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Japan koga

古賀 is a Japanese name that romanizes as Koga.

There is a city and many famous Japanese people who share this name.

Note: This is not the only name in Japanese that romanizes as Koga.


Japan koga

古河 is a Japanese name that romanizes as Koga.

The meaning of this name is "old river" or "ancient river."

Note: This is not the only name in Japanese that romanizes as Koga.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Japanese furuko ふるこ
 furuga ふるが
 furukawa ふるかわ
 kogawa こがわ
 kogasaki こがさき
 kokawa こが
 kouga / koga こかわ
Japanese old river; (place-name) Furuko; (surname) Furuga; (place-name, surname) Furukawa; (surname) Kogawa; (surname) Kogasaki; (place-name, surname) Koga; (surname) Kokawa; (surname) Kouga
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Japanese miya みや
 mitsuya みつや
 mitsue みつえ
 sanke さんけ
 sanka さんか
Japanese (1) three noble families (Kan'in, Kazan'in, and Nakanoin or Koga); (2) three branch Tokugawa families (Owari, Kii, and Mito); (surname) Miya; (surname) Mitsuya; (place-name) Mitsue; (surname) Sanke; (surname) Sanka

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Japanese furuya ふるや
 furuke ふるけ
 furue ふるえ
 furuie ふるいえ
 koya こや
 koge こげ
 koga こが
 kouke / koke こうけ
 koie こいえ
Japanese old house; deserted house; (surname) Furuya; (surname) Furuke; (surname) Furue; (surname) Furuie; (place-name, surname) Koya; (surname) Koge; (surname) Koga; (surname) Kouke; (surname) Koie

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Japanese furugawa ふるがわ
 furukawa ふるかわ
 furukaha ふるかは
 kosen こせん
 kogawa こがわ
 koga こが
 kokawa こかわ
Japanese old river; (surname) Furugawa; (place-name, surname) Furukawa; (surname) Furukaha; (given name) Kosen; (surname) Kogawa; (surname) Koga; (place-name, surname) Kokawa

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Japanese koga こが
Japanese ancient painting

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Japanese koga こが
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) classical elegance; antiquity; (g,p) Koga

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Mandarin xiǎo chuān / xiao3 chuan1
Taiwan hsiao ch`uan / hsiao chuan
Japanese kogawa こがわ
 koga こが
 kokawa こかわ
 ozawa おざわ
 ogawa おがわ
 okawa おかわ
Chinese Ogawa (Japanese surname)
Japanese streamlet; brook; (place-name, surname) Kogawa; (surname, given name) Koga; (surname) Kokawa; (surname) Ozawa; (place-name, surname) Ogawa; (surname) Okawa

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Mandarin xiǎo hé / xiao3 he2
Taiwan hsiao ho
Japanese kogawa こがわ
 koga こが
 kokawa こかわ
 ogoo おごお
 ogou / ogo おごう
 ogawa おご
 okawa おがわ
 ougo / ogo おかわ
Chinese brook
Japanese (surname) Kogawa; (surname) Koga; (surname) Kokawa; (surname) Ogoo; (place-name, surname) Ogou; (surname) Ogo; (surname) Ogawa; (surname) Okawa; (place-name) Ougo

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Japanese banbi ばんび
 koroku ころく
 kojika こじか
 koshiga こしが
 koshika こしか
 koga こが
 ojika おじか
 oshika おしか
 oga おが
Japanese fawn; (female given name) Banbi; (surname) Koroku; (surname, female given name) Kojika; (surname) Koshiga; (surname) Koshika; (surname) Koga; (place-name, surname) Ojika; (place-name) Oshika; (place-name, surname) Oga

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Japanese koshizu こしず
 koga こが
Japanese short interval of leisure; short break or breather; lull; (personal name) Koshizu; (surname) Koga

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Japanese kouga / koga こうが
Japanese (archaism) government office; public office

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Mandarin héng hé / heng2 he2
Taiwan heng ho
Japanese hisaka ひさか
 tsunekawa つねかわ
 gouga / goga ごうが
 kouga / koga こうが
Chinese See: 恆河
Japanese (personal name) Hisaka; (surname) Tsunekawa; (place-name) Ganga; Ganges (river) (sa: Gannga); (place-name) Kouga
恒水; 恒伽 (竸伽, 殑伽, or 強伽) Gaṅgā, the river Ganges, 'said to drop from the centre of Śiva's ear into the Anavatapta lake' (Eitel), passing through an orifice called variously ox's mouth, lion's mouth, golden elephant's mouth, then round the lake and out to the ocean on the south-east.

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Mandarin kōng xián / kong1 xian2
Taiwan k`ung hsien / kung hsien
Japanese sorashizu そらしず
 sorakan そらかん
 koga こが
 kuma くま
 kuhima くひま
 kuuge / kuge くが
 kuuga / kuga くかん
 kuukan / kukan くうげ
 akikan くうが
Chinese idle, free time, leisure
Japanese (surname) Sorashizu; (surname) Sorakan; (surname) Koga; (surname) Kuma; (surname) Kuhima; (surname) Kuga; (surname) Kukan; (surname) Kuuge; (surname) Kuuga; (surname) Kuukan; (surname) Akikan
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition

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Mandarin hǔ yá / hu3 ya2
Taiwan hu ya
Japanese koga こが
Chinese (coll.) eye tooth (maxillary canine tooth)
Japanese (surname) Koga

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Mandarin gāo yǎ / gao1 ya3
Taiwan kao ya
Japanese takamasa たかまさ
 kouga / koga こうが
Chinese dainty; elegance; elegant
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) refined; elegant; chaste; (given name) Takamasa; (given name) Kouga

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Japanese kougawa / kogawa こうがわ
 kouga / koga こうが
 kigawa きがわ
Chinese See: 黃河
Japanese Yellow river (in China); (surname) Kougawa; (place-name) Kouga; (surname) Kigawa

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Japanese kogaha こがは
Japanese Koga Faction (of the LDP)

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Koga 古賀koga
Koga 古河koga

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