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  1. Traveler

  2. Traveler / To Live Abroad

  3. Traveler / Wanderer / Vagabond / Rolling Stone

  4. Life is Short

  5. Appreciation and Love for Your Parents

  6. Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu

 ryojin / tabibito / tabinin
Traveler Scroll

旅人 is a Japanese title for traveller/traveler, wayfarer, nomad, a person who goes from place to place, pilgrim, etc.

Traveler / To Live Abroad

 jī lǚ
Traveler / To Live Abroad Scroll

羈旅 is a Chinese and Japanese title for traveler/traveller, to live abroad, to be traveling, or just travel.

Traveler / Wanderer / Vagabond / Rolling Stone

 xíng lǚ
 kou ryo
Traveler / Wanderer / Vagabond / Rolling Stone Scroll

行旅 is a Chinese and Japanese title meaning traveler/traveller, wanderer, vagabond, rolling stone, or traveling/travelling.

Life is Short

A 100-year-old is but a traveler passing through this life

 bǎi suì guāng yīn rú guò kè
Life is Short Scroll

百歲光陰如過客 directly translates as: [Even a] hundred-year-old [person] is [just a] traveler passing by.

The simple message is, “Human life is short.” Of course, there is an unspoken suggestion that you should make the best of your time here on earth.

Appreciation and Love for Your Parents

 shuí yán cùn cǎo xīn bào dé sān chūn huī
Appreciation and Love for Your Parents Scroll

誰言寸草心報得三春暉 is the last line of a famous poem. It is perceived as a tribute or ode to your parents or mother from a child or children that have left home.

The poem was written by Meng Jiao during the Tang Dynasty (about 1200 years ago). The Chinese title is “You Zi Yin” which means “The Traveler's Recite.”

The last line as shown here speaks of the generous and warm spring sunlight which gives the grass far beyond what the little grass can could ever give back (except perhaps by showing its lovely green leaves and flourishing). The metaphor is that the sun is your mother or parents, and you are the grass. Your parents raise you and give you all the love and care you need to prepare you for the world. A debt that you can never repay, nor is repayment expected.

The first part of the poem (not written in the characters to the left) suggests that the thread in a loving mother's hands is the shirt of her traveling offspring. Vigorously sewing while wishing them to come back sooner than they left.
...This part is really hard to translate into English that makes any sense but maybe you get the idea. We are talking about a poem that is so old that many Chinese people would have trouble reading it (as if it was the King James Version of Chinese).

Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu

 yuǎn shàng hán shān shí jìng xiá bái yún shēng chù yǒu rén jiā tíng chē zuò ài fēng lín wǎn shuàng yè hóng yú èr yuè huā
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll

This poem was written almost 1200 years ago during the Tang dynasty.

It depicts traveling up a place known as Cold Mountain, where some hearty people have built their homes. The traveler is overwhelmed by the beauty of the turning leaves of the maple forest that surrounds him just as night overtakes the day, and darkness prevails. His heart implores him to stop, and take in all of the beauty around him.

First, before you get to the full translation, I must tell you that Chinese poetry is a lot different than what we have in the west. Chinese words simply don't rhyme in the same way that English or other western languages do. Chinese poetry depends on rhythm and a certain beat of repeated numbers of characters.

I have done my best to translate this poem keeping a certain feel of the original poet. But some of the original beauty of the poem in its original Chinese will be lost in translation.

Far away on Cold Mountain, a stone path leads upwards.
Among white clouds, people's homes reside.
Stopping my carriage I must, as to admire the maple forest at nights fall.
In awe of autumn leaves showing more red than even flowers of early spring.

Hopefully, this poem will remind you to stop, and “take it all in” as you travel through life.
The poet's name is “Du Mu” in Chinese that is: 杜牧.
The title of the poem, “Mountain Travels” is: 山行
You can have the title, poet's name, and even “Tang Dynasty” written as an inscription on your custom wall scroll if you like.

More about the poet:

Dumu lived from 803-852 AD and was a leading Chinese poet during the later part of the Tang dynasty.
He was born in Chang'an, a city in central China and the former capital of the ancient Chinese empire in 221-206 BC. In present-day China, his birthplace is currently known as Xi'an, the home of the Terracotta Soldiers.

He was awarded his Jinshi degree (an exam administered by the emperor's court which leads to becoming an official of the court) at the age of 25 and went on to hold many official positions over the years. However, he never achieved a high rank, apparently because of some disputes between various factions, and his family's criticism of the government. His last post in the court was his appointment to the office of Secretariat Drafter.

During his life, he wrote scores of narrative poems, as well as a commentary on the Art of War and many letters of advice to high officials.

His poems were often very realistic and often depicted everyday life. He wrote poems about everything, from drinking beer in a tavern to weepy poems about lost love.

The thing that strikes you most is the fact even after 1200 years, not much has changed about the beauty of nature, toils, and troubles of love and beer drinking.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your traveler search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
jī lǚ
    ji1 lu:3
chi lü

More info & calligraphy:

Traveler / To Live Abroad
(literary) to stay long in a place far from home; (literary) person who lives in an alien land
travel; traveler; traveller


see styles
xíng lǚ
    xing2 lu:3
hsing lü
 kouryo / koryo
traveler; wanderer; vagabond; rolling stone
(noun/participle) (1) traveling; travelling; (noun/participle) (2) traveler; traveller


see styles
lone traveller; lone traveler


see styles
zhēng rén
    zheng1 ren2
cheng jen
traveler (on a long journey); participant in an expedition; garrison soldier; new recruit
(personal name) Yukihito


see styles
zhēng fū
    zheng1 fu1
cheng fu
traveler; soldier on expedition; soldier taking part in battle
(given name) Yukuo


see styles
zhēng yī
    zheng1 yi1
cheng i
 seii / se
traveler's clothing; military uniform
traveling clothes; travelling clothes; military uniform


see styles
zhēng shān
    zheng1 shan1
cheng shan
traveler's clothing; by extension, traveler


see styles
sǎn kè
    san3 ke4
san k`o
    san ko
FIT (free independent traveler); individual traveler (as opposed to traveling with a group)


see styles
traveling luggage; baggage; traveler's kit


see styles
lǚ kè
    lu:3 ke4
lü k`o
    lü ko
 ryokaku(p); ryokyaku
    りょかく(P); りょきゃく
traveler; tourist
(1) passenger; (2) traveller; traveler; tourist


see styles
traveller's journal; traveler's journal; travelogue; (given name) Noriyuki


see styles
xíng rén
    xing2 ren2
hsing jen
pedestrian; traveler on foot; passer-by; official responsible for arranging audiences with the emperor
passer-by; traveler; traveller; (personal name) Yukihito
A traveller, wayfarer; a follower of Buddha; a disciple.


see styles
xíng kè
    xing2 ke4
hsing k`o
    hsing ko
visitor; traveler


see styles
 koushin / koshin
god who protects the roads; traveler's guardian deity



see styles
yóu zǐ
    you2 zi3
yu tzu
person living or traveling far from home
wanderer; traveller; traveler; (female given name) Yuzu



see styles
yóu kè
    you2 ke4
yu k`o
    yu ko
 yuukaku / yukaku
traveler; tourist; (online gaming) guest player
sightseer; playboy; loafer; slacker; frequenter of red-light districts



see styles
guò kè
    guo4 ke4
kuo k`o
    kuo ko
passing traveler; transient guest; sojourner
traveller (passing through); traveler


see styles
dào héng
    dao4 heng2
tao heng
skills acquired through religious practice; (fig.) ability; skill; Taiwan pr. [dao4 hang5]
(irregular okurigana usage) (1) going down the road; travelling; traveling; (2) lyric composition describing scenery a traveler sees on the way (traveller); (3) eloping; (surname, given name) Michiyuki
Conduct according to Buddha-truth; the discipline of religion.


see styles
traveller; traveler; wayfarer; tourist


see styles
 kyoumeisha / kyomesha
sympathizer; sympathiser; fellow traveler; fellow traveller


see styles
tóng qíng zhě
    tong2 qing2 zhe3
t`ung ch`ing che
    tung ching che
 doujousha / dojosha
supporter; sympathizer (esp. of political cause); fellow traveler
sympathizer; sympathiser


see styles
 doukousha / dokosha
companion; comrade; escort; member of a party; fellow traveller; fellow traveler


see styles
 douchousha / dochosha
fellow traveler; fellow traveller; sympathizer; sympathiser


see styles
tóng lù rén
    tong2 lu4 ren2
t`ung lu jen
    tung lu jen
fellow traveler; comrade


see styles
tóng dào zhě
    tong2 dao4 zhe3
t`ung tao che
    tung tao che
fellow-traveler; like-minded person


see styles
traveler's guardian deity (traveller); (place-name) Sainokami


see styles
(exp,n) traveler; traveller


see styles
traveler; traveller; stranger


see styles
 ryokoukyaku / ryokokyaku
tourist; traveler; traveller; visitor


see styles
 ryokouka / ryokoka
traveller; traveler

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Traveler旅人ryojin / tabibito / tabinin
To Live Abroad
kiryojī lǚ / ji1 lv3 / ji lv / jilvchi lü / chilü
Rolling Stone
行旅kou ryo / kouryo / ko ryoxíng lǚ / xing2 lv3 / xing lv / xinglvhsing lü / hsinglü
Life is Short百歲光陰如過客
bǎi suì guāng yīn rú guò kè
bai3 sui4 guang1 yin1 ru2 guo4 ke4
bai sui guang yin ru guo ke
pai sui kuang yin ju kuo k`o
pai sui kuang yin ju kuo ko
Appreciation and Love for Your Parents誰言寸草心報得三春暉
shuí yán cùn cǎo xīn bào dé sān chūn huī
shui2 yan2 cun4 cao3 xin1 bao4 de2 san1 chun1 hui1
shui yan cun cao xin bao de san chun hui
shui yen ts`un ts`ao hsin pao te san ch`un hui
shui yen tsun tsao hsin pao te san chun hui
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu遠上寒山石徑斜白雲生處有人家停車坐愛楓林晚霜葉紅於二月花
yuǎn shàng hán shān shí jìng xiá bái yún shēng chù yǒu rén jiā tíng chē zuò ài fēng lín wǎn shuàng yè hóng yú èr yuè huā
yuan3 shang4 han2 shan1 shi2 jing4 xia2 bai2 yun2 sheng1 chu4 you3 ren2 jia1 ting2 che1 zuo4 ai4 feng1 lin2 wan3 shuang4 ye4 hong2 yu2 er4 yue4 hua1
yuan shang han shan shi jing xia bai yun sheng chu you ren jia ting che zuo ai feng lin wan shuang ye hong yu er yue hua
yüan shang han shan shih ching hsia pai yün sheng ch`u yu jen chia t`ing ch`e tso ai feng lin wan shuang yeh hung yü erh yüeh hua
yüan shang han shan shih ching hsia pai yün sheng chu yu jen chia ting che tso ai feng lin wan shuang yeh hung yü erh yüeh hua
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll

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Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Horizontal Wall Scroll
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Vertical Portrait

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