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Mankind in Chinese / Japanese...

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Human Race / Humanity

China rén lèi
Japan jinrui
Human Race / Humanity / Mankind Vertical Wall Scroll

人類 is the way to say mankind or humankind in Chinese. It's kind of the "animal title" for human. 人類 is the word you would use if you said this phrase in Chinese, "Mammals include dolphins, monkeys, dogs, and humans among others."

人類 is a weird selection for a calligraphy wall scroll. But a customer begged me to add this word.

Blessed by Heaven

Japan ten kei
Blessed by Heaven Vertical Wall Scroll

天恵 means "Heaven's Blessing," "Blessings from Heaven," or "Blessed by Heaven" in Japanese Kanji.

Depending on the context in which this is used, it can also mean, "gift of nature," or even, "natural resources" (as in Heaven or God bestowed things like oil, iron, gold, and other natural resources upon mankind).

Impartial and Fair to the
Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the World

China yí shì tóng rén
Japan isshidoujin
Impartial and Fair to the / Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the World Vertical Wall Scroll

一視同仁 is how to write "universal benevolence." 一視同仁 is also how to express the idea that you see all people the same.

If you are kind and charitable to all people, this is the best way to state that virtue. It is the essence of being impartial to all mankind, regardless of social standing, background, race, sex, etc. You do not judge others but rather you see them eye to eye on the same level with you.

See Also:  Benevolence | Compassion | Equality | Justice | Right Decision | Selflessness | Work Unselfishly for the Common

Worldwide Wish for Peace and Prosperity

China qǐ shèng shì kāi tài píng
Worldwide Wish for Peace and Prosperity Vertical Wall Scroll

This means "To bring flourishing peace and security to the world (our current era)."

It's really a wish that a new door leading to peace and prosperity could be opened to mankind.

Character and word breakdown:
啟 to open; to start; to initiate; to enlighten or awaken.
盛世 a flourishing period; period of prosperity; a golden age.
開 to open; to start; to turn on.
太平 peace and security; peace and tranquility; peace; tranquility.
I don't really like to do breakdowns like this, as the words altogether create their own unique meaning (encompassed in the main title above). Please take that into consideration.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
Mandarin rén lèi / ren2 lei4
Taiwan jen lei
Japanese jinrui / じんるい
Chinese humanity; human race; mankind
Japanese mankind; humanity
human beings



see styles
Mandarin fǎ lún / fa3 lun2
Taiwan fa lun
Japanese hourin / horin / ほうりん
Chinese the Eternal Wheel of life in Buddhism
Japanese {Buddh} (See 輪宝,転法輪) the teachings of Buddha (as likened to the Dharmachakra, originally a wheel-like weapon used to destroy the evils of mankind); Buddhist doctrine; (surname) Noriwa
dharmacakra, the Wheel of the Law, Buddha-truth which is able to crush all evil and all opposition, like Indra's wheel, and which rolls on from man to man, place to place, age to age. 轉法輪To turn, or roll along the Law-wheel, i.e. to preach Buddha-truth.

see styles
Mandarin rén / ren2
Taiwan jen
Japanese hito(p);hito / ひと(P);ヒト    nin(p);tari;ri / にん(P);たり;り    to / と    jin / じん
Chinese man; person; people; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
Japanese (1) man; person; (2) human being; mankind; people; (3) (kana only) human (Homo sapiens); humans as a species; (4) character; personality; (5) man of talent; true man; (6) another person; other people; others; (7) adult; (counter) (1) counter for people; (2) (にん only) (usu. in compound words) person; (suffix) person; (suffix) (1) (indicates nationality, race, origin, etc.) -ian (e.g. Italian); -ite (e.g. Tokyoite); (2) (indicates expertise (in a certain field)) -er (e.g. performer, etc.); person working with ...; (3) (usu. in compound words) man; person; people; (surname) Hitotaka; (surname) Hitozaki; (personal name) Hito; (given name) Jin
manuṣya; nara; puruṣa; pudgala. Man, the sentient thinking being in the desire-realm, whose past deeds affect his present condition; human being


see styles
Japanese hito / ヒト Japanese (1) man; person; (2) human being; mankind; people; (3) (kana only) human (Homo sapiens); humans as a species; (4) character; personality; (5) man of talent; true man; (6) another person; other people; others; (7) adult


see styles
Mandarin qī zi / qi1 zi
Taiwan ch`i tzu / chi tzu
Japanese fumiko / ふみこ    nanako / ななこ    shichiko / しちこ
Japanese (female given name) Fumiko; (female given name) Nanako; (female given name) Shichiko
The parable in the Nirvana Sutra of the sick son whose parents, though they love all their sons equally, devote themselves to him. So does the Buddha specially care for sinners. The seven sons are likened to mankind, devas, sravakas, pratyeka-buddhas, and the three kinds of bodhisattvas of the 藏, 通 and 別教.



see styles
Mandarin rén jiān / ren2 jian1
Taiwan jen chien
Japanese ningen / にんげん    jinkan / じんかん
Chinese the human world; the earth
Japanese (1) human being; person; man; mankind; humankind; (2) character (of a person); the world
human being(s)



see styles
Mandarin zhuó shì / zhuo2 shi4
Taiwan cho shih
Japanese dakuse;dakusei;jokuse / dakuse;dakuse;jokuse / だくせ;だくせい;じょくせ
Chinese the world in chaos; troubled times; the mortal world (Buddhism)
Japanese {Buddh} this corrupt or degenerate world; this world or life; the world of mankind
An impure world in its five stages, v. 五濁; defiled age


see styles
Japanese seirei / sere / せいれい    ikiryou / ikiryo / いきりょう    ikisudama / いきすだま Japanese (1) vengeful spirit (spawned from a person's hate); doppelganger; co-walker; wraith; (2) mankind; souls; people; (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) vengeful spirit (spawned from a person's hate); doppelganger; co-walker; wraith



see styles
Mandarin zhòng shēng / zhong4 sheng1
Taiwan chung sheng
Japanese shujou;shuusei;sujou(ok) / shujo;shuse;sujo(ok) / しゅじょう;しゅうせい;すじょう(ok)
Japanese {Buddh} all living things; mankind; the people; the world
sattva; all the living, living beings, older tr. 有情 sentient, or conscious beings; also many lives, i.e. many transmigrations; sentient being(s)


see styles
Mandarin yī bǎi bā / yi1 bai3 ba1
Taiwan i pai pa
Japanese ippyaku hachi
百八 aṣṭaśatam. The 108 kleśa, distresses, disturbing passions, or illusions 煩惱 of mankind, hence the 108 beads on a rosary, repetitions of the Buddha's name, strokes of a bell, etc., one for each distress. Also, one of the Mahārājas, with 108 hands, each holding a different implement.



see styles
Mandarin dān yuán lùn / dan1 yuan2 lun4
Taiwan tan yüan lun
Chinese theory of single origin (of mankind)



see styles
Mandarin fù lóu shā / fu4 lou2 sha1
Taiwan fu lou sha
Japanese furōsha
puruṣa, v. 布; a man, mankind. Man personified as Nārāyaṇa; the soul and source of the universe; soul. Explained by 神我 the spiritual self; the ātman whose characteristic is thought, and which produces, through successive modifications, all forms of existence.


see styles
Mandarin bù lù shā / bu4 lu4 sha1
Taiwan pu lu sha
Japanese furosha
puruṣa, 布嚕沙; 補盧沙 man, mankind, a man, Man as Nārayāṇa the soul and origin of the universe, the soul, the Soul, Supreme Being, God, see M. W.; intp. as 人 and 丈夫 man, and an adult man, also by 士夫 master or educated man, 'explained by 神我, literally the spiritual self. A metaphysical term; the spirit which together with nature (自性 svabhāva), through the successive modifications (轉變) of guṇa (求那 attributes or qualities), or the active principles (作者), produces all forms of existence (作一切物). ' Eitel.


see styles
Japanese seiakusetsu / seakusetsu / せいあくせつ Japanese (ant: 性善説) cynicism (of mankind); belief that human nature is fundamentally evil


see styles
Japanese ningendoushi / ningendoshi / にんげんどうし Japanese mankind; the human creature; fellow creatures


see styles
Japanese jinruisaiko / じんるいさいこ Japanese (expression) oldest mankind (e.g. evidence of)



see styles
Mandarin rén lèi qǐ yuán / ren2 lei4 qi3 yuan2
Taiwan jen lei ch`i yüan / jen lei chi yüan
Chinese origin of mankind



see styles
Mandarin tiān rén gǎn yìng / tian1 ren2 gan3 ying4
Taiwan t`ien jen kan ying / tien jen kan ying
Chinese interactions between heaven and mankind (Han Dynasty doctrine)



see styles
Mandarin bēi tiān mǐn rén / bei1 tian1 min3 ren2
Taiwan pei t`ien min jen / pei tien min jen
Chinese to bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind


see styles
Japanese banbutsunoreichou / banbutsunorecho / ばんぶつのれいちょう Japanese the lord of creation; man; mankind


see styles
Japanese saigonoshinpan / さいごのしんぱん Japanese Last Judgment (judgment of mankind to take place when the world ends, according to various religious traditions)


see styles
Japanese ikiryou(生ki霊,生霊);ikisudama(ok);seirei(生霊) / ikiryo(生ki霊,生霊);ikisudama(ok);sere(生霊) / いきりょう(生き霊,生霊);いきすだま(ok);せいれい(生霊) Japanese (1) vengeful spirit (spawned from a person's hate); doppelgänger; co-walker; wraith; (2) (せいれい only) mankind; souls; people

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Human Race
jinruirén lèi / ren2 lei4 / ren lei / renleijen lei / jenlei
Blessed by Heaven天恵ten kei / tenkei
Impartial and Fair to the
Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the World
yí shì tóng rén
yi2 shi4 tong2 ren2
yi shi tong ren
i shih t`ung jen
i shih tung jen
Worldwide Wish for Peace and Prosperity啟盛世開太平
qǐ shèng shì kāi tài píng
qi3 sheng4 shi4 kai1 tai4 ping2
qi sheng shi kai tai ping
ch`i sheng shih k`ai t`ai p`ing
chi sheng shih kai tai ping
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Blessed by Heaven
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God Bless Me
I Love You Forever and Always
Life is Beautiful
Love You Forever
Martial Arts
Never Give Up
Peaceful Warrior
Strength Lies Within
Tai Chi Chuan
The Way of the Samurai
Trust in God
Yin Yang
You Are My Sunshine
You Learn from Failure

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