement; to realize; to bring about


see styles
gōng jù
    gong1 ju4
kung chü
 kougu / kogu
tool; instrument; utensil; means (to achieve a goal etc)
tool; implement


see styles
dé fó
    de2 fo2
te fo
achieve enlightenment; achieve enlightenment


see styles
dé dào
    de2 dao4
te tao
 tokudou / tokudo
to achieve the Dao; to become an immortal
(noun/participle) attaining salvation; (given name) Noriyori
To obtain the way, or the religion; by obedience to the commandments, practice of meditation, and knowledge, to attain enlightenment; to attain the way



see styles
dé dá
    de2 da2
te ta
(given name) Aritatsu
to achieve; to achieve


see styles
xiǎng niàn
    xiang3 nian4
hsiang nien
 sounen / sonen
to miss; to remember with longing; to long to see again
thought; idea; conception
To think and reflect; thought determination


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) (kana only) to build up; to establish; (2) (kana only) to form; to become (a state); (3) (kana only) to accomplish; to achieve; to succeed in; (4) (kana only) to change into; (5) (kana only) to do; to perform; (auxiliary verb) (6) (archaism) to intend to; to attempt; to try

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Determination to Achieve
意志ishiyì zhì / yi4 zhi4 / yi zhi / yizhii chih / ichih

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Determination to Achieve / Will-Power Scroll
Determination to Achieve / Will-Power Scroll
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