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Ardent in Chinese / Japanese...

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Ardent / Fierce

China liè
Japan retsu
Ardent / Fierce Vertical Wall Scroll

This Chinese word means ardent; intense; fierce; stern; upright; to give one's life for a noble cause.

In another context, this character can refer to one's exploits or achievements.

In Buddhist context, this is burning, fierce, virtuous and/or heroic.

While technically, it had the same meaning in Japanese, it's usually a female given name, Retsu in Japanese these days.

Passionate Love / Ardent Love and Devotion

China rè ài
Japan netsu ai
Passionate Love / Ardent Love and Devotion Vertical Wall Scroll

熱愛 means love passionately, ardent love, devotion, adoration.

The literal meaning is "hot love," as the first character means heat, fervent, hot and warm. Sometimes it can mean fever, restless, or zeal. The second character is, of course, love. If you adore and are devoted to someone with all your love, this is the title for you.

Extreme Faithfulness

Japan tei retsu
Extreme Faithfulness Vertical Wall Scroll

貞烈 is the Japanese Kanji for, "Extreme Faithfulness."

The first Kanji means "firm adherence to one's principles," chastity (of a woman), chaste, etc.

The second Kanji means ardent, intense, fierce, stern, upright, to give one's life for a noble cause, exploits, achievements, virtuous, and in some contexts, heroic.

Now you get the idea why this refers to someone who is extremely faithful (to a cause, themselves, their religious beliefs, or their philosophy.

7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness

Samyak Smriti / Samyak Smrti / Samma Sati
China zhèng niàn
Japan sei nen
7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness Vertical Wall Scroll

正念 is one of the Noble Eightfold Paths of Buddhism. Right Mindfulness, along with Right Effort and Right Concentration constitute the path to Concentration or Perfect Thought.

Right Mindfulness is about remaining focused on one's body, feelings, mind and mental qualities. It's also about being ardent, aware, and mindful, and supposes that you've already put aside worldly desire and aversion.

Monk Bhikkhu Bodhi described this as: The mind is deliberately kept at the level of bare attention, a detached observation of what is happening within us and around us in the present moment. In the practice of right mindfulness the mind is trained to remain in the present, open, quiet, and alert, contemplating the present event.

Another definition: Ongoing mindfulness of body, feelings, thinking, and objects of thought.

This term is exclusively used by devout Buddhists. It is not a common term, and is remains an unknown concept to most Japanese and Chinese people.

See Also:  Buddhism | Enlightenment | Noble Eightfold Path

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin qiè // qiē / qie4 // qie1
Taiwan ch`ieh / chieh
Japanese setsu / せつ
7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese definitely; absolutely (not); (scoffing or dismissive interjection) Yeah, right.; Tut!; to grind; close to; eager; to correspond to; see also 反切[fan3 qie4]; to cut; to slice; tangent (math)
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) eager; earnest; ardent; kind; keen; acute
To cut, carve; a whole; urgent; the 反切 system of spelling, i. e. the combination of the initial sound of one Chinese word with the final sound of another to indicate the sound of a third, a system introduced by translators of Buddhist works; v. 反.

see styles
Mandarin liè / lie4
Taiwan lieh
Japanese retsu / れつ    tsuyoshi / つよし    tadashi / ただし    takeshi / たけし    isao / いさお    akira / あきら
7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese ardent; intense; fierce; stern; upright; to give one's life for a noble cause; exploits; achievements
Japanese (female given name) Retsu; (male given name) Tsuyoshi; (given name) Tadashi; (given name) Takeshi; (female given name) Isao; (given name) Akira
Burning, fierce; virtuous, heroic.


see styles
Mandarin zhèng niàn / zheng4 nian4
Taiwan cheng nien
Japanese shounen / shonen / しょうねん
Chinese correct mindfulness (Buddhism)
Japanese (1) {Buddh} (See 八正道) right mindfulness; (2) true faith (in rebirth in the promised land); (place-name) Shounen
samyak-smṛti, right remembrance, the seventh of the 八正道; 'right mindfullness, the looking on the body and the spirit in such a way as to remain ardent, self-possessed and mindful, having overcome both hankering and dejection. ' Keith; correct mindfulness



see styles
Mandarin rè xīn / re4 xin1
Taiwan je hsin
Japanese nesshin / ねっしん
7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese enthusiasm; zeal; zealous; zest; enthusiastic; ardent; warmhearted
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) zealous; enthusiastic; ardent; fervent; keen; eager



see styles
Mandarin rè ài / re4 ai4
Taiwan je ai
Japanese netsuai / ねつあい
Chinese to love ardently; to adore
Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) love passionately; ardent love; devotion


see styles
Japanese setsujou / setsujo / せつじょう Japanese ardent love


see styles
Mandarin yīn qiè / yin1 qie4
Taiwan yin ch`ieh / yin chieh
Chinese ardent; eager; earnest


see styles
Mandarin yīn yīn / yin1 yin1
Taiwan yin yin
Japanese inin / いんいん
Chinese earnest; ardent (hope etc)
Japanese (adj-t,adv-to) roaring; booming; bellowing; pealing; reverberating; rumbling


see styles
Mandarin jīn jīn / jin1 jin1
Taiwan chin chin
Japanese shinshin / しんしん
Chinese enthusiastic; ardent; (with) great relish
Japanese (adj-t,adv-to) gushing; overflowing; everlasting; unfailing; endless; (female given name) Shinshin



see styles
Mandarin huǒ rè / huo3 re4
Taiwan huo je
Japanese kanetsu / かねつ
Chinese fiery; burning; fervent; ardent; passionate
Japanese heat (from a flame)


see styles
Japanese atsui / あつい Japanese (adjective) (1) (ant: 冷たい・1) hot (thing); (2) (ant: 冷たい・2) passionate (feelings, etc.); ardent; hot (e.g. gaze); (3) hot (e.g. temper); (4) zealous; enthusiastic; fired up; (5) intense; severe; extreme; (6) hot (topic); of interest



see styles
Mandarin rè hu / re4 hu5
Taiwan je hu
Chinese warm; hot; affectionate; ardent



see styles
Mandarin rè liè / re4 lie4
Taiwan je lieh
Japanese netsuretsu / ねつれつ
Chinese enthusiastic; ardent; warm
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) ardent; passionate; vehement


see styles
Japanese nessan / ねっさん Japanese ardent praise


see styles
Japanese netsugan / ねつがん Japanese (noun/participle) ardent desire


see styles
Japanese setsunaru / せつなる Japanese (pre-noun adjective) eager; earnest; ardent


see styles
Japanese netsujouteki / netsujoteki / ねつじょうてき Japanese (adjectival noun) glowing; vehement; highly enthusiastic; passionate; ardent; fervid



see styles
Mandarin qīn wèi duì / qin1 wei4 dui4
Taiwan ch`in wei tui / chin wei tui
Japanese shineitai / shinetai / しんえいたい
Chinese SS or Schutzstaffel, paramilitary organization in Nazi Germany
Japanese (1) bodyguards; elite guards; imperial guards; (2) Schutzstaffel; SS; (3) groupies; ardent fans



see styles
Mandarin dǎ de huǒ rè / da3 de5 huo3 re4
Taiwan ta te huo je
Chinese to carry on intimately with (idiom); ardent relationship (esp. between lovers); billing and cooing


see styles
Japanese zuikikatsugou / zuikikatsugo / ずいきかつごう Japanese (noun/participle) (yoji) worship with adoration; ardent admiration


see styles
Japanese aadanto / adanto / アーダント Japanese (can be adjective with の) ardent


see styles
Japanese aadento / adento / アーデント Japanese ardent

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7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness Vertical Wall Scroll
7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness Vertical Wall Scroll
7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness Vertical Wall Scroll
7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness Vertical Wall Scroll

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7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness Vertical Portrait
7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness Horizontal Wall Scroll
7. Right Mindfulness / Right Memory / Perfect Mindfulness Vertical Portrait

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
retsuliè / lie4 / lielieh
Passionate Love
Ardent Love and Devotion
netsu ai / netsuairè ài / re4 ai4 / re ai / reaije ai / jeai
Extreme Faithfulness貞烈tei retsu / teiretsu
7. Right Mindfulness
Right Memory
Perfect Mindfulness
正念sei nen / seinenzhèng niàn
zheng4 nian4
zheng nian
cheng nien
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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