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  1. Shadow

  2. Divine Spirit

  3. Shadow of Karma...

  4. Keiko / Shadow / Reflection

  5. Shadow Warrior

  6. Lonely Soul / Solitary

  7. Alone with only your shadow for company


China yǐng
Japan kage
Shadow Vertical Wall Scroll

影 means shadow in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Depending on context, this can also mean silhouette, reflection, image, or presence.

Divine Spirit

China yù yǐng
Japan goei
Divine Spirit Vertical Wall Scroll

御影 is a Japanese word that means divine spirit, or honorific language for "spirit of the dead."

This can also refer to an image of a deity, buddha, royal, noble, etc.)

In Buddhist context, it can mean (wooden) images of saints or deities.

御影 is also a Japanese name, Mikage.

Note: This is also a word in Chinese but not used very often in China (except perhaps by certain Buddhists).

Shadow of Karma
Dogged by Karma

China yè yǐng
Japan gou you
Shadow of Karma / Dogged by Karma Vertical Wall Scroll

業影 is a Buddhist title that literally means "Karma Shadow."

It figuratively means karma dogging one's steps like a shadow.

It's similar to the western idea of, "karma is a bitch."

Keiko / Shadow / Reflection

China yǐng zi
Japan keiko
Keiko / Shadow / Reflection Vertical Wall Scroll

影子 means shadow or reflection.

影子 is a common female given name in Japanese where it's romanized as Keiko or Kēko.

Shadow Warrior

China yīng wǔ zhǔ
Japan kagemusha
Shadow Warrior Vertical Wall Scroll

影武者 is the title for Shadow Warrior in Chinese and Japanese.

This may refer to a few video games that share this English title, or a Japanese moved called Kagemusha.

If you are looking for the Japanese TV show, that was originally 影の軍団 (Kage no Gundan) which more literally means "Army of Shadows," but was re-titled Shadow Warrior when released outside Japan in English.

In Japan, this title can also refer to a body double or decoy of an army general or leader used to avoid assassination. It can also be somebody who does all the work (or fighting) behind the scenes (not getting much if any credit).

Shadow Warrior

Lonely Soul / Solitary

China xíng dān yǐng zhī
Lonely Soul / Solitary Vertical Wall Scroll

This Chinese idiom means "lonely soul" if you are a solitary person, or lost soul, this may be the title for you.

Alone with only your shadow for company

China qióng qióng jié lì xíng yǐng xiāng diào
Alone with only your shadow for company Vertical Wall Scroll

This proverb is about the state of being as alone as you possibly can be. It can be translated as, "Alone with only your shadow for comfort/company."

See Also:  I Miss You

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin yǐng / ying3
Taiwan ying
Japanese kage / かげ
Alone with only your shadow for company Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese picture; image; film; movie; photograph; reflection; shadow; trace
Japanese (1) shadow; silhouette; figure; shape; (2) reflection; image; (3) ominous sign; (4) light (stars, moon); (5) trace; shadow (of one's former self); (surname) Kage; (personal name) Eiji; (given name) Ei
Shadow, picture, image, reflection, hint; one of the twelve 'colours'.


see styles
Mandarin yǐng zi / ying3 zi5
Taiwan ying tzu
Japanese keiko / keko / けいこ    kageko / かげこ    eishi / eshi / えいし    eiko / eko / えいこ
Alone with only your shadow for company Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese shadow; reflection; (fig.) hint; indication; influence; CL:個|个[ge4]
Japanese (female given name) Keiko; (female given name) Kageko; (female given name) Eishi; (female given name) Eiko


see styles
Mandarin yù yǐng / yu4 ying3
Taiwan yü ying
Japanese mikage / みかげ
Alone with only your shadow for company Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese divine spirit; spirit of the dead; (p,s,f) Mikage
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition



see styles
Mandarin yè yǐng / ye4 ying3
Taiwan yeh ying
Japanese gōyō
Karma-shadow, karma dogging one's steps like a shadow; karmic shadow


see styles
Japanese kagemusha / かげむしゃ
Alone with only your shadow for company Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (1) body double (orig. of a military leader); (2) wire puller; someone behind the scenes



see styles
Mandarin xíng dān yǐng zhī / xing2 dan1 ying3 zhi1
Taiwan hsing tan ying chih
Chinese lonely soul; solitary


see styles
Japanese goei / goe / ごえい Japanese (honorific or respectful language) image (esp. of a deity, buddha, royal, noble, etc.)


see styles
Japanese hitokage / ひとかげ    jinei / jine / じんえい Japanese (1) figure of a person; figures of people; (2) shadow of a person


see styles
Mandarin fú yǐng / fu2 ying3
Taiwan fu ying
Japanese butsuyō
buddhachāyā; the shadow of Buddha, formerly exhibited in various places in India, visible only to those "of pure mind"; (Skt. buddhachāyā);


see styles
Mandarin dào yǐng / dao4 ying3
Taiwan tao ying
Japanese touei / toe / とうえい
Chinese inverted image; reversed image (e.g. upside down)
Japanese reflection


see styles
Mandarin qiàn yǐng / qian4 ying3
Taiwan ch`ien ying / chien ying
Chinese beautiful image of a woman



see styles
Mandarin cè yǐng / ce4 ying3
Taiwan ts`e ying / tse ying
Japanese soku yō
Chinese profile; silhouette
casts a shadow



see styles
Mandarin lì yǐng / li4 ying3
Taiwan li ying
Chinese photo of a (married) couple


see styles
Mandarin guāng yǐng / guang1 ying3
Taiwan kuang ying
Japanese kōyō
Chinese light and shadow; sunlight and shade


see styles
Mandarin quán yǐng / quan2 ying3
Taiwan ch`üan ying / chüan ying
Chinese total shadow; umbra


see styles
Mandarin jiǎn yǐng / jian3 ying3
Taiwan chien ying
Chinese paper-cut silhouette; outline; sketch


see styles
Japanese hanei / hane / はんえい Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) penumbra


see styles
Japanese inei / ine / いんえい Japanese impression of a seal


see styles
Japanese hanei / hane / はんえい Japanese (noun/participle) (1) reflection (light, image, situation, attitude, etc.); reflecting; (2) influence; application (e.g. of an update)


see styles
Mandarin hé yǐng / he2 ying3
Taiwan ho ying
Chinese to take a joint photo; group photo


see styles
Mandarin rú yǐng / ru2 ying3
Taiwan ju ying
Japanese nyoyō
like a shadow.


see styles
Japanese koei / koe / こえい Japanese lonely figure


see styles
Mandarin dìng yǐng / ding4 ying3
Taiwan ting ying
Japanese sadakage / さだかげ
Chinese to fix a photographic image
Japanese (surname) Sadakage


see styles
Mandarin shè yǐng / she4 ying3
Taiwan she ying
Japanese shaei / shae / しゃえい
Chinese projection (geometry); projective
Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) {math} projection


see styles
Japanese seiei;sonei / see;sone / せいえい;そんえい Japanese (polite language) portrait


see styles
Japanese shimakage / しまかげ Japanese silhouette of island; (surname) Shimagage; (surname) Shimakage


see styles
Japanese hokage / ほかげ Japanese sight of a sail; (surname, female given name) Hokage


see styles
Mandarin huàn yǐng / huan4 ying3
Taiwan huan ying
Japanese genei / gene / げんえい
Chinese phantom; mirage
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) phantom; vision; illusion
illusion and shadows


see styles
Japanese keiei / kee / けいえい Japanese the form and its shadow; things inseparable


see styles
Mandarin yǐng shì / ying3 shi4
Taiwan ying shih
Japanese yōji
Shadow things, i.e. all things are mere shadows; shadow phenomena

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Shadowkageyǐng / ying3 / ying
Divine Spirit御影goeiyù yǐng / yu4 ying3 / yu ying / yuyingyü ying / yüying
Shadow of Karma
Dogged by Karma
gou you / gouyou / go yo / goyoyè yǐng / ye4 ying3 / ye ying / yeyingyeh ying / yehying
影子keikoyǐng zi / ying3 zi5 / ying zi / yingziying tzu / yingtzu
Shadow Warrior影武者kagemushayīng wǔ zhǔ
ying1 wu3 zhu3
ying wu zhu
ying wu chu
Lonely Soul
xíng dān yǐng zhī
xing2 dan1 ying3 zhi1
xing dan ying zhi
hsing tan ying chih
Alone with only your shadow for company煢煢孑立形影相吊
qióng qióng jié lì xíng yǐng xiāng diào
qiong2 qiong2 jie2 li4 xing2 ying3 xiang1 diao4
qiong qiong jie li xing ying xiang diao
ch`iung ch`iung chieh li hsing ying hsiang tiao
chiung chiung chieh li hsing ying hsiang tiao
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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