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ragubii / ragubi
Rugby Scroll

ラグビー is the Japanese Katakana word for Rugby.

ラグビー is usually the sport of Rugby but is sometimes used for the place name Rugby or Wragby Britain.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

lā gé bǐ
Rugby Scroll

拉格比 is the Chinese word for Rugby.

This title usually refers to the game or sport of Rugby. But can also refer to the place name or school in England of the same name.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Rugbyラグビーragubii / ragubi
ragubi / ragubi
ragubi / ragubi
Rugby拉格比lā gé bǐ
la1 ge2 bi3
la ge bi
la ko pi

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
 shuukyuu / shukyu / しゅうきゅう
Rugby Scroll
football (incl. soccer, rugby, American football, etc.; esp. used for soccer)


see styles
lā gé bǐ / la1 ge2 bi3
la ko pi
Rugby Scroll
Rugby (game); Rugby school in England


see styles
 ragubii / ragubi / ラグビー
Rugby Scroll
rugby; (place-name) Rugby (Britain); Wragby (Britain)


see styles
 futtobooru / フットボール
Rugby Scroll
(See サッカーボール) football (incl. soccer, rugby, American football, etc.; esp. used for soccer)


see styles
 senshuu / senshu / せんしゅう {sports} kick-off (esp. rugby)


see styles
 jijin / じじん one's own ground; one's own position; one's own area of the field (soccer, rugby, etc.)


see styles
 toukyuu / tokyu / とうきゅう (obscure) (See ラグビー) rugby


see styles
 diikee / dikee / ディーケー (1) (abbreviation) (short for dining room, kitchen) (See ダイニングキッチン) eat-in-kitchen; combination kitchen-dining room; (2) (abbreviation) {sports} (See ドロップキック) dropkick (rugby)


see styles
 torai / トライ (noun/participle) (1) try; attempt; (2) {sports} try (rugby)


see styles
 panto / パント (abbreviation) punt kick (rugby); (personal name) Pant


see styles
 picchi / ピッチ (1) pace; rate; speed; (2) pitch (i.e. angle, space, field, sound, etc.); (3) pitch (from distilling petroleum, tar, etc.); (4) pitch (football, rugby); playing field; (5) (colloquialism) (abbreviation) (See PHS) PHS portable phone; (personal name) Pic


see styles
 mooru / モール (1) mall; (2) maul (in rugby); (3) mole; (4) (See ムーア人) Moor (fre: maure); (5) (abbreviation) (colloquialism) (See モールディング) molding; (place-name) Maule (France); Mor (Hungary); Mohl; Moule


see styles
 ragaa / raga / ラガー (See ラグビー) rugger; rugby; rugby player; (personal name) Lagger


see styles
 rakku / ラック (1) rack; (2) {sports} ruck (rugby); (3) lac; (4) luck; (place-name) Lacq (France); Lach; Lack; Luck; Ruck


see styles
sēn xǐ lǎng / sen1 xi3 lang3
sen hsi lang
 moriyoshirou / moriyoshiro / もりよしろう
MORI Yoshirō (1937-), Japanese rugby player and politician, prime minister 2000-2001, famous for numerous gaffes
(person) Mori Yoshirou (1937.7.14-)



see styles
gǎn lǎn qiú / gan3 lan3 qiu2
kan lan ch`iu / kan lan chiu
football played with oval-shaped ball (rugby, American football, Australian rules etc)


see styles
 kikkaa / kikka / キッカー kicker (soccer, football, rugby, etc.)


see styles
 supaiku / スパイク (1) spike (on a shoe or tyre); stud; cleat; (2) (abbreviation) (See スパイクシューズ) spiked shoes; spikes; cleats; boots (soccer, rugby, etc.); (noun/participle) (3) {sports} injuring (an opposing player) with the spikes on one's shoes; spiking; (noun/participle) (4) {sports} spike (volleyball); (personal name) Spike


see styles
 sebunzu / セブンズ {sports} (See 7人制ラグビー・しちにんせいラグビー) (rugby) sevens


see styles
 takkuru / タックル (noun/participle) (1) tackle (e.g. rugby); (2) (See 釣り具) fishing tackle


see styles
 chaaji / chaji / チャージ (noun/participle) (1) charge (electrical); recharging; (2) charge (fee); (noun/participle) (3) topping up (a contactless smart card); recharging; (noun/participle) (4) refuelling; (noun/participle) (5) {sports} charge; rush; attack; (noun/participle) (6) {sports} charge down (rugby)


see styles
 fukkaa / fukka / フッカー (1) {sports} hooker (rugby); (2) hookah; (surname) Hooker


see styles
 rashikishuukyuu / rashikishukyu / ラしきしゅうきゅう (obscure) (See ラグビー) rugby


see styles
 ingooru / インゴール in-goal area (rugby)


see styles
 noosaido / ノーサイド (sports) no side (rugby); end of game


see styles
 fukkingu / フッキング (1) {sports} hooking (rugby, ice hockey); (noun/participle) (2) hook flash (on a telephone); flash; recall


see styles
 furankaa / furanka / フランカー flanker (in rugby); (personal name) Frumker


see styles
 ragubiibu / ragubibu / ラグビーぶ rugby club



see styles
yīng shì gǎn lǎn qiú / ying1 shi4 gan3 lan3 qiu2
ying shih kan lan ch`iu / ying shih kan lan chiu


see styles
 in gooru / イン・ゴール in-goal area (rugby)

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