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Tengu in Chinese / Japanese...

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tiān gǒu
ten gu
Tengu Scroll

天狗 is the Japanese title for Tengu, which roughly translates as, "heavenly dog".

Tengu are a type of legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion and are also considered a type of Shinto god (kami) or yōkai (supernatural beings).

The origin is Chinese, though this term is seldom used in Chinese any more. It was a dog-like Chinese demon (Tiangou)

Although the title contains the word "dog", the tengu are often depicted with human and bird-like characteristics. Sometimes they have large noses or beaks like birds.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Tengu天狗ten gu / tengutiān gǒu / tian1 gou3 / tian gou / tiangout`ien kou / tienkou / tien kou

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
tiān gǒu / tian1 gou3
t`ien kou / tien kou
 tengu / てんぐ
Tengu Scroll
(1) tengu; long-nosed goblin; (2) (idiom) bragging; conceit; braggart; boaster; conceited person; (surname) Tengu
ulkā, 憂流迦the 'heavenly dog' i. e. a meteor. Also 'a star in Argo' according to Williams.


see styles
 tengu / てんぐ (place-name) Tengu


see styles
zhǎn jù / zhan3 ju4
chan chü
spread cloth


see styles
 daitengu;ootengu / だいてんぐ;おおてんぐ (1) (See 天狗・1) large tengu; powerful tengu; (2) (idiom) (See 天狗・2) big braggart; blowhard


see styles
 tengumono / てんぐもの (See 能・2,天狗・1) category of noh plays who depict a tengu as the leading character; goblin piece


see styles
 tengubanashi / てんぐばなし (1) (idiom) boastful story; (2) (See 天狗・1) story about tengu


see styles
 tengudou / tengudo / てんぐどう (See 天狗・1) world of the tengu; hell of the long-nosed goblins


see styles
 kotengu / こてんぐ (1) (See 天狗・1) small tengu; (2) (idiom) promising young martial arts practitioner


see styles
 kintengu / きんてんぐ (See 天狗・1) golden tengu



see styles
shàng shēng tiān gōng / shang4 sheng1 tian1 gong1
shang sheng t`ien kung / shang sheng tien kung
 jōshō tengū
to ascend to the heavenly palace



see styles
tiān gōng bǎo zàng / tian1 gong1 bao3 zang4
t`ien kung pao tsang / tien kung pao tsang
 tengū hōzō
treasury of the sūtras


see styles
 tengudaoshi / てんぐだおし (from the idea that such sounds came from trees being felled by tengu) (See 天狗・1) large sound of unknown source heard on a forested mountain


see styles
 tengutarou / tengutaro / てんぐたろう (person) Tengu Tarou


see styles
 koppatengu / こっぱてんぐ (See 木の葉天狗・このはてんぐ) weak tengu (goblin)


see styles
 kuramatengu / くらまてんぐ (See 天狗・1) Kurama Tengu; the tengu of Mount Kurama


see styles
 tenguninaru / てんぐになる (exp,v5r) (idiom) (See 天狗・てんぐ・1) to get conceited; to become vain; to get stuck up; to get a swollen head; to become a tengu


see styles
 konohatengu / このはてんぐ (exp,n) (See 天狗・1) weak tengu


see styles
 tengutonneru / てんぐトンネル (place-name) Tengu tunnel


see styles
 tengubanashi / てんぐばなし (1) (idiom) boastful story; (2) (See 天狗・1) story about tengu


see styles
 karasutengu / からすてんぐ (See 天狗・1) small, crow-billed tengu


see styles
 koppatengu / こっぱてんぐ (obscure) (See 天狗・1,木の葉天狗) weak tengu; small tengu

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