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Holy Man in Chinese / Japanese...

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Holy Man / Saint

China shèng rén
Japan seijin
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<mark>Holy Man</mark> / Saint

This can mean saint, sage, or holy man.

Note: There is more than one way to express this idea. This one really matches "Holy man" because the second character means "human" or "person" (therefore, this could equally mean "Holy woman").

The Saint

China shèng zhě
Japan seija
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The Saint

This is the religious way to express the idea of "Saint" in Chinese, Korean Hanja and Japanese Kanji. Some may translate this as "Holy man" or "Holy person".

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Character Images Characters / Kanji
If shown, second row is Simplified Chinese
Simple Dictionary Definition
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Mandarin/ ji4
Taiwan chi
Japanese imukoto
Chinese to be jealous of; fear; dread; scruple; to avoid or abstain from; to quit; to give up something
Japanese (1) mourning; mourning period; (suffix noun) (2) anniversary of one's death; (irregular okurigana usage) (1) mourning; abstinence; (2) taboo; (3) religious purification; (prefix noun) (4) pure; holy
Avoid, tabu, dread; hate, jealous.

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Mandarin zhāi / zhai1
Taiwan chai
Japanese watari わたり
 hitoshi ひとし
 toki とき
 sei / se せい
 sai さい
 iwai いわい
 itsuki いつき
 ishiki いしき
Chinese Japanese variant of 齋|斋[zhai1]
Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) congratulation; congratulations; celebration; festival; congratulatory gift; meals exchanged by parishioners and priests; congratulation; congratulations; celebration; festival; congratulatory gift; (1) mourning; abstinence; (2) taboo; (3) religious purification; (prefix noun) (4) pure; holy; (surname) Watari; (s,m) Hitoshi; (f,s) Toki; (surname) Chi; (surname) Sei; (f,s) Sai; (surname) Iwai; (f,s) Itsuki; (surname) Ishiki

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Mandarin shèng / sheng4
Taiwan sheng
Japanese shō まりあ
Chinese holy; sacred; saint; sage
Japanese (1) highly virtuous monk; (2) (honorific or respectful language) monk; (3) Buddhist solitary; (4) Buddhist missionary; (5) saint (i.e. a virtuous person); (6) (archaism) (honorific or respectful language) emperor; (7) master; expert; (n,n-pref) (1) Saint; St.; S.; (n,adj-na) (2) sacred; holy; pure; (female given name) Mina; (female given name) Maria; (female given name) Mari; (female given name) Makoto; (f,s) Hijiri; (personal name) Tooru; (female given name) Chika; (personal name) Takeshi; (female given name) Takara; (given name) Takashi; (female given name) Sofi-; (surname) Seitoku; (personal name) Seiji; (female given name) Seika; (f,s) Sei; (personal name) Sumizou; (personal name) Sumiko; (personal name) Sumie; (given name) Satoru; (female given name) Satom
ārya; sādhu; a sage; wise and good; upright, or correct in all his character; sacred, holy, saintly.
More info / calligraphy:
The Saint
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うわ Japanese uwa うわ
Japanese (interjection) Wow!; Holy smokes!; Aaargh!; O my God!; oops; eep

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上人 Mandarin shàng rén / shang4 ren2
Taiwan shang jen
Japanese jō nin しょうにん
Japanese holy priest; saint; (place-name) Shounin; (surname) Uehito
A man of superior wisdom, virtue, and conduct, a term applied to monks during the Tang dynasty.

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三位 Mandarin sān wèi / san1 wei4
Taiwan san wei
Japanese san'i みつい
Japanese (n,adj-no) (1) third rank (in the Japanese court system); (2) trinity (Christianity); the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; (surname) Mitsui; (surname) Mii
three stages

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Mandarin sān shèng / san1 sheng4
Taiwan san sheng
Japanese sanshō みさと
Japanese (1) any of a number of lists of three enlightened men, including (but not limited to): Buddha, Confucius and Christ; (2) Lao-tzu, Confucius and Buddha; (3) Fu Xi, King Wen and Confucius; (4) Yao, Shun and Yu; (5) Yu, the Duke of Zhou, Confucius; (female given name) Misato; (female given name) Mikiyo
The three sages, or holy ones, of whom there are several groups. The 華嚴Huayan have Vairocana in the center with Mañjuśrī on his left and Samantabhadra on his right. The 彌陀 Mituo or Pure-land sect, have Amitābha in the center, with Avalokiteśvara on his left and Mahāsthāmaprāpta on his right. The Tiantai use the term for the 藏, 別, and 圓教v. 三教.

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佛牙 Mandarin fó yá / fo2 ya2
Taiwan fo ya
Japanese butsuge
Chinese Buddha's tooth (a holy relic)
buddha's tooth

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十住 Mandarin shí zhù / shi2 zhu4
Taiwan shih chu
Japanese jū jū
The ten stages, or periods, in bodhisattva-wisdom, prajñā 般若, are the 十住; the merits or character attained are the 十地 q.v. Two interpretations may be given. In the first of these, the first four stages are likened to entry into the holy womb, the next four to the period of gestation, the ninth to birth, and the tenth to the washing or baptism with the water of wisdom, e.g. the baptism of a Kṣatriya prince. The ten stages are (1) 發心住 the purposive stage, the mind set upon Buddhahood; (2) 治地住 clear understanding and mental control; (3) 修行住 unhampered liberty in every direction; (4) 生貴住 acquiring the Tathāgata nature or seed; (5) 方便具足住 perfect adaptability and resemblance in self-development and development of others; (6) 正心住 the whole mind becoming Buddha-like; (7) 不退住 no retrogression, perfect unity and constant progress; (8) 童眞住 as a Buddha-son now complete; (9) 法王子住 as prince of the law; (10) 灌頂住 baptism as such, e.g. the consecration of kings. Another interpretation of the above is: (1) spiritual resolve, stage of śrota-āpanna; (2) submission to rule, preparation for Sakṛdāgāmin stage; (3) cultivation of virtue, attainment of Sakṛdāgāmin stage; (4) noble birth, preparation for the anāgāmin stage; (5) perfect means, attainment of anāgāmin stage; (6) right mind, preparation for arhatship; (7) no-retrogradation, the attainment of arhatship; (8) immortal youth, pratyekabuddhahood; (9) son of the law-king, the conception of bodhisattvahood; (10) baptism as the summit of attainment, the conception of Buddhahood.

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Mandarin dà shèng / da4 sheng4
Taiwan ta sheng
Japanese daishō だいしょう
Chinese great sage; mahatma; king; emperor; outstanding personage; Buddha
Japanese (1) (Buddhist term) (honorific or respectful language) Buddha; (2) (Buddhist term) high-ranked bodhisattva; great sage; (surname) Daishou; (personal name) Taisei
The great sage or saint, a title of a Buddha or a bodhisattva of high rank; as also are 大聖世尊 and 大聖主 the great holy honored one, or lord.

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Mandarin ào jì / ao4 ji4
Taiwan ao chi
Chinese Holy mystery; Holy sacrament (of Orthodox church)

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Mandarin zūn shī / zun1 shi1
Taiwan tsun shih
Japanese sonshi そんし
Chinese revered master
Japanese holy master; guru
More info / calligraphy:
Respected Teacher
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Mandarin zūn yí / zun1 yi2
Taiwan tsun i
Japanese songi たかのり
Japanese (given name) Takanori
holy demeanor

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Mandarin kù mǔ / ku4 mu3
Taiwan k`u mu / ku mu
Chinese Qom (holy city in Iran)

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忌み Japanese imi いみ
Japanese (1) mourning; abstinence; (2) taboo; (3) religious purification; (prefix noun) (4) pure; holy

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善士 Mandarin shàn shì / shan4 shi4
Taiwan shan shih
Japanese zenshi
a holy person

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凡僧 Mandarin fán sēng / fan2 seng1
Taiwan fan seng
Japanese bonsō ぼんぞう
Japanese (Buddhist term) unranked priest; ordinary priest; (1) (Buddhist term) unranked priest; ordinary priest; (2) foolish monk
The ordinary practising monk as contrasted with the 聖僧 the holy monk who has achieved higher merit.

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Mandarin bō pí // bāo pí / bo1 pi2 // bao1 pi2
Taiwan po p`i // pao / po pi // pao
Japanese hakuhi
Chinese same as 剝皮|剥皮[bao1 pi2]; to skin; to flay; to excoriate; to peel; to bark at sb; to physically punish sb
To flay, or peel. In one of the previous incarnations of Śākyamuni he is said to have written a certain gāthā containing the Holy Law on a piece of his own flayed skin with one of his bones split into the shape of a pen, and his blood instead of ink. 智度論 27.

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Mandarin sì shèng / si4 sheng4
Taiwan ssu sheng
Japanese shishō しせい
Japanese the four great sages (Buddha, Christ, Confucius, Socrates)
The four kinds of holy men— śrāvakas, pratyekabuddhas, bodhisattvas, and Buddhas. Also, the four chief disciples of Kumārajīva, i. e. 道生 Daosheng, 僧肇 Sengzhao, 道融 Daorong, and 僧叡 Sengrui.

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末伽 Mandarin mò qié / mo4 qie2
Taiwan mo ch`ieh / mo chieh
Japanese maga
mārga; track, path, way, the way; the fourth of the four dogmas 四諦, i. e. 道, known as the 八聖道, 八正道 (or 八正門), the eight holy or correct ways, or gates out of suffering into nirvana. Mārga is described as the 因 cause of liberation, bodhi as its 果 result.

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see styles
斎み Japanese imi いみ
Japanese (1) mourning; abstinence; (2) taboo; (3) religious purification; (prefix noun) (4) pure; holy

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see styles
教廷 Mandarin jiào tíng / jiao4 ting2
Taiwan chiao t`ing / chiao ting
Chinese the Papacy; the Vatican; the Church government; Holy See

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神州 Mandarin shén zhōu / shen2 zhou1
Taiwan shen chou
Japanese jinshū かみす
Chinese old name for China
Japanese land of the gods; Japan; China; (place-name) Kamisu
Holy Country

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神域 Mandarin shén yù / shen2 yu4
Taiwan shen yü
Japanese jiniki しんいき
Japanese (1) Shinto shrine precincts; (2) holy precincts; sanctuary
The realm of spirit, of reality, surpassing thought, supra-natural.

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Mandarin shén shèng / shen2 sheng4
Taiwan shen sheng
Japanese shinsei / shinse しんせい
Chinese divine; hallow; holy; sacred
Japanese (adj-na,n) holiness; sacredness; dignity

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義戦 Japanese gisen ぎせん
Japanese a crusade; holy war

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Mandarin shèng zhǔ / sheng4 zhu3
Taiwan sheng chu
Japanese shōju
holy lord

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Mandarin shèng rén / sheng4 ren2
Taiwan sheng jen
Japanese shōnin まさと
Chinese saint; sage; refers to Confucius 孔子[Kong3 zi3]; the current reigning Emperor
Japanese saint; sage; holy man; (male given name) Masato; (given name) Takahito; (given name) Takato; (personal name) Seijin; (given name) Shikato; (personal name) Kiyohito; (given name) Kiyoto
is the opposite of the 凡人 common, or unenlightened man.
More info / calligraphy:
Holy Man / Saint
see styles
Mandarin shèng shì / sheng4 shi4
Taiwan sheng shih
Chinese Holy sacrament; Christian rite (esp. Catholic); also called 聖禮|圣礼 by Protestants

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Mandarin shèng xiān / sheng4 xian1
Taiwan sheng hsien
Japanese shōsen
The holy ṛṣi, Buddha.

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There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

Even with the teachings of a top-ranked calligrapher in China, my calligraphy will never be good enough to sell. I will leave that to the experts.

A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

The same calligrapher who gave me those lessons also attracted a crowd of thousands and a TV crew as he created characters over 6-feet high. He happens to be ranked as one of the top 100 calligraphers in all of China. He is also one of very few that would actually attempt such a feat.

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Holy Man / Saint圣人
seijinshèng rén
sheng ren
sheng jen
sheng4 ren2
The Saint圣者
seijashèng zhě
sheng zhe
sheng che
sheng4 zhe3

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