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Zero in Chinese / Japanese...

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China líng
Japan rei / zero
Zero Vertical Wall Scroll

零 is the number zero in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

零 is a strange selection for a wall scroll, so it's here mostly for reference. I guess it's OK if zero is important to you.

Note: In modern Japan and China, they will often just write a circle to represent zero in lieu of this character.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin líng / ling2
Taiwan ling
Japanese maru / まる
Zero Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese zero
Japanese (1) circle (sometimes used for zero); (2) 'correct' (when marking); (3) symbol used as a placeholder (either because a number of other words could be used in that position, or because of censorship); (4) period; full stop; (5) maru mark; semivoiced sound; p-sound

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Mandarin/ wu2
Taiwan wu
Japanese mu / む
Japanese (1) nothing; naught; nought; nil; zero; (prefix) (2) un-; non-
not, no, none (無)

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Mandarin/ wu2
Taiwan wu
Japanese non / のん
Zero Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese not to have; no; none; not; to lack; un-; -less
Japanese (1) nothing; naught; nought; nil; zero; (prefix) (2) un-; non-; (prefix) (1) un-; non-; (2) bad ...; poor ...; (female given name) Non
Sanskrit a, or before a vowel an, similar to English un-, in- in a negative sense; not no, none, non-existent, v. 不, 非, 否; opposite of 有.

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Mandarin líng / ling2
Taiwan ling
Japanese rei(p);zero;zero(p) / re(p);zero;zero(p) / れい(P);ぜろ;ゼロ(P)
Zero Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese zero; nought; zero sign; fractional; fragmentary; odd (of numbers); (placed between two numbers to indicate a smaller quantity followed by a larger one); fraction; (in mathematics) remainder (after division); extra; to wither and fall; to wither
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (kana only) zero; nought; (female given name) Rei; (female given name) Mio; (female given name) Zero; (female given name) Shizuku

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Mandarin líng / ling2
Taiwan ling
Japanese maru / まる
Chinese character used in Taiwan as a substitute for a real name (like "X" in English); variant of 〇[ling2]
Japanese (1) circle (sometimes used for zero); (2) 'correct' (when marking); (3) symbol used as a placeholder (either because a number of other words could be used in that position, or because of censorship); (4) period; full stop; (5) maru mark; semivoiced sound; p-sound

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Mandarin zhèng // zhēng / zheng4 // zheng1
Taiwan cheng
Japanese masa / まさ    sei / se / せい    shou;jou / sho;jo / しょう;じょう
Chinese straight; upright; proper; main; principal; to correct; to rectify; exactly; just (at that time); right (in that place); (math.) positive; first month of the lunar year
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (archaism) (See 正に・1) exact; precise; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) (logical) true; regular; (numeric) (2) 10^40; ten thousand undecillion; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (3) (abbreviation) (See 正本・せいほん) original; (4) {math} (See 負・ふ) positive; greater than zero; (n,n-pref) (1) (See 従・じゅ) greater (of equal court ranks); upper; senior; (2) (しょう only) (See 長官・かみ) director (highest of the four administrative positions of the ritsuryo period); chief; (prefix) (3) (しょう only) (before a number) exactly; precisely; (personal name) Masakatsu; (surname, female given name) Masa; (female given name) Makoto; (given name) Hajime; (given name) Nori; (given name) Naoshi; (given name) Tsukasa; (given name) Tadasu; (given name) Tadashi; (personal name) Tadakatsu; (personal name) Seiji; (personal name) Seisaku; (given name) Sei; (personal name) Suminori; (personal name) Sumitaka; (personal name) Jonchiyan; (personal name) Shouji; (surname) Shouzaki; (surname, given name) Shou; (given name) Akira
Right, correct; just, exact chief, principal; the first month.

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Mandarin dòng / dong4
Taiwan tung
Japanese hora / ほら
Chinese cave; hole; zero (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers); CL:個|个[ge4]
Japanese cave; den; grotto; (surname) Horasaki; (surname) Hora; (surname) Hokora; (surname) Hoga; (surname) Hou; (given name) Haruka; (surname) Hayashi; (surname) Dou; (personal name) Tamotsu; (surname) Utsubo
A hole, cave; to see through, know.


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Japanese zero / ゼロ Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (kana only) zero; nought; (personal name) Zero


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Japanese genpyou / genpyo / げんぴょう Japanese zero milestone


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Japanese seiiki / seki / せいいき Japanese {math} integral domain; ring with no divisors of zero


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Mandarin qīng líng / qing1 ling2
Taiwan ch`ing ling / ching ling
Chinese (computing) to clear memory; to reset; to zero (a hard drive)



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Mandarin zhǔn xīng / zhun3 xing1
Taiwan chun hsing
Japanese junsei / junse / じゅんせい
Chinese front sight (firearms); the zero point indicator marked on a steelyard
Japanese (abbreviation) (obsolete) (See クエーサー,準恒星状天体) quasar; QSO; (personal name) Junsei


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Japanese tobi / とび Japanese (1) (abbreviation) flying; leaping; flight; leap; (2) naught; zero; oh; (3) flying fish (esp. the Japanese flying fish, Cypselurus agoo)


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Mandarin jìn líng / jin4 ling2
Taiwan chin ling
Chinese to approach zero (in calculus)


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Mandarin líng xià / ling2 xia4
Taiwan ling hsia
Japanese reika / reka / れいか
Chinese below zero
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) below zero; sub-zero


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Japanese reigen / regen / れいげん Japanese {math} zero element


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Mandarin líng hé / ling2 he2
Taiwan ling ho
Chinese zero-sum (game, in economics etc)


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Mandarin líng dù / ling2 du4
Taiwan ling tu
Japanese reido / redo / れいど
Chinese zero degree
Japanese (1) zero degrees (Celcius); freezing point; (2) zero (on a scale)


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Japanese zerosen / ゼロせん    reisen / resen / れいせん Japanese Zero fighter plane


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Mandarin líng zú / ling2 zu2
Taiwan ling tsu
Chinese lit. zero group; another word for the inert or noble gases 惰性氣體|惰性气体


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Mandarin líng rì / ling2 ri4
Taiwan ling jih
Chinese zero-day (attack, vulnerability etc) (computing)



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Mandarin líng shí / ling2 shi2
Taiwan ling shih
Japanese reiji / reji / れいじ
Chinese midnight; zero hour
Japanese twelve o'clock; midnight; noon


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Japanese reiten / reten / れいてん Japanese (1) zero (points, marks); no marks; (2) {math} zero (of a function); root; (3) (See 零度・1) zero degrees (Celsius); freezing point



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Mandarin líng diǎn / ling2 dian3
Taiwan ling tien
Chinese midnight; to order à la carte; (math.) zero of a function
Japanese See: 零点


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Mandarin fēi líng / fei1 ling2
Taiwan fei ling
Japanese hirei / hire / ひれい
Chinese nonzero
Japanese (can be adjective with の) {math} (See ゼロ以外) non-zero


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Japanese tobi / とび Japanese (1) (abbreviation) flying; leaping; flight; leap; (2) naught; zero; oh; (3) flying fish (esp. the Japanese flying fish, Cypselurus agoo); (4) (mahj) running out of points (zero or fewer); game ending due to a player running out of points


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Japanese maru / まる Japanese (1) (See 丸・まる・1) circle (sometimes used for zero); (2) (See 二重丸・にじゅうまる) 'correct' (when marking); (3) (See 〇〇・まるまる・1) symbol used as a placeholder (either because a number of other words could be used in that position, or because of censorship); (4) (See 句点) period; full stop; (5) (See 半濁点) maru mark; semivoiced sound; p-sound


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Japanese zerosen / ゼロせん Japanese Zero fighter plane


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Japanese zeroji / ゼロじ Japanese (adjectival noun) zero-order



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Mandarin yuán bào diǎn / yuan2 bao4 dian3
Taiwan yüan pao tien
Chinese ground zero

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
零 / 〇
rei / zerolíng / ling2 / ling
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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