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Kanji Lion in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Lion
  2. Lioness
  3. Lion Dance
  4. Lion King
  5. Lion Heart
  6. Leopard / Panther / Jaguar
  7. Fu Dog / Foo Dog
  8. Griffin / Gryphon
  9. Leo


China xióng shī
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is how to write "lion" in Chinese.


China shī zǐ
Japan shishi
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is how to write "lion" in Japanese Kanji and Korean Hanja.


China cí shī
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is how to write "lioness" in Chinese.

Note: This is not a very common title for a wall scroll in China. Perhaps because lions are not indigenous to China. Though oddly enough, rarity of lions made them very prized - and lion dances are a popular festival attraction.
If you do see name of this species of animal written on a wall scroll, it's more likely to be the masculine form of "lion."

Lion Dance

China wǔ shī
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is the Chinese title for "lion dance."

This is the traditional Chinese costumed dance seen at festivals (especially Chinese new years), ceremonies, and often at the beginning of Chinese martial arts events.

Lion Dance

Japan shi shi mai
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is the Japanese title for lion dancing.

This refers to the Japanese version borrowed from traditional Chinese culture. The Japanese version almost always features a red-faced lion with a green cloak with a white pattern.

Lion King

China shī zǐ wáng
Japan shi shi ou
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is the Chinese title for "The Lion King" (also associated with the Disney movie).

This has the "Lion King" meaning in Japanese however, not in association with the movie you are thinking of. This is also a Japanese surname that romanizes as Shishiou.

Lion Heart

China shī xīn
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is "Lion Heart" in Chinese. The most famous use of this title would be "Richard the Lionheart" also known as King Richard I of England who lived 1189-1199 A.D.

Lion Heart

Japan shi shi shin ou
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is the Japanese version of the nickname for King Richard the First. It literally means "Lion Heart King." The full title is "リチャード獅子心王" in Japanese, or "Richard Lion Heart King."

If you want a special version of this or a related Lion Heart title, just contact me.

Leopard / Panther / Jaguar

China bào
Japan hyou
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is the Chinese and Japanese word for the big cat known as a leopard, panther or Jaguar.

This can refer to most cats of the Panthera genus as well as the Puma genus (but this is not used for most kinds of lions, except smaller ones like the mountain lion).

Because Jaguars are not native to Asia, the characters for "American continent" is usually added before this character to specifically designate a Jaguar.

This also kind of means Panther or Leopard in Korean Hanja but in modern Korean, they add a Hangul character to complete the word.

Fu Dog / Foo Dog

China shí shī zi
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

While known in the west as fu dogs or foo dogs, these are actually guardian lions.

These are the lion statues traditionally placed at the entrance of Chinese imperial palaces, imperial tombs, temples, and high-ranking officials' homes. These days, you are more likely to see them at the entrance to a fancy Chinese restaurant.

This title actually means, "stone lion(s)".

Griffin / Gryphon

China yīng tóu shī
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

Griffin This is the Chinese title for a Griffin.

This refers to the legendary creature with the head, talons, and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. Sometimes also spelled Gryphon or Griffon. From the Greek γρύφων or γρύπων, or Latin Gryphus.

This Chinese title, 鷹頭獅, literally means, "Eagle Head Lion."

Leo Zodiac Symbol / Sign

China shī zǐ zuò
Japan shishi-za
Mockup of Calligraphy Artwork

This is the Chinese and Japanese way to write Leo (lion) of western astrology.

See Also:  Chinese Zodiac

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Lion 雄獅
xióng shī
xiong2 shi1
xiong shi
hsiung shih
Lion 獅子
shishishī zǐ / shi1 zi3 / shi zi / shizi shih tzu / shihtzu
Lioness 雌獅
cí shī / ci2 shi1 / ci shi / cishi tz`u shih / tzushih / tzu shih
Lion Dance 舞獅
wǔ shī / wu3 shi1 / wu shi / wushi wu shih / wushih
Lion Dance 獅子舞shi shi mai
Lion King 獅子王
shi shi ou / shishiou / shi shi o / shishioshī zǐ wáng
shi1 zi3 wang2
shi zi wang
shih tzu wang
Lion Heart 獅心
shī xīn / shi1 xin1 / shi xin / shixin shih hsin / shihhsin
Lion Heart 獅子心王
shi shi shin ou
shi shi shin o
Leopard / Panther / Jaguar hyou / hyobào / bao4 / bao pao
Fu Dog / Foo Dog 石獅子
shí shī zi
shi2 shi1 zi5
shi shi zi
shih shih tzu
Griffin / Gryphon 鷹頭獅
yīng tóu shī
ying1 tou2 shi1
ying tou shi
ying t`ou shih
ying tou shih
Leo Zodiac Symbol / Sign 獅子座
shishi-zashī zǐ zuò
shi1 zi3 zuo4
shi zi zuo
shih tzu tso

In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line. In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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