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Younger Sister in Chinese / Japanese...

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Younger Sister

mai / imouto
Younger Sister Scroll

妹 is the single-character for younger sister.

In colloquial Japanese speech, this can be a way to say, darling, dear, honey, or my betrothed (only used when referring to a woman).

In Japanese, this can be the female given name Mai.

In Chinese, you will generally see this used in double form, "妹妹" or "mei mei" when referring to a younger sister.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Younger Sistermai / imouto
mai / imoto
mai / imoto
mèi / mei4 / mei

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
mèi / mei4
 imouto / imoto / いもうと
Younger Sister Scroll
younger sister
younger sister; (female given name) Mai


see styles
 boumai / bomai / ぼうまい one's deceased younger sister


see styles
 reimai / remai / れいまい your younger sister


see styles
xiōng mèi / xiong1 mei4
hsiung mei
 keimai;kyoudai(ik) / kemai;kyodai(ik) / けいまい;きょうだい(ik)
brother(s) and sister(s)
older brother and younger sister


see styles
 imoutobun / imotobun / いもうとぶん protegee; someone who one considers as a younger sister


see styles
 imoutogimi;imogimi;maikun / imotogimi;imogimi;maikun / いもうとぎみ;いもぎみ;まいくん (honorific or respectful language) (dated) (younger) sister


see styles
mèi fu / mei4 fu5
mei fu
younger sister's husband


see styles
mèi mei / mei4 mei5
mei mei
younger sister; young woman; CL:個|个[ge4]


see styles
 imoutomuko / imotomuko / いもうとむこ the husband of one's younger sister


see styles
mèi zi / mei4 zi5
mei tzu
 maiko / まいこ
(dialect) younger sister; girl
(female given name) Maiko


see styles
 imoutogo;imotogo / imotogo;imotogo / いもうとご;いもとご (honorific or respectful language) (See 妹さん・いもうとさん) (another person's) younger sister


see styles
 shitei;kyoudai(ik) / shite;kyodai(ik) / してい;きょうだい(ik) older sister and younger brother


see styles
zǐ mèi / zi3 mei4
tzu mei
(older and younger) sisters; sister (school, city etc)


see styles
yí mèi / yi2 mei4
i mei
wife's younger sister; sister-in-law


see styles
sǎo sao / sao3 sao5
sao sao
older brother's wife; sister-in-law; (polite address to a younger married woman) sister


see styles
 jitsumai / じつまい biological younger sister


see styles
xiǎo mèi / xiao3 mei4
hsiao mei
 shoumai / shomai / しょうまい
little sister; girl; (Tw) young female employee working in a low-level role dealing with the public (assistant, waitress, attendant etc)
(pronoun) little sister; younger sister


see styles
xiǎo gū / xiao3 gu1
hsiao ku
 kojuutome;kojuuto / kojutome;kojuto / こじゅうとめ;こじゅうと
husband's younger sister; sister-in-law


see styles
xiǎo yí / xiao3 yi2
hsiao i
(coll.) wife's younger sister; sister-in-law


see styles
 shoumai / shomai / しょうまい (pronoun) little sister; younger sister


see styles
yòu mèi / you4 mei4
yu mei
younger sister


see styles
 mamaimo / ままいも (archaism) step-sister (younger); stepsister


see styles
dì mèi / di4 mei4
ti mei
 teimai / temai / ていまい
younger sibling; younger brother's wife
younger brother and sister



see styles
dì fù / di4 fu4
ti fu
younger brother's wife; sister-in-law


see styles
dì xí / di4 xi2
ti hsi
younger brother's wife; sister-in-law


see styles
 gumai / ぐまい (humble language) younger sister


see styles
 mamaimo / ままいも (archaism) step-sister (younger); stepsister


see styles
 gimai(p);imouto(ik) / gimai(p);imoto(ik) / ぎまい(P);いもうと(ik) (1) sister-in-law (spouse's younger sister or younger brother's wife); (2) younger stepsister; younger adopted sister; non-blood-related younger sister


see styles
 gitei(p);otouto(ik) / gite(p);ototo(ik) / ぎてい(P);おとうと(ik) (1) brother-in-law (spouse's younger brother or younger sister's husband); (2) (obscure) younger stepbrother


see styles
biǎo shū / biao3 shu1
piao shu
son of grandfather's sister; son of grandmother's brother or sister; father's younger male cousin; (Hong Kong slang) mainlander

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