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Smooth Sailing

jun puu man pan
Smooth Sailing Scroll

順風満帆 means "smooth sailing" in Japanese.

The Kanji literally mean, "Favorable wind, full sail".

This title can also suggest having great ambitions.

Smooth Sailing

yī fán fēng shùn
Smooth Sailing Scroll

一帆風順 is just what you think it means. It suggests that you are on a trouble-free voyage through life, or literally on a sailing ship or sail boat. It is often used in China as a wish for good luck on a voyage or as you set out on a new quest or career in your life. Some may use this in lieu of "bon voyage".

The literal meaning is roughly, "Once you raise your sail, you will get the wind you need, and it will take you where you want to go". Another way to translate it is "Your sail and the wind follow your will".

一帆風順 is a great gift for a mariner, sailor, adventurer, or someone starting a new career.

Note: Can be understood in Korean Hanja but rarely used.

See Also:  Bon Voyage | Adventure | Travel

Seafarer / Sailor

hǎi yuán
kaiin / kain
Seafarer / Sailor Scroll

海員 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for sailor, mariner, seafarer, or seaman.

If you sail the seas and brave the waves, this may be the title for you.

The literal meanings: 海 is "Sea" and 員 is "Person".

Brave the Waves

pò làng
ha rou
Brave the Waves Scroll

破浪 can be translated from Chinese as "braving the waves" or "bravely setting sail".

It literally means: "break/cleave/cut [the] waves".

破浪 is a great title to encourage yourself or someone else not to be afraid of problems or troubles.

Because of the context, this is especially good for sailors or yachtsmen and surfers too.

Note: While this can be understood in Japanese, it's not commonly used in Japan. Therefore, please consider this to be primarily a Chinese proverb.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Smooth Sailing順風満帆jun puu man pan
jun pu man pan
Smooth Sailing一帆風順
yī fán fēng shùn
yi1 fan2 feng1 shun4
yi fan feng shun
i fan feng shun
kaiin / kain
kain / kain
kain / kain
hǎi yuán / hai3 yuan2 / hai yuan / haiyuanhai yüan / haiyüan
Brave the Waves破浪ha rou / harou / ha ro / haropò làng / po4 lang4 / po lang / polangp`o lang / polang / po lang
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
pò làng
    po4 lang4
p`o lang
    po lang
Brave the Waves Scroll
to set sail; to brave the waves

see styles
sail; Taiwan pr. [fan2], except 帆布[fan1 bu4] canvas
sail; (surname) Hosaki
a sail; a sail

see styles
woven mat (of sedge, hay, etc.)

see styles
boat; ship; craft; to navigate; to sail; to fly
(female given name) Wataru

see styles
to harness; to draw (a cart etc); to drive; to pilot; to sail; to ride; your good self; prefixed word denoting respect (polite 敬辭|敬辞[jing4 ci2])
vehicle; horse-drawn carriage; (place-name) Kago
[horse] carriage

see styles
to gallop; speedily; to proceed to; to pilot (ship, plane etc); to sail


see styles
(v5r,vi) (1) to ascend; to go up; to climb; (2) to ascend (as a natural process, e.g. the sun); to rise; (3) to go to (the capital); (4) to be promoted; (5) to add up to; (6) to advance (in price); (7) to swim up (a river); to sail up; (8) to come up (on the agenda); (irregular okurigana usage) (v5r,vi) (1) to rise; to go up; to come up; to ascend; to be raised; (2) to enter (esp. from outdoors); to come in; to go in; (3) to enter (a school); to advance to the next grade; (4) to get out (of water); to come ashore; (5) to increase; (6) to improve; to make progress; (7) to be promoted; to advance; (8) to be made (of profit, etc.); (9) to occur (esp. of a favourable result); (10) to be adequate (to cover expenses, etc.); (11) to be finished; to be done; to be over; (12) (of rain) to stop; to lift; (13) to stop (working properly); to cut out; to give out; to die; (14) to win (in a card game, etc.); (15) to be spoken loudly; (16) to get stage fright; (17) to be offered (to the gods, etc.); (18) (humble language) to go; to visit; (19) (honorific or respectful language) to eat; to drink; (20) to be listed (as a candidate); (21) to serve (in one's master's home); (22) to go north; (suf,v5r) (23) indicates completion


see styles
main sail; (female given name) Kimiho


see styles
(noun/participle) setting sail; departure (from a port); (female given name) Ideho


see styles
chū gǎng
    chu1 gang3
ch`u kang
    chu kang
 shukkou / shukko
to leave harbor; departure (at airport)
(noun/participle) (See 入港) departure from a port; leaving port; setting sail


see styles
chū háng
    chu1 hang2
ch`u hang
    chu hang
 shukkou / shukko
to set out (on a trip)
(noun/participle) departure (of a boat, plane); setting sail; leaving port; putting out to sea; takeoff


see styles
 defune; debune; shussen
    でふね; でぶね; しゅっせん
(noun/participle) (1) departure of a ship (from a port); setting sail; (2) (でふね, でぶね only) (also いでぶね) (See 入り船) outgoing ship; ship leaving port; (surname) Defune



see styles
qǐ háng
    qi3 hang2
ch`i hang
    chi hang
(of a ship) to set sail; (of an aeroplane) to take off; also written 起航[qi3 hang2]


see styles
zhǎn fān
    zhan3 fan1
chan fan
to unfurl (a sail)


see styles
sight of a sail (in the distance); (surname, female given name) Hokage


see styles
(sail) yard; boom


see styles
rope that ties the lower end of the sail to the hull (on a Japanese-style ship)


see styles
rope that ties the lower end of the sail to the hull (on a Japanese-style ship); (surname) Hoharu


see styles
(noun/participle) returning sailboat; setting sail for home port; (place-name) Kihan


see styles
 batsubyou / batsubyo
(noun/participle) weighing anchor; setting sail



see styles
yáng fān
    yang2 fan1
yang fan
to set sail
(female given name) Akiho


see styles
(v5r,vi) (1) to ascend; to go up; to climb; (2) to ascend (as a natural process, e.g. the sun); to rise; (3) to go to (the capital); (4) to be promoted; (5) to add up to; (6) to advance (in price); (7) to swim up (a river); to sail up; (8) to come up (on the agenda)


see styles
 ouhan / ohan
square sail



see styles
mǎn fān
    man3 fan1
man fan
under full sail; going as fast as possible


see styles
close-haul; reach; reefed sail; (female given name) Kataho


see styles
(v5r,vi) (1) to ascend; to go up; to climb; (2) to ascend (as a natural process, e.g. the sun); to rise; (3) to go to (the capital); (4) to be promoted; (5) to add up to; (6) to advance (in price); (7) to swim up (a river); to sail up; (8) to come up (on the agenda)


see styles
white sail; (f,p) Shiraho


see styles
(1) (kana only) thread-sail filefish (Stephanolepis cirrhifer); (2) skinning (an animal); stripping (a tree of its bark); barking; skinner; barker


see styles
spread-out sail; full sail; (sailing) downwind; (female given name) Miho


see styles
 juuhan / juhan
fore-and-aft sail

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