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Teach / Education

jiào yù
Teach / Education Vertical Wall Scroll

This Chinese and Japanese word means to educate, to teach, education, and/or training.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
教育kyouiku / kyoikujiào yù / jiao4 yu4 / jiao yu / jiaoyuchiao yü / chiaoyü

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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jiào yù / jiao4 yu4
chiao yü
 kyouiku / kyoiku / きょういく
Teach / Education Vertical Wall Scroll
to educate; to teach; education
(noun/participle) (1) education; schooling; training; instruction; teaching; upbringing; (2) culture; cultivation; education


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 koukyouiku / kokyoiku / こうきょういく public education


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 saikyouiku / saikyoiku / さいきょういく (noun/participle) retraining; re-education


see styles
xìng jiào yù / xing4 jiao4 yu4
hsing chiao yü
 seikyouiku / sekyoiku / せいきょういく
sex education
sex education


see styles
 kyouikurei / kyoikure / きょういくれい (expression) regulations pertaining to education


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 kyouikuryoku / kyoikuryoku / きょういくりょく educational capability; education skills; educational power


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 kyouikugaku / kyoikugaku / きょういくがく (noun - becomes adjective with の) pedagogy; pedagogics; education (esp. in the context of the study of education)



see styles
jiào yù xué / jiao4 yu4 xue2
chiao yü hsüeh
See: 教育学


see styles
jiào yù jiā / jiao4 yu4 jia1
chiao yü chia
 kyouikuka / kyoikuka / きょういくか
educator; teacher


see styles
jiào yù xìng / jiao4 yu4 xing4
chiao yü hsing
instructive; educational


see styles
 kyouikuhou / kyoikuho / きょういくほう teaching method


see styles
jiào yù jiè / jiao4 yu4 jie4
chiao yü chieh
 kyouikukai / kyoikukai / きょういくかい
academic world; academic circles; academia
education world or circles


see styles
 kyouikuteki / kyoikuteki / きょういくてき (adjectival noun) educational; instructive


see styles
 kyouikushou / kyoikusho / きょういくしょう Minister of Education


see styles
 kyouikushou / kyoikusho / きょういくしょう Department of Education (e.g. USA, Australia); Ministry of Education


see styles
 kyouikusha / kyoikusha / きょういくしゃ educator; teacher; educationalist


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 kyouikuron / kyoikuron / きょういくろん theory of education; view of education


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 kyouikuhi / kyoikuhi / きょういくひ education or school expenses


see styles
jiào yù bù / jiao4 yu4 bu4
chiao yü pu
Ministry of Education


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 kyouikuchou / kyoikucho / きょういくちょう superintendent of education


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 soukyouiku / sokyoiku / そうきょういく early education


see styles
 mikyouiku / mikyoiku / みきょういく (can be adjective with の) untrained


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 houkyouiku / hokyoiku / ほうきょういく legal education


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 mukyouiku / mukyoiku / むきょういく (noun or adjectival noun) uneducated


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 ippankyouiku / ippankyoiku / いっぱんきょういく (noun - becomes adjective with の) general education


see styles
 ikkankyouiku / ikkankyoiku / いっかんきょういく integrated education; integrated school system; system where students can progress from elementary through secondary levels without entrance examinations


see styles
zhōng děng jiào yù / zhong1 deng3 jiao4 yu4
chung teng chiao yü
 chuutoukyouiku / chutokyoiku / ちゅうとうきょういく
secondary education; middle school education
secondary education


see styles
 zenjinkyouiku / zenjinkyoiku / ぜんじんきょういく all-round education


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 kouminkyouiku / kominkyoiku / こうみんきょういく civic or citizenship education


see styles
chū děng jiào yù / chu1 deng3 jiao4 yu4
ch`u teng chiao yü / chu teng chiao yü
 shotoukyouiku / shotokyoiku / しょとうきょういく
primary education; junior school education
elementary education

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