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Movement within Islam

 shí yè
Shii Scroll

什葉 is how Shii, a well-established movement within Islam, is written in Chinese.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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 nyou(p); yubari(ok); ibari(ok); yumari(ok); bari(ok); shii(ok); shishi(ok); shito(ok) / nyo(p); yubari(ok); ibari(ok); yumari(ok); bari(ok); shi(ok); shishi(ok); shito(ok)
    にょう(P); ゆばり(ok); いばり(ok); ゆまり(ok); ばり(ok); しい(ok); しし(ok); しと(ok)
(coll.) urine
(しい,しし, and しと were primarily children's words) urine
Urine, urinate.

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 shii / shi
(bound form) to practice; to study; habit; custom
(surname) Xi
Repetition, practice, habit, skilled; u.f. 習氣 intp. vāsanā.


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 ee shii; eeshii(sk) / ee shi; eeshi(sk)
    エー・シー; エーシー(sk)
(1) alternating current; AC; (2) analogue computer (analog); (3) average cost; (4) adult child


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 shii bii; shiibii(sk) / shi bi; shibi(sk)
    シー・ビー; シービー(sk)
(1) Citizens' Band; CB (radio); (2) (See 転換社債) convertible bond; (3) (See 慢性気管支炎) chronic bronchitis; (4) chemical and biological (weapons); (5) (See センターバック) center back; (6) community business


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 shii shii; shiishii(sk) / shi shi; shishi(sk)
    シー・シー; シーシー(sk)
(1) {comp} (See カーボンコピー) cc (email); carbon copy; (2) cubic centimeter; cubic centimetre; milliliter; millilitre


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 shii dii; shiidii(sk) / shi di; shidi(sk)
    シー・ディー; シーディー(sk)
(1) (See コンパクトディスク) compact disk; CD; (2) (See キャッシュディスペンサー) cash dispenser; (3) (See 譲渡可能定期預金証書) (negotiable) certificate of deposit


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 shii efu; shiiefu(sk) / shi efu; shiefu(sk)
    シー・エフ; シーエフ(sk)
commercial film; CF


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 shii jii; shiijii(sk) / shi ji; shiji(sk)
    シー・ジー; シージー(sk)
(1) (abbreviation) {comp} (See コンピューターグラフィックス) computer graphics; CG; (2) (See CGI・2) computer-generated imagery; CGI


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 shii kee; shiikee(sk); shiikei(sk) / shi kee; shikee(sk); shike(sk)
    シー・ケー; シーケー(sk); シーケイ(sk)
{sports} (See コーナーキック) corner kick (soccer)


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 shii emu; shiiemu(sk) / shi emu; shiemu(sk)
    シー・エム; シーエム(sk)
(1) (See コマーシャルメッセージ) commercial (radio, TV, etc.); ad; commercial message; (2) (See コンストラクションマネージメント) construction management; (3) contract manufacturer; (4) customer management; (5) court martial


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c p
    c p
c p
 shii pii; shiipii(sk) / shi pi; shipi(sk)
    シー・ピー; シーピー(sk)
an imagined romantic relationship between two characters in fiction (or in real life) that one wishes for or fantasizes about (abbr. of "coupling")
(1) (See コマーシャルペーパー) commercial paper; CP; (2) (See 共産党) communist party; CP; (3) (See 脳性麻痺) cerebral palsy; cerebral paralysis; CP; (4) (See カウンターパーチェス) counterpurchase; (5) (See クリーナープロダクション) cleaner production; (6) (See コンプライアンスプログラム) compliance program; (7) {physics} charge parity; C parity; CP; (8) (See カップリング・2) shipping; pairing of characters in a romantic relationship (in fan fiction, manga, etc.)


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 shii tii; shiitii(sk) / shi ti; shiti(sk)
    シー・ティー; シーティー(sk)
{med} (See コンピュータ断層撮影) computed tomography; computerized tomography; CT


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 shii bui; shiibui(sk) / shi bui; shibui(sk)
    シー・ブイ; シーブイ(sk)
(See キャラクターボイス) voice actor


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 ii shii; iishii(sk) / i shi; ishi(sk)
    イー・シー; イーシー(sk)
(1) European Community; EC; (2) (See エレクトロニックコマース) e-commerce; electronic commerce; (3) (See 緊急避妊) emergency contraception; (4) engineering constructor


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 ai shii; aishii(sk) / ai shi; aishi(sk)
    アイ・シー; アイシー(sk)
(1) integrated circuit; IC; (2) interchange


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 jee shii; jeeshii(sk); jeishii(sk) / jee shi; jeeshi(sk); jeshi(sk)
    ジェー・シー; ジェーシー(sk); ジェイシー(sk)
(slang) (abbreviation) (from "joshi chūgakusei"(女子中学生)) female junior high school student


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 pii shii; piishii(sk) / pi shi; pishi(sk)
    ピー・シー; ピーシー(sk)
(1) PC; personal computer; (2) prestressed concrete; (3) precast concrete; (4) (See ポリカーボネート) polycarbonate; (5) (See ポリティカルコレクトネス) political correctness; (6) (See パトロールカー) patrol car; police car; (7) (See パブリックコメント) public comment; (8) (See プレイヤーキャラクター) player character


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 kyuu shii; kyuushii(sk) / kyu shi; kyushi(sk)
    キュー・シー; キューシー(sk)
(See 品質管理) quality control; QC


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 aaru shii; aarushii(sk) / aru shi; arushi(sk)
    アール・シー; アールシー(sk)
(1) (abbreviation) (See 鉄筋コンクリート・てっきんコンクリート) reinforced concrete; (2) (abbreviation) (See リモートコントロール) remote control


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 daburyuu shii; daburyuushii(sk) / daburyu shi; daburyushi(sk)
    ダブリュー・シー; ダブリューシー(sk)
water closet; toilet; lavatory; restroom; bathroom


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 shii / shi
(interjection) (1) (See しっ・1) shh! (used to silence someone); sh!; (interjection) (2) (See しっ・2) shoo! (used to drive off an approaching animal, etc.); (suf,adj-i) (3) (after a noun, the -nai stem of a verb, or repetitive syllables) -ish; -like; -looking; (female given name) Shii


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 shii / shi
(female given name) Shii


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 shii / shi
(noun/participle) surroundings; circumference


see styles
sì yí
    si4 yi2
ssu i
 shii / shi
(derogatory term) (See 東夷・あずまえびす・2,西戎・せいじゅう) Four Barbarians; derogative name for various ancient non-Chinese peoples bordering ancient China; (surname) Shii
(四夷戒 or 四夷罪) v. 四波羅夷.



see styles
sì wéi
    si4 wei2
ssu wei
four contradictions


see styles
 shii / shi
(surname) Shii


see styles
 shii / shi
(rare) (See 尸位素餐) neglecting the duties of an office while taking pay


see styles
 shii / shi
(place-name, surname) Shii


see styles
 shii / shi
(surname) Shii


see styles
 shii / shi
(surname) Shii

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
shí yè / shi2 ye4 / shi ye / shiyeshih yeh / shihyeh
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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