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The name Daytime in Chinese / Japanese...

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

(suffix) (1) day (as in holiday); (can act as adjective) (2) daytime


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

(ik) (interjection) (colloquialism) hello; good day (daytime greeting)

see styles
(n-adv,n-t) (1) noon; midday; (2) daytime; (3) lunch

see styles
(out-dated kanji) (n-adv,n-t) (1) noon; midday; (2) daytime; (3) lunch
Day, daytime, daylight.

see styles
(bound form) material or tool used to light a fire by means of friction or the sun's rays; (bound form) beacon fire (alarm signal in border regions), esp. one lit during daytime to produce smoke
hand drilling (to start a fire); hand drill; (place-name, surname) Hiuchi


see styles
huà rì
    hua4 ri4
hua jih
sunlight; daytime


see styles
wǔ ān
    wu3 an1
wu an
Good afternoon!; Hello (daytime greeting)



see styles
bài chàn
    bai4 chan4
pai ch`an
    pai chan
to hold a daytime Buddhist mass; (of a monk or nun) to read scripture to atone for sb's sins


see styles
rì zhōng
    ri4 zhong1
jih chung
 nicchuu(p); hinaka / nicchu(p); hinaka
    にっちゅう(P); ひなか
noon; midday; zenith
(n,adv) (1) daytime; during the day; (2) (にっちゅう only) Japan and China; (surname) Hinaka



see styles
rì chǎng
    ri4 chang3
jih ch`ang
    jih chang
daytime show; matinee


see styles
(1) daytime; (2) position of the sun; (surname) Hinashi



see styles
rì lǐ
    ri4 li3
jih li
daytime; during the day


see styles
(1) daytime; (2) position of the sun; (place-name) Hitari



see styles
rì jiān
    ri4 jian1
jih chien
(archaism) daytime; during the day; (place-name) Hiruma



see styles
rì tóu
    ri4 tou2
jih t`ou
    jih tou
sun (dialect); daytime; date
(surname) Higashira


see styles
(n,adv) (See 昼間) daytime


see styles
(See 夜職) daytime work (as opposed to work in the nighttime entertainment business or sex industry)


see styles
 hiruma(p); chuukan / hiruma(p); chukan
    ひるま(P); ちゅうかん
(n,adv) daytime; during the day; time from sunrise until sunset; diurnal period; (place-name, surname) Hiruma


see styles
 hirutonbi; hirutobi
    ひるとんび; ひるとび
(1) sneak thief; daytime prowler; (2) pickpocketing


see styles
bái tiān
    bai2 tian1
pai t`ien
    pai tien
 shiroten; hakuten
    しろてん; はくてん
daytime; during the day; day; CL:個|个[ge4]
{food} (See 揚げかまぼこ) white deep-fried kamaboko


see styles
bái niǎn
    bai2 nian3
pai nien
 byaku nen
daytime robber


see styles
bái rì
    bai2 ri4
pai jih
daytime; sun; time
bright sunshine; broad daylight; (given name) Shirahi


see styles
 hakuchuu / hakuchu
(n,adv) daytime; midday



see styles
bái zhòu
    bai2 zhou4
pai chou
See: 白昼


see styles
(interjection) (kana only) (は is pronounced as わ; used during daytime) hello; good day; good afternoon


see styles
(interjection) (colloquialism) (kana only) (daytime greeting; phonetic spelling of こんにちは) (See 今日は) hello; good day; good afternoon


see styles
(abbreviation) (See 昼ドラマ) daytime television serial; soap opera


see styles
(exp,n) daytime; noon period of the day; matinee


see styles
(exp,n-adv,n-t) (See 真っ昼間・まっぴるま) daytime; noon; broad daylight


see styles
 chuukousei / chukose
(1) diurnality; daytime activity; (can be adjective with の) (2) diurnal

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