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Shii in Chinese / Japanese...

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Movement within Islam
shí yè
Shii Scroll

什葉 is how Shii, a well-established movement within Islam, is written in Chinese.

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Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
shí yè / shi2 ye4 / shi ye / shiyeshih yeh / shihyeh
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
shí / shi2
 shii / shi / シー
Shii Scroll
ten; 10
(numeric) ten (chi: shí); (personal name) Yokotate
tridaśa. Thirty; abbreviation for the thirty-three deities, heavens, etc.; Daśa, ten, the perfect number.


see styles
suī / sui1
 nyou(p);yubari(ok);ibari(ok);yumari(ok);bari(ok);shii(ok);shishi(ok);shito(ok) / nyo(p);yubari(ok);ibari(ok);yumari(ok);bari(ok);shi(ok);shishi(ok);shito(ok) / にょう(P);ゆばり(ok);いばり(ok);ゆまり(ok);ばり(ok);しい(ok);しし(ok);しと(ok)
see 尿[niao4]
(しい,しし, and しと were primarily children's words) urine
Urine, urinate; urine, urinate

see styles
zhuī / zhui1
 shii;shii / shi;shi / しい;シイ
(kana only) any beech tree of genus Castanopsis; chinquapin; chinkapin; (female given name) Shiina
A hammer, especially for a gong, etc.; idem 槌.


see styles
 shiぃ / しぃ (female given name) Shii


see styles
 shii / shi / しい (interjection) (1) (See しっ・1) shh! (used to silence someone); sh!; (interjection) (2) (See しっ・2) shoo! (used to drive off an approaching animal, etc.); (suf,adj-i) (3) (after a noun, the -nai stem of a verb, or repetitive syllables) -ish; -like; -looking; (female given name) Shii


see styles
 shii / shi / シイ (kana only) any beech tree of genus Castanopsis; chinquapin; chinkapin


see styles
 shii / shi / シー sea; (personal name) Shee


see styles
 shii / shi / しい (female given name) Shii


see styles
sì wèi / si4 wei4
ssu wei
 shii / shi / しい
fourth court rank; (surname) Yon'i
four stages


see styles
 shii / shi / しい (noun/participle) surroundings; circumference


see styles
sì yí / si4 yi2
ssu i
 shii / shi / しい
(derogatory term) (See 東夷・あずまえびす・2,西戎・せいじゅう) Four Barbarians; derogative name for various ancient non-Chinese peoples bordering ancient China; (surname) Shii
(四夷戒 or 四夷罪) v. 四波羅夷; four pārājikas



see styles
sì wéi / si4 wei2
ssu wei
 shii;shiyui(ok) / shi;shiyui(ok) / しい;しゆい(ok)
the four social bonds: propriety, justice, integrity and honor; see 禮義廉恥|礼义廉耻[li3 yi4 lian2 chi3]; the four directions; the four limbs (Chinese medicine); four-dimensional
(1) (See 四隅・2) four ordinal directions; (2) (しい only) (from Guanzi) four cardinal principles of the state (propriety, justice, integrity, sense of shame); (surname) Yotsui
The four half points of the compass, N. E., N. W., S. E., S. W; the four intermediate directions



see styles
sì wéi / si4 wei2
ssu wei
four contradictions


see styles
 shii / shi / しい (surname) Shii


see styles
 shii / shi / しい (obscure) (See 尸位素餐) neglecting the duties of an office while taking pay


see styles
 shii / shi / しい (place-name, surname) Shii


see styles
 shii / shi / しい (surname) Shii


see styles
 shii / shi / しい (surname) Shii


see styles
sī yí / si1 yi2
ssu i
michelia campaka


see styles
sī wéi / si1 wei2
ssu wei
 shii;shiyui / shi;shiyui / しい;しゆい
variant of 思維|思维[si1 wei2]
(noun/participle) (1) (esp. しい) thought; thinking; contemplation; consideration; (noun/participle) (2) {Buddh} (esp. しゆい) using wisdom to get to the bottom of things; focusing one's mind; deep contemplation; concentrated thought; deliberating; pondering; reflecting; (female given name) Shiyui
To consider or reflect on an object with discrimination; thought, reflection; to think


see styles
zì yì / zi4 yi4
tzu i
 shii / shi / しい
without restraint; unbridled; reckless


see styles
 shii / shi / しい (surname) Shii


see styles
 shii / shi / しい (obscure) deed; act; conduct


see styles
zhǐ yì / zhi3 yi4
chih i
 shii / shi / しい
decree; order
(obscure) intent; purpose; aim


see styles
 shiii / shii / しいい (surname) Shiii


see styles
cǐ wèi / ci3 wei4
tz`u wei / tzu wei
this stage


see styles
sǐ yǐ / si3 yi3
ssu i
once one dies


see styles
sǐ wèi / si3 wei4
ssu wei
fear of death


see styles
shì wēi / shi4 wei1
shih wei
 jii;shii / ji;shi / じい;しい
to demonstrate (as a protest); a demonstration; a military show of force
(noun/participle) demonstration; show of force


see styles
 shii / shi / しい (1) personal opinion; (2) selfishness

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