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Zhao in Chinese / Japanese...

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China zhào
Japan chou
Zhao Vertical Wall Scroll

In Chinese, this is Zhao, one of the seven states during the Warring States Period (476-220 B.C.). 趙 is a different period than the Former Zhao 前趙 (304-329 A.D.) and Later Zhao 後趙 (319-350 A.D.) of the Sixteen Kingdoms.

趙 is also a surname in Chinese.

In Japanese, this can be the surname Hiyon or Chou (there are a few other possible pronunciations and names in Japanese).

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Japanese hiyon / ひよん    chou / cho / ちょう    cho / ちょ    zou / zo / ぞう    jiyo / じよ    jo / じょ    jiyao / じやお    shou / sho / しょう    kozue / こずえ
Zhao Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to surpass (old); surname Zhao; one of the seven states during the Warring States Period (476-220 BC); the Former Zhao 前趙 (304-329) and Later Zhao 後趙 (319-350), states of the Sixteen Kingdoms
Japanese (surname) Hiyon; (surname) Chou; (place-name) Zhao (Chao) (country from the warring states period in China); (surname) Cho; (personal name) Zou; (surname) Jiyo; (personal name) Jo; (surname) Jiyao; (surname) Shou; (female given name) Kozue
To hasten to, return; a long time.


see styles
Mandarin zhāo/ zhao1 ri4
Taiwan chao jih
Japanese ahisa / あひさ    asuka / あすか    ashita / あした    asahi / あさひ    asaka / あさか
Zhao Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese morning sun; Asahi (Japanese place name, company name etc)
Japanese morning sun; (surname) Ahisa; (personal name) Asuka; (female given name) Ashita; (p,s,f) Asahi; (female given name) Asaka

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Chinese old variant of 照[zhao4]

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Japanese chou / cho / ちょう
Chinese omen; to foretell; million; mega-; trillion; tera-; billion (old); surname Zhao
Japanese (numeric) (1) 10^12; 1,000,000,000,000; trillion; (2) (See 兆し) sign; omen; indication; portent; (personal name) Toki; (female given name) Kizashi
An omen; a million; sign

see styles
Mandarin zhào // shào / zhao4 // shao4
Taiwan chao // shao
Japanese jō
Chinese to call together; to summon; to convene; temple or monastery (used in place names in Inner Mongolia); surname Shao; name of an ancient state that existed in what is now Shaanxi Province
To summon, call.

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Chinese chirp

see styles
Mandarin zhāo // cháo / zhao1 // chao2
Taiwan chao // ch`ao / chao // chao
Chinese see 嘲哳, (onom.) twitter; twittering sound; to ridicule; to mock

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Chinese sacrifice

see styles
Mandarin zhǎo / zhao3
Taiwan chao
Chinese to try to find; to look for; to call on sb; to find; to seek; to return; to give change

see styles
Mandarin zhāo / zhao1
Taiwan chao
Japanese maneki / まねき    katsunori / かつのり    katsunari / かつなり    katsue / かつえ    akira / あきら
Chinese to recruit; to provoke; to beckon; to incur; to infect; contagious; a move (chess); a maneuver; device; trick; to confess
Japanese (surname) Maneki; (personal name) Katsunori; (personal name) Katsunari; (personal name) Katsue; (personal name) Akira
Call, beckon, notify, cause; confess; to invite

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Chinese banner

see styles
Mandarin zhāo / zhao1
Taiwan chao
Japanese masaharu / まさはる    teru / てる    shouji / shoji / しょうじ    shoushichi / shoshichi / しょうしち    shou / sho / しょう    katsumori / かつもり    katsumi / かつみ    katsuhisa / かつひさ    katsuharu / かつはる    katsuji / かつじ    katsuki / かつき    akira / あきら    akiyoshi / あきよし    akinori / あきのり    akitsugu / あきつぐ    aki / あき    akashi / あかし
Chinese bright; clear; manifest; to show clearly
Japanese (personal name) Masaharu; (given name) Teru; (personal name) Shouji; (personal name) Shoushichi; (given name) Shou; (personal name) Katsumori; (personal name) Katsumi; (personal name) Katsuhisa; (personal name) Katsuharu; (personal name) Katsuji; (personal name) Katsuki; (given name) Akira; (personal name) Akiyoshi; (personal name) Akinori; (personal name) Akitsugu; (surname, female given name) Aki; (given name) Akashi
Bright, illustrious; clear

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Chinese name invented for herself by Tang empress Wu Zetian 武則天|武则天[Wu3 Ze2 tian1]

see styles
Mandarin zhāo // cháo / zhao1 // chao2
Taiwan chao // ch`ao / chao // chao
Japanese chou / cho / ちょう    asa(p);ashita / あさ(P);あした
Chinese morning; imperial or royal court; government; dynasty; reign of a sovereign or emperor; court or assembly held by a sovereign or emperor; to make a pilgrimage to; facing; towards; abbr. for 朝鮮|朝鲜[Chao2 xian3] Korea
Japanese (n,n-suf) (1) dynasty; (2) reign; (3) period; epoch; age; (4) court; (n,n-pref,n-suf) (5) (abbreviation) (See 北朝鮮) North Korea; (n-adv,n-t) morning; (personal name) Hajime; (m,f) Tomo; (personal name) Toki; (surname, female given name) Chou; (female given name) Ashita; (personal name) Asayuki; (personal name) Asaji; (surname) Asazaki; (surname, female given name) Asa
Morning. Court, dynasty; towards.

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Japanese kai / かい
Chinese oar (archaic); scull; paddle; to row; a boat
Japanese paddle; oar; scull; (female given name) Kai

see styles
Mandarin zhǎo / zhao3
Taiwan chao
Japanese numa / ぬま
Chinese pond; pool
Japanese (n,n-suf) marsh; swamp; wetland; bog; pond; (personal name) Masanori; (surname) Numazaki; (surname) Numasaki; (surname) Numa; (personal name) Shouta; (personal name) Shouzou; (personal name) Katsuyo; (personal name) Katsumura; (personal name) Katsuhiro; (personal name) Katsunori; (personal name) Katsutaka; (personal name) Katsuzou; (personal name) Katsuzawa; (personal name) Katsusawa

see styles
Mandarin zhuó // zhào / zhuo2 // zhao4
Taiwan cho // chao
Japanese hikaru / ひかる    taku / たく    arou / aro / あろう
Chinese to wash; to cleanse of evil; variant of 櫂|棹[zhao4]
Japanese (given name) Hikaru; (personal name) Taku; (m,f) Arou
to wash

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Chinese variant of 照[zhao4]; to shine; to illuminate; surname Zhao
Japanese See:

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Japanese hikaru / ひかる    nobu / のぶ    terusaki / てるさき    teruko / てるこ    teru / てる    terasu / てらす    terashi / てらし    shouhachi / shohachi / しょうはち    shouji / shoji / しょうじ    shou / sho / しょう    katsumi / かつみ    katsuhata / かつはた    katsutoshi / かつとし    katsushige / かつしげ    katsuo / かつお    akira / あきら    aki / あき
Chinese according to; in accordance with; to shine; to illuminate; to reflect; to look at (one's reflection); to take (a photo); photo; as requested; as before
Japanese (given name) Hikaru; (given name) Nobu; (surname) Terusaki; (female given name) Teruko; (female given name) Teru; (given name) Terasu; (surname, given name) Terashi; (personal name) Shouhachi; (personal name) Shouji; (surname, given name) Shou; (personal name) Katsumi; (personal name) Katsuhata; (personal name) Katsutoshi; (personal name) Katsushige; (personal name) Katsuo; (given name) Akira; (personal name) Aki
To shine, illumine; to superintend; a dispatch, pass; as, according to; to illumine

see styles
Mandarin zhǎo / zhao3
Taiwan chao
Chinese "claw" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 87)

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Japanese zaru / ざる
Chinese loosely woven bamboo ladle
Japanese (1) (kana only) draining basket (traditionally made of bamboo); colander; strainer; sieve; (2) (kana only) (See ざる法・ざるほう) something full of holes; (3) (abbreviation) (kana only) (See ざる蕎麦) zaru soba; (4) (colloquialism) (kana only) strong drinker; someone who can drink like a fish; (surname) Zaru

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Chinese cover; fish trap (basket); shade

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Japanese hajime / はじめ    hajimu / はじむ    hashime / はしめ    toshi / とし    tadashi / ただし
Chinese at first; devise; originate
Japanese (given name) Hajime; (given name) Hajimu; (personal name) Hashime; (given name) Toshi; (given name) Tadashi
To begin, initiate; to initiate

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Chinese the start; the origin
Japanese See:

see styles
Mandarin zhù // zhuó // zhe // zháo // zhāo / zhu4 // zhuo2 // zhe5 // zhao2 // zhao1
Taiwan chu // cho // che // chao
Japanese cho / ちょ
Chinese to make known; to show; to prove; to write; book; outstanding; to wear (clothes); to contact; to use; to apply; aspect particle indicating action in progress; to touch; to come in contact with; to feel; to be affected by; to catch fire; to burn; (coll.) to fall asleep; (after a verb) hitting the mark; succeeding in; (chess) move; trick; all right!; (dialect) to add
Japanese (1) work; book; (suffix) (2) (a book) by; (noun or adjectival noun) (3) obvious; striking; (personal name) Akira
To manifest, display, publish, fix; interchanged with 着. In a Buddhist sense it is used for attachment to anything, e.g. the attachment of love, desire, greed, etc.; To cover, put on; cause; place; complete; ought, must; zhuo2] ; zhuó] ; attachment ; ; making known

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Japanese norikatsu / のりかつ    tasuku / たすく    satoshi / さとし    akira / あきら
Chinese imperial order
Japanese (personal name) Norikatsu; (personal name) Tasuku; (male given name) Satoshi; (personal name) Akira
a decree

see styles
Mandarin zhāo / zhao1
Taiwan chao
Chinese to encourage; to cut; to strain

see styles
Mandarin zhāo / zhao1
Taiwan chao
Chinese sickle

see styles
Mandarin zhāo / zhao1
Taiwan chao
Chinese (horse)

see styles
Mandarin zhào / zhao4
Taiwan chao
Chinese pheasant

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
chou / chozhào / zhao4 / zhaochao
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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