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  1. Tea

  2. Becca

  3. Chad

  4. Chāquán / Cha Quan

  5. Charleen

  6. Charlene

  7. Charley

  8. Charlie

  9. Charly

10. Chas

11. Chuck

12. Concha

13. Nica

14. Police

15. Richard

16. Tea Fate

17. Tea Pot

18. The Way of Tea

19. Arancha

20. Chaima

21. Chapman

22. Charisse

23. Charlena

24. Charles

25. Charlize

26. Charlton

27. Chaz

28. Maritsa

29. State of Anarchy

30. Blanchard

31. Chadwick

32. Richardson

Tea Scroll

茶 means tea. It can refer to prepared tea (ready-to-drink) or to dry tea leaves.

The origin of tea is China but the same character is used in Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja with the exact same meaning. Japanese and Korean even borrowed the pronunciation from Chinese (pronounced "cha" in all three languages).

It's said that an early doctor (or herbologist) in ancient China kept poisoning himself as he tried different new herb concoctions. He invented tea as a means to detoxify himself as he recovered from 1 of the 76 times he nearly poisoned himself to death. Tea is seen not just as a drink but as a form of medicine used to remove impurities from the body.

The word "chai" (used in many languages to refer to various teas) is derived from this Chinese word.

茶 also means camellia, as Asian teas are often based on the leaves of camellia plant varieties.

bō chá
Becca Scroll

波察 is the name Becca in Chinese (Mandarin).

chá dé
Chad Scroll

查德 is the name Chad in Chinese (Mandarin).

Chāquán / Cha Quan

chá quán
Chāquán / Cha Quan Scroll

查拳 is the title for the Chaquan, Chāquán, or Cha Quan style of Chinese martial arts.

The meaning is "Inquisitive Fist" and it falls under the category of the Northern Schools.

Cha Quan features graceful movements and acrobatic stunts (often flying through the air). Many different forms of weapons are used in Cha Quan.


chá lín
Charleen Scroll

查琳 is the name Charleen in Chinese (Mandarin).


chá lián
Charlene Scroll

查蓮 is the name Charlene in Chinese (Mandarin).


chá lì
Charley Scroll

查利 is the name Charley in Chinese (Mandarin).


chá lì
Charlie Scroll

查利 is the name Charlie in Chinese (Mandarin).


chá lì
Charly Scroll

查利 is the name Charly in Chinese (Mandarin).

chá sī
Chas Scroll

查斯 is the name Chas in Chinese (Mandarin).

chá kè
Chuck Scroll

梅根 is the name Chuck in Chinese (Mandarin).


kǒng chá
Concha Scroll

孔查 is the transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the Latin / Spanish name Concha.

niè chá
Nica Scroll

涅察 is the name Nica in Chinese (Mandarin).


jǐng chá
Police Scroll

警察 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja title for police (or police officer).

Police cars all over China and Japan have these characters painted on the doors. Police officers' helmets and equipment are also emblazoned with these two characters.


lǐ chá
Richard Scroll

理查 is the name Richard in Chinese (Mandarin).

Tea Fate

chá yuán
Tea Fate Scroll

茶緣 is a special title for the tea lover. This kind of means "tea fate" but it's more spiritual and hard to define. Perhaps the tea brought you in to drink it. Perhaps the tea will bring you and another tea-lover together. Perhaps you were already there, and the tea came to you. Perhaps it's the ah-ha moment you will have when drinking the tea.

I've been told not to explain this further, as it will either dilute or confuse the purposefully-ambiguous idea embedded in this enigma.

I happen to be the owner of a piece of calligraphy written by either the son or nephew of the last emperor of China, and this is the title he wrote. It was given to me at a Beijing tea house in 2001. 茶緣 is where I learned to love tea after literally spending weeks tasting and studying everything I could about Chinese tea. I did not understand the significance of the authorship, or meaning of the title at all. Some 10 years later, I realized the gift was so profound and had such providence. Only now I realize the value of a gift that it is too late to give proper thanks for. It was also years later that I ended up in this business, and could have the artwork properly mounted as a wall scroll. It has been borrowed for many exhibitions and shows, and always amazes native Chinese and Taiwanese who read the signature. This piece of calligraphy which I once thought just a bit of ink on a thin and wrinkled piece of paper is now one of my most valued possessions. And by fate, it has taught me to be more thankful of seemingly simple gifts.

Tea Pot

chá hú
cha tsubo
Tea Pot Scroll

茶壺 is the Chinese, and Japanese Kanji for teapot or "tea pot".

The Way of Tea

chá dào
cha dou
The Way of Tea Scroll

茶道 means The Way of Tea (literally, "tea way") in Chinese and Japanese.

This may refer to a tea ceremony or a general lifestyle of tea preparing and drinking.

In Japanese, this can be pronounced sadō or chadō (seems that sadō refers more often to a tea ceremony, and chadō when it's the Way of Tea).

茶道 is also used in Buddhist context with the same meaning of the Way of Tea.


ā lán chá
Arancha Scroll

阿蘭查 is the transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the Latin / Spanish name Arancha.


chá yī mǎ
Chaima Scroll

查伊瑪 is a common Mandarin Chinese transliteration for the female Arabic name Chaïma or Chaima.


chá pǔ màn
Chapman Scroll

查普曼 is the name Chapman in Chinese (Mandarin).


chá lǐ sī
Charisse Scroll

查里斯 is the name Charisse in Chinese (Mandarin).


chá lián nà
Charlena Scroll

查蓮娜 is a common Mandarin Chinese transliteration for the female name Charlena.


chá ér sī
Charles Scroll

查爾斯 is the name Charles in Chinese (Mandarin).


chá ér sī
Charles Scroll

查而斯 is another common Mandarin Chinese transliteration for the male name Charles.


chá lǐ cí
Charlize Scroll

查理茲 is the name Charlize in Chinese (Mandarin).


chá ěr dùn
Charlton Scroll

查爾頓 is the name Charlton in Chinese (Mandarin).

chá ěr sī
Chaz Scroll

查爾斯 is the name Chaz in Chinese (Mandarin).


mǎ lǐ chá
Maritsa Scroll

馬里查 is the name Maritsa in Chinese (Mandarin).

State of Anarchy

wú jíng chá
State of Anarchy Scroll

無警察 means the state of anarchy.

More literally it means "without rules or judges".

This combination of characters makes sense in Korean and Chinese but with a meaning closer to, "without police". 無警察 is kind of a weird selection for a wall scroll, and a rather obscure idea (a couple of customers begged for this term, so we added it).


bù lán chá dé
Blanchard Scroll

布蘭查德 is the name Blanchard in Chinese (Mandarin).


chá dé wēi kè
Chadwick Scroll

查德威克 is the name Chadwick in Chinese (Mandarin).


lǐ chá dé sēn
Richardson Scroll

理查德森 is the a common way to transliterate the surname Richardson into Mandarin Chinese.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Teachachá / cha2 / chach`a / cha
Becca波察bō chá / bo1 cha2 / bo cha / bochapo ch`a / pocha / po cha
Chad查德chá dé / cha2 de2 / cha de / chadech`a te / chate / cha te
Cha Quan
查拳chá quán / cha2 quan2 / cha quan / chaquanch`a ch`üan / chachüan / cha chüan
Charleen查琳chá lín / cha2 lin2 / cha lin / chalinch`a lin / chalin / cha lin
chá lián / cha2 lian2 / cha lian / chalianch`a lien / chalien / cha lien
Charley查利chá lì / cha2 li4 / cha li / chalich`a li / chali / cha li
Charlie查利chá lì / cha2 li4 / cha li / chalich`a li / chali / cha li
Charly查利chá lì / cha2 li4 / cha li / chalich`a li / chali / cha li
Chas查斯chá sī / cha2 si1 / cha si / chasich`a ssu / chassu / cha ssu
Chuck梅根chá kè / cha2 ke4 / cha ke / chakech`a k`o / chako / cha ko
Concha孔查kǒng chá / kong3 cha2 / kong cha / kongchak`ung ch`a / kungcha / kung cha
Nica涅察niè chá / nie4 cha2 / nie cha / niechanieh ch`a / niehcha / nieh cha
Police警察keisatsujǐng chá / jing3 cha2 / jing cha / jingchaching ch`a / chingcha / ching cha
Richard理查lǐ chá / li3 cha2 / li cha / lichali ch`a / licha / li cha
Tea Fate茶緣
chá yuán / cha2 yuan2 / cha yuan / chayuanch`a yüan / chayüan / cha yüan
Tea Pot茶壺
cha tsubo / chatsubochá hú / cha2 hu2 / cha hu / chahuch`a hu / chahu / cha hu
The Way of Tea茶道cha dou / chadou / cha do / chadochá dào / cha2 dao4 / cha dao / chadaoch`a tao / chatao / cha tao
ā lán chá
a1 lan2 cha2
a lan cha
a lan ch`a
a lan cha
chá yī mǎ
cha2 yi1 ma3
cha yi ma
ch`a i ma
cha i ma
Chapman查普曼chá pǔ màn
cha2 pu3 man4
cha pu man
ch`a p`u man
cha pu man
Charisse查里斯chá lǐ sī
cha2 li3 si1
cha li si
ch`a li ssu
cha li ssu
chá lián nà
cha2 lian2 na4
cha lian na
ch`a lien na
cha lien na
Charles查爾斯chá ér sī
cha2 er2 si1
cha er si
ch`a erh ssu
cha erh ssu
Charles查而斯chá ér sī
cha2 er2 si1
cha er si
ch`a erh ssu
cha erh ssu
chá lǐ cí
cha2 li3 ci2
cha li ci
ch`a li tz`u
cha li tzu
chá ěr dùn
cha2 er3 dun4
cha er dun
ch`a erh tun
cha erh tun
chá ěr sī
cha2 er3 si1
cha er si
ch`a erh ssu
cha erh ssu
mǎ lǐ chá
ma3 li3 cha2
ma li cha
ma li ch`a
ma li cha
State of Anarchy無警察
mukeisatsuwú jíng chá
wu2 jing2 cha2
wu jing cha
wu ching ch`a
wu ching cha
bù lán chá dé
bu4 lan2 cha2 de2
bu lan cha de
pu lan ch`a te
pu lan cha te
Chadwick查德威克chá dé wēi kè
cha2 de2 wei1 ke4
cha de wei ke
ch`a te wei k`o
cha te wei ko
Richardson理查德森lǐ chá dé sēn
li3 cha2 de2 sen1
li cha de sen
li ch`a te sen
li cha te sen
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
 cha / ちゃ
Richardson Scroll
tea; tea plant; CL:杯[bei1],壺|壶[hu2]
(1) (See お茶・1) tea; (2) tea plant (Camellia sinensis); (3) (See 茶道) tea preparation; making tea; (4) (abbreviation) (See 茶色) brown; (noun or adjectival noun) (5) (archaism) (See 茶化す) mockery; (surname, given name) Cha
Tea; tea-leaves; translit. ja, jha.


see styles
chá/ cha2 de2
ch`a te / cha te
Richardson Scroll
Chad (Tw)


see styles
chá quán / cha2 quan2
ch`a ch`üan / cha chüan
Richardson Scroll
Cha Quan - "Cha Fist" - Martial Art


see styles
chá / li3 cha2
li ch`a / li cha
Richardson Scroll
Richard (name)



see styles
chá/ cha2 hu2
ch`a hu / cha hu
 chatsubo / ちゃつぼ
Richardson Scroll
teapot; CL:把[ba3]
tea jar; tea urn


see styles
chá dào / cha2 dao4
ch`a tao / cha tao
 sadou(p);chadou(ok)(p) / sado(p);chado(ok)(p) / さどう(P);ちゃどう(ok)(P)
Richardson Scroll
Japanese tea ceremony; sado
tea ceremony; Way of Tea; (place-name) Chadou
the way of tea


see styles
jǐng chá / jing3 cha2
ching ch`a / ching cha
 keisatsu / kesatsu / けいさつ
Richardson Scroll
police; police officer; CL:個|个[ge4]
(1) police; (2) (abbreviation) (See 警察官) police officer; (3) (abbreviation) (See 警察署) police station


see styles
chá pǔ màn / cha2 pu3 man4
ch`a p`u man / cha pu man
Richardson Scroll
Chapman (name)



see styles
chá ěr sī / cha2 er3 si1
ch`a erh ssu / cha erh ssu
Richardson Scroll

see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
mound; small hill; (used in place names)

see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
 satsu;satsu / さつ;サツ
to examine; to inquire; to observe; to inspect; to look into; obvious; clearly evident
(colloquialism) (kana only) cops; police; (given name) Satoru

see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
see 嵖岈山[Cha2 ya2 Shan1]

see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
to apply (ointment, powder); to smear; to paint on

see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
 sa / さ
Japanese variant of 查
(surname) Sa

see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
a raft made of bamboo or wood; to fell trees; to hew

see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
Chinese sassafras; Sassafras tzumu

see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
Badger-like wild animal

see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
fault; glass fragment; quarrel

see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
stubble land after crop has been taken; a second crop obtained by rotation of land; an opportunity

see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
variant of 察[cha2]


see styles
chá / cha2
ch`a / cha
(bound form) coarsely ground maize


see styles
chá / qi3 cha2
ch`i ch`a / chi cha


see styles
chá / si4 cha2
ssu ch`a / ssu cha
deep, subtle analysis that penetrates to the core of things


see styles
dǎo chá / dao3 cha2
tao ch`a / tao cha
rotation of crops



see styles
zhēn chá / zhen1 cha2
chen ch`a / chen cha
 teisatsu / tesatsu / ていさつ
to investigate a crime; to scout; to reconnoiter; reconnaissance; detection; a scout
(noun/participle) scouting; reconnaissance



see styles
zhēn chá / zhen1 cha2
chen ch`a / chen cha
to detect; to investigate



see styles
bèi chá / bei4 cha2
pei ch`a / pei cha
for future reference


see styles
bīng chá / bing1 cha2
ping ch`a / ping cha
ice shards



see styles
gāng chá / gang1 cha2
kang ch`a / kang cha
Gangcha county (Tibetan: rkang tsha rdzong) in Haibei Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海北藏族自治州[Hai3 bei3 Zang4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 zhou1], Qinghai


see styles
jiā chá / jia1 cha2
chia ch`a / chia cha
Gyaca county, Tibetan: Rgya tsha rdzong, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区[Shan1 nan2 di4 qu1], Tibet

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A professional Chinese Calligrapher

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There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

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