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 sī wàn
Swan Scroll

斯萬 is the transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Swan.

If your name is Swan, I suggest using one of the titles we have that mean “swan” rather than this one that just sounds like “swan.”

 tiān é
Swan Scroll

天鵝 is one of a few titles that can mean “swan” in Chinese.

This one can be literally translated as “heavenly goose.”

 bái hú
 byaku koku
White Swan Scroll

白鵠 is the Chinese title for the white swan.

It has the same meaning in Japanese but is used more often as the female given name, Akiko in Japan.

Swan / White Crane

 hakuchou / shirotori
Swan / White Crane Scroll

白鳥 is the Japanese Kanji and old Korean Hanja title for white swan (Cygnus Bechstein).

The title literally means white-feathered bird. This title can also be used to refer to a white crane.

This can also be the Japanese surname, Hakuchou.

Great Aspirations / Ambition

 hóng hú zhī zhì
Great Aspirations / Ambition Scroll

鴻鵠之誌 is a Chinese proverb that implies that having grand ambitions also means that others will not understand your great expectations and ideas.

Though the actual words come from a longer saying of Confucius, which goes, “The little swallows living under the eaves wouldn't understand the lofty ambitions of a swan (who flies far and wide).”

This Confucius quote has led to this idiomatic expression in China that means “think big.” What you'd be saying is “The lofty ambitions of a swan.”

Note that Chinese people sometimes refer to the little swallow as one who does not “think big” but is, instead, stuck in a rut or just leading a mundane life. Therefore, it's a compliment to be called a swan but not a good thing to be called a swallow.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
tiān é
    tian1 e2
t`ien o
    tien o

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see styles
 hakuchou / hakucho

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Swan / White Crane
(1) swan (Cygnus spp.); cygnet; (2) (しらとり, しろとり only) white-feathered bird; (place-name, surname) Hakuchō



see styles
bái hú
    bai2 hu2
pai hu

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White Swan
(white) swan
(female given name) Akiko


see styles

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swan; (surname) Swan; Swann; (female given name) Suwan

see styles

(1) (See 白鳥・はくちょう・1) swan; (2) bullseye; (place-name) Kugui

see styles
large bird, possibly related to crane or swan (archaic); mythical monstrous bird, cf Sinbad's roc

see styles
variant of 鵾|鹍, large bird, possibly related to crane or swan (archaic); mythical monstrous bird, cf Sinbad's roc



see styles
yàn mén
    yan4 men2
yen men
teachings of the swan [king]


see styles
yàn mén
    yan4 men2
yen men
teachings of the swan [king]



see styles
hóng yàn
    hong2 yan4
hung yen
 kougan / kogan
(bird species of China) swan goose (Anser cygnoides)
(poetic term) wild geese; large geese and small geese



see styles
hóng hú
    hong2 hu2
hung hu
 koukoku / kokoku
swan; person with noble aspirations
(1) giant bird; (2) great person; magnanimous person; hero



see styles
kūn xián
    kun1 xian2
k`un hsien
    kun hsien
pipa strings, made from sinews of large crane or swan 鵾雞|鹍鸡[kun1 ji1]



see styles
kūn jī
    kun1 ji1
k`un chi
    kun chi
large bird, possibly related to crane or swan (archaic); mythical monstrous bird, cf Sinbad's roc


see styles
(kana only) black swan (Cygnus atratus); (place-name) Kurodori



see styles
dà tiān é
    da4 tian1 e2
ta t`ien o
    ta tien o
(bird species of China) whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus)


see styles
dà fàn tiān
    da4 fan4 tian1
ta fan t`ien
    ta fan tien
 Daibon ten
Mahābrahman; Brahma; 跋羅吸摩; 波羅賀磨; 梵覽摩; 梵天王; 梵王; 梵. Eitel says: "The first person of the Brahminical Trimūrti, adopted by Buddhism, but placed in an inferior position, being looked upon not as Creator, but as a transitory devatā whom every Buddhistic saint surpasses on obtaining bodhi. Notwithstanding this, the Saddharma-puṇḍarīka calls Brahma 'the father of all living beings'" 一切衆生之父. Mahābrahman is the unborn or uncreated ruler over all, especially according to Buddhism over all the heavens of form, i.e. of mortality. He rules over these heavens, which are of threefold form: (a) Brahma (lord), (b) Brahma-purohitas (ministers), and (c) Brahma-pāriṣadyāh (people). His heavens are also known as the middle dhyāna heavens, i.e. between the first and second dhyānas. He is often represented on the right of the Buddha. According to Chinese accounts the Hindus speak of him (1) as born of Nārāyaṇa, from Brahma's mouth sprang the brahmans, from his arms the kṣatriyas, from his thighs the vaiśyas, and from his feet the śūdras; (2) as born from Viṣṇu; (3) as a trimūrti, evidently that of Brahma, Viṣṇu, and Śiva, but Buddhists define Mahābrahma's dharmakāya as Maheśvara (Śiva), his saṃbhogakāya as Nārāyaṇa, and his nirmāṇakāya as Brahmā. He is depicted as riding on a swan, or drawn by swans.


see styles
 oohakuchou; oohakuchou / oohakucho; oohakucho
    おおはくちょう; オオハクチョウ
(kana only) whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus)



see styles
dà biàn tiān
    da4 bian4 tian1
ta pien t`ien
    ta pien tien
 Daiben ten
Sarasvatī 大辯才天 (大辯才女); 大辯功德天 (大辯才功德天); 薩羅婆縛底; 薩羅酸底 A river, 'the modern Sursooty'; the goddess of it, who 'was persuaded to descend from heaven and confer her invention of language and letters on the human race by the sage Bhārata, whence one of her names is Bharatī'; sometimes assumes the form of a swan; eloquence, or literary elegance is associated with her. Cf. M. W. Known as the mother of speech, eloquence, letters, and music. Chinese texts describe this deity sometimes as male, but generally as female, and under several forms. As 'goddess of music and poetry' she is styled 妙 (or 美 ) 音天; 妙音樂天; 妙音佛母. She is represented in two forms, one with two arms and a lute, another with eight arms. Sister of Yama. 'A consort of both Brahmā and Mañjuśrī,' Getty. In Japan, when with a lute, Benten is a form of Saravastī, colour white, and riding a peacock. Tib. sbyaṅs-can-ma, or ṅag-gi-lha-mo; M. kele-yin iikin tegri; J. ben-zai-ten, or benten.



see styles
tiān é hú
    tian1 e2 hu2
t`ien o hu
    tien o hu
Swan Lake



see styles
tiān é róng
    tian1 e2 rong2
t`ien o jung
    tien o jung
 biroudo / birodo
    tengajuu / tengaju
velvet; swan's down
(ateji / phonetic) (noun - becomes adjective with の) (kana only) velvet (por: veludo)



see styles
xiǎo tiān é
    xiao3 tian1 e2
hsiao t`ien o
    hsiao tien o
(bird species of China) tundra swan (Cygnus columbianus)



see styles
héng gèng pó
    heng2 geng4 po2
heng keng p`o
    heng keng po
swan, goose


see styles
 kobuhakuchou; kobuhakuchou / kobuhakucho; kobuhakucho
    こぶはくちょう; コブハクチョウ
(kana only) mute swan (Cygnus olor)


see styles
 hakuchouza / hakuchoza
(astron) Cygnus (constellation); the Swan


see styles
(place-name) Swan (river)



see styles
kè hú lèi wù
    ke4 hu2 lei4 wu4
k`o hu lei wu
    ko hu lei wu
to aim to carve a swan and get a semblance of a duck (idiom); to fail utterly in trying to copy something; to get a reasonably good, if not perfect, result


see styles
sì jù chéng dào
    si4 ju4 cheng2 dao4
ssu chü ch`eng tao
    ssu chü cheng tao
 shiku jōdō
The swan-song of an arhat, who has attained to the perfect life: — All rebirths are ended,
The noble life established,
My work is accomplished.
No further existence is mine.


see styles
 chinchuunochin / chinchunochin
(exp,n) rarity among rarities; rara avis; black swan



see styles
yóu bí tiān é
    you2 bi2 tian1 e2
yu pi t`ien o
    yu pi tien o
(bird species of China) mute swan (Cygnus olor)


see styles
 hakuchounouta / hakuchonota
swan song

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
sī wàn / si1 wan4 / si wan / siwanssu wan / ssuwan
tiān é / tian1 e2 / tian e / tianet`ien o / tieno / tien o
White Swan白鵠
byaku koku / byakukokubái hú / bai2 hu2 / bai hu / baihupai hu / paihu
White Crane
白鳥hakuchou / shirotori
hakucho / shirotori
Great Aspirations
hóng hú zhī zhì
hong2 hu2 zhi1 zhi4
hong hu zhi zhi
hung hu chih chih
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Great Aspirations / Ambition Scroll
Great Aspirations / Ambition Scroll
Great Aspirations / Ambition Scroll

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