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yuè guāng
Moonlight Vertical Wall Scroll

月光 is the Chinese, old Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji title for moonlight.

This can also be used to describe a moonbeam, and can be a given name all three languages (pronounced as Rumi when used as a female given name in Japanese).

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Moonlight月光gekkou / gekoyuè guāng
yue4 guang1
yue guang
yüeh kuang

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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yuè guāng / yue4 guang1
yüeh kuang
 gekkou / gekko / げっこう
Moonlight Vertical Wall Scroll
moonlight; moonbeam; (female given name) Rumi
Candraprabha, 戰達羅鉢刺婆 Moonlight. One of the three honoured ones in the Vajradhātu, and in the Mañjuśrī court of the Garbhadhātu, known also as 淸涼金剛.


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 kouzukihikari / kozukihikari / こうづきひかり (person) Kouzuki Hikari


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rú yuè guāng / ru2 yue4 guang1
ju yüeh kuang
 nyo gekkō
like moonlight


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 yuzukihikaru / ゆづきひかる (person) Yuzuki Hikaru (1949.12.5-)



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yuè guāng ér / yue4 guang1 er2
yüeh kuang erh
 Gakkō ji


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 gakkouen / gakkoen / がっこうえん (place-name) Gakkouen


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 gekkouzaka / gekkozaka / げっこうざか (place-name) Gekkouzaka


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 gakkougawa / gakkogawa / がっこうがわ (personal name) Gakkougawa


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yuè guāng zú / yue4 guang1 zu2
yüeh kuang tsu
lit. moonlight group; fig. those who spend their monthly income even before they earn their next salary (slang)


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 gekkounotaki / gekkonotaki / げっこうのたき (place-name) Gekkounotaki


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yuè guāng wáng / yue4 guang1 wang2
yüeh kuang wang
Moonlight king, the same as 月光太子, the name of Śākyamuni in a previous incarnation when he gave his head to a brahman.


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yuè guāng shí / yue4 guang1 shi2
yüeh kuang shih


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shuǐ yuè guāng / shui3 yue4 guang1
shui yüeh kuang
 suigetsu kō
Moonlight on the Water


see styles
 tsugumi / つぐみ (female given name) Tsugumi


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 gekkounonatsu / gekkononatsu / げっこうのなつ (personal name) Gekkounonatsu


see styles
yuè guāng tài zǐ / yue4 guang1 tai4 zi3
yüeh kuang t`ai tzu / yüeh kuang tai tzu
 Gakkō taishi
Moonlight prince, name of Śākyamuni in a previous incarnation as a prince, when he split one of his bones to anoint a leper with its marrow and gave him of his blood to drink. 智度論 12; Prince Moonlight


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yuè guāng mó ní / yue4 guang1 mo2 ni2
yüeh kuang mo ni
 gekkō mani
moonlight pearl


see styles
yuè guāng tóng zǐ / yue4 guang1 tong2 zi3
yüeh kuang t`ung tzu / yüeh kuang tung tzu
 Gakkō Dōshi
月光兒 The son of an elder of the capital of Magadha, who listening to heretics and against his son's pleadings, endeavoured to destroy the Buddha in a pitfall of fire, but, on the Buddha's approach, the fire turned to a pool and the father was converted; the son was then predicted by the Buddha to be king of China in a future incarnation, when all China and the Mongolian and other tribes would be converted, v. 月光童子經; Candraprabha



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yuè guāng pú sà / yue4 guang1 pu2 sa4
yüeh kuang p`u sa / yüeh kuang pu sa
 gakkoubosatsu / gakkobosatsu / がっこうぼさつ
{Buddh} Candraprabha (bodhisattva)
The bodhisattva Moonlight who attends on 藥師 the Master of Healing; also in the Mañjuśrī court of the Garbhadhātu; used for 月光王; v. 月光菩薩經; Moonlight Bodhisattva



see styles
yuè guāng yǐn dùn / yue4 guang1 yin3 dun4
yüeh kuang yin tun
to live in hiding; living as a recluse; to hide from the world


see styles
bì rì yuè guāng / bi4 ri4 yue4 guang1
pi jih yüeh kuang
 Hei nichigetsu kō
Covering the Light of the Sun and Moon


see styles
chāo rì yuè guāng / chao1 ri4 yue4 guang1
ch`ao jih yüeh kuang / chao jih yüeh kuang
 Chō nichigetsu kō
Luminosity Beyond That of the Sun and Moon


see styles
 horonaigekkouchou / horonaigekkocho / ほろないげっこうちょう (place-name) Horonaigekkouchō


see styles
 gekkoutenmondai / gekkotenmondai / げっこうてんもんだい (place-name) Gekkou Astronomical Observatory


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 gakkougawadamu / gakkogawadamu / がっこうがわダム (place-name) Gakkougawa dam



see styles
yuè guāng tóng zǐ jīng / yue4 guang1 tong2 zi3 jing1
yüeh kuang t`ung tzu ching / yüeh kuang tung tzu ching
 Gakkō dōshi kyō
Sūtra on Prince Moonlight


see styles
chāo rì yuè guāng fó / chao1 ri4 yue4 guang1 fo2
ch`ao jih yüeh kuang fo / chao jih yüeh kuang fo
 chō nichi gakkō butsu
Buddha whose luminosity outshines the sun and moon


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 nishinokyouhigashigekkou / nishinokyohigashigekko / にしのきょうひがしげっこう (place-name) Nishinokyouhigashigekkou


see styles
 nishinokyounishigekkou / nishinokyonishigekko / にしのきょうにしげっこう (place-name) Nishinokyounishigekkou



see styles
lí gòu rì yuè guāng shǒu / li2 gou4 ri4 yue4 guang1 shou3
li kou jih yüeh kuang shou
 Riku nichigekkō shu

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