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The correct doctrine of the Buddha

zhèng fǎ
shou bou
Shobo Scroll

正法 is a Buddhist term that means "True Dharma" or "The true teachings of Buddha".

Other translations include the just law, proper method, or period of the true law.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
 shoubo / shobo
(noun, transitive verb) levy; enlistment


see styles
 shoubou / shobo
(1) cellule; cellula; (2) small room (esp. with tatami mats); (3) floret (of broccoli, etc.); (surname) Kofusa


see styles
suǒ fáng
    suo3 fang2
so fang



see styles
shū fáng
    shu1 fang2
shu fang
 shobou / shobo
study (room); studio; CL:間|间[jian1]
(1) study; library; (2) bookstore; bookshop; publishing company


see styles
 shoubou / shobo
(surname) Shoubou


see styles
xiāo fáng
    xiao1 fang2
hsiao fang
 shoubou / shobo
firefighting; fire control
(noun/participle) (1) fire fighting; (2) fire department; fire brigade


see styles
 shoubou; shoumou(ok); joumou(ok) / shobo; shomo(ok); jomo(ok)
    しょうぼう; しょうもう(ok); じょうもう(ok)
(n,vs,vi) (form) (See 焼失) destruction by fire


see styles
shēng fǎ
    sheng1 fa3
sheng fa
The living and things, i. e. 人法, 我法 men and things, the self and things; the 有情 sentient, or those with emotions, i. e. the living; and 非情 those without, i. e. insentient things; dharma of life


see styles
 shoubou / shobo
(personal name) Shoubou



see styles
shèng bǎo
    sheng4 bao3
sheng pao


see styles
 shoubou / shobo
(obscure) appearance; figure


see styles
sì zhèng fǎ
    si4 zheng4 fa3
ssu cheng fa
 ji shōbō
counterfeit teaching(s)


see styles
fó zhèng fǎ
    fo2 zheng4 fa3
fo cheng fa
 butsu shōbō
Buddha's true teaching


see styles
sú zhèng fǎ
    su2 zheng4 fa3
su cheng fa
 zoku shōbō
conventional true dharma


see styles
xuān zhèng fǎ
    xuan1 zheng4 fa3
hsüan cheng fa
 sen shōbō
proclaims the correct teaching


see styles
 komichishobou / komichishobo
(c) Komichi Shobo Publishing Ltd (publishing company)


see styles
zhèng fǎ diǎn
    zheng4 fa3 dian3
cheng fa tien
 shōbō ten
a scripture of the true Dharma


see styles
zhèng fǎ qì
    zheng4 fa3 qi4
cheng fa ch`i
    cheng fa chi
 shōbō no utsuwa
vessel for the true dharma



see styles
zhèng fǎ shí
    zheng4 fa3 shi2
cheng fa shih
 shōbō ji
time [of the preaching of] the true dharma


see styles
zhèng fǎ yǎn
    zheng4 fa3 yan3
cheng fa yen
 shōbō gen
eye of the true Dharma



see styles
zhèng fǎ jīng
    zheng4 fa3 jing1
cheng fa ching
 Shōbō kyō
Sūtra of the True Dharma



see styles
zhèng fǎ huá
    zheng4 fa3 hua2
cheng fa hua
 Shōbō ke
True Dharma Flower


see styles
qiú zhèng fǎ
    qiu2 zheng4 fa3
ch`iu cheng fa
    chiu cheng fa
 gu shōbō
seeks the true teaching



see styles
bàng zhèng fǎ
    bang4 zheng4 fa3
pang cheng fa
 hō shōbō
to revile the true dharma


see styles
xiàng sì zhèng fǎ
    xiang4 si4 zheng4 fa3
hsiang ssu cheng fa
 zōji shōbō
an imitation of the true teaching


see styles
shí shàn zhèng fǎ
    shi2 shan4 zheng4 fa3
shih shan cheng fa
 jūzen shōbō
(十善) The ten good characteristics, or virtues, defined as the non-committal of the 十惡 ten evils, q. v. Tiantai has two groups, one of ceasing 止 to do evil, the other of learning to do well 行; ten good principles



see styles
xuān shuō zhèng fǎ
    xuan1 shuo1 zheng4 fa3
hsüan shuo cheng fa
 sensetsu shōbō
to teach the correct dharma



see styles
shè shòu zhèng fǎ
    she4 shou4 zheng4 fa3
she shou cheng fa
 shōju shōbō
to get hold of the true dharma



see styles
yú zhèng fǎ zhōng
    yu2 zheng4 fa3 zhong1
yü cheng fa chung
 o shōbō chū
regarding the true teaching(s)


see styles
zhèng fǎ jiǔ zhù
    zheng4 fa3 jiu3 zhu4
cheng fa chiu chu
 shōbō kujū
long abiding of the true teaching

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Shobo正法shou bou / shoubou / sho bozhèng fǎ / zheng4 fa3 / zheng fa / zhengfacheng fa / chengfa

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