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 fǎn xǐng
 hansei / hanse
Reflect Scroll

反省 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja means several things, including reflecting upon oneself, examining one's conscience, questioning oneself, searching one's soul, reflection, reconsideration, introspection, meditation, contemplation, regret, repentance, remorse.

Wake Up to Reality

 xǐng wù
 shō go
Wake Up to Reality Scroll

省悟 is a Chinese word that means “to wake up to reality,” “to come to oneself,” “to realize,” “to see the truth,” or “to reflect and become aware.”

省悟 is often used in the context of Buddhism.

In Japanese, this has the same meaning but is more often used as a given name, Seigo.

Introspection / Self-Awareness

 zì xǐng
Introspection / Self-Awareness Scroll

自省 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja means: to examine oneself; to reflect on one's shortcomings; introspection; self-awareness; self-criticism; self-examination; reflection.

In Japanese, this can be the given name, Jisei.

Mindfulness Scroll

念 is the simplest way to write “mindfulness” in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

念 can be defined these ways: To read; to study (a degree course); to read aloud; to miss somebody (keeping them in your mind); idea; remembrance; sense; thought; feeling; desire; concern; attention; recollection; memory; to think on/about; reflect; repeat, intone; a moment.

Obviously, the context in which the character is used determines which definition or meaning is perceived. As a single character, it's open and perhaps ambiguous. Thus, it can be read with any or all of these meanings.

念 is used in a Buddhist context (often written as 正念 or “right mindfulness”) with similar meanings of thought and contemplation.

In Japanese, this character is sometimes used as the name “Nen.”

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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

More info & calligraphy:

to read; to study (a subject); to attend (a school); to read aloud; to give (sb) a tongue-lashing (CL:頓|顿[dun4]); to miss (sb); idea; remembrance; twenty (banker's anti-fraud numeral corresponding to 廿[nian4])
(1) (esp. 〜の念) sense; idea; thought; feeling; (2) desire; concern; (3) (esp. 念に〜、念の/が〜) attention; care; (personal name) Nen
smṛti. Recollection, memory; to think on, reflect; repeat, intone; a thought; a moment.


see styles
fǎn xǐng
    fan3 xing3
fan hsing
 hansei / hanse

More info & calligraphy:

to reflect upon oneself; to examine one's conscience; to question oneself; to search one's soul
(noun, transitive verb) (1) reflection; reconsideration; introspection; meditation; contemplation; (noun, transitive verb) (2) regret; repentance; remorse; being sorry


see styles
xǐng wù
    xing3 wu4
hsing wu
 seigo / sego

More info & calligraphy:

Wake Up to Reality
to wake up to reality; to come to oneself; to realize; to see the truth
(given name) Seigo
to reflect and become aware


see styles
zì xǐng
    zi4 xing3
tzu hsing
 jisei / jise

More info & calligraphy:

Introspection / Self-Awareness
to examine oneself; to reflect on one's shortcomings; introspection; self-awareness; self-criticism
(noun, transitive verb) self-examination; reflection; (given name) Jisei

see styles
to scold; to beat
(1) archaic period of time (usu. a period of approx. two hours corresponding to one of the signs of the Chinese zodiac); (2) victory; (3) strictness; cruelty; (personal name) Katsuyuki
to reflect back on

see styles
ginseng; one of the 28 constellations
Reflect on, counsel, visit superior. An assembly a gathering for the purpose of meditation, preaching, worship. Read shen, the twenty-first constellation, α, β, γ, δ, ε, ζ, η, and k in Orion.; Worship on the four fives, i. e. the fifth, tenth, twentieth, and twenty-fifth days of the month; also ||上堂.

see styles
-ism; only
(pronoun) (1) (kana only) this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic); (2) (humble language) this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group); (3) now; (4) (archaism) here; (5) (archaism) I (me); (6) (archaism) certainly; (female given name) Yui
To reflect on; but, only; verbal particle; of. 唯.

see styles
to think (about); to think of; to devise; to think (that); to believe (that); to desire; to want (to); to miss (feel wistful about the absence of)
(1) conception; idea; thought; (2) {Buddh} (See 五蘊) samjna (perception); (given name) Nozomu
To think, meditate, reflect, expect; a function of mind.

see styles

to recollect; to remember; memory
(female given name) Omoi
To recall, reflect on.

see styles
to reflect (light); to shine; to project (an image onto a screen etc)
(female given name) Hayuru

see styles
according to; in accordance with; to shine; to illuminate; to reflect; to look at (one's reflection); to take (a photo); photo; as requested; as before
(given name) Hikaru
To shine, illumine; to superintend; a dispatch, pass; as, according to.

see styles
(bound form) to scrutinize; (bound form) to reflect (on one's conduct); (bound form) to come to realize; (bound form) to pay a visit (to one's parents or elders)
(n,n-suf) (1) ministry; department; (n,n-suf) (2) province (of China); (prefix noun) (3) (See 省スペース) saving; conserving; (female given name) Mitsumu
Look into minutely, inspect, examine; arouse; spare, save; an inspectorate, hence a province.

see styles
bronze mirror (used in ancient times); to reflect; to mirror; something that serves as a warning or a lesson; to examine; to scrutinize
model; pattern; (female given name) Miru
A mirror 明鑑; to note, survey, 鑑察.


see styles
dào yìng
    dao4 ying4
tao ying
to reflect (producing an inverted image)



see styles
nèi xǐng
    nei4 xing3
nei hsing
to reflect upon oneself; introspection



see styles
kè shì
    ke4 shi4
k`o shih
    ko shih
to reflect back on


see styles
fǎn guāng
    fan3 guang1
fan kuang
to reflect light


see styles
fǎn shè
    fan3 she4
fan she
to reflect; reflection (from a mirror etc); reflex (i.e. automatic reaction of organism)
(n,vs,vt,vi) (1) {physics} reflection; reverberation; (2) {physiol} reflex; reflexes



see styles
fǎn fù
    fan3 fu4
fan fu
variant of 反覆|反复[fan3 fu4]
(noun/participle) repetition; iteration; recursion; recurrence; recapitulation
to reflect


see styles
fǎn yìng
    fan3 ying4
fan ying
 hanei / hane
to mirror; to reflect; mirror image; reflection; (fig.) to report; to make known; to render
(noun/participle) (1) reflection (light, image, situation, attitude, etc.); reflecting; (2) influence; application (e.g. of an update)


see styles
huí wàng
    hui2 wang4
hui wang
to return sb's gaze; to meet sb's eyes; to look back (to one's rear); (fig.) to look back at (the past); to reflect on



see styles
xīn jìng
    xin1 jing4
hsin ching
 kokoro no kagami
The heart-mirror, or mirror of the mind, which must be kept clean if it is to reflect the Truth.


see styles
sī wéi
    si1 wei2
ssu wei
variant of 思維|思维[si1 wei2]
(n,vs,vt,vi) (1) (esp. しい) thought; thinking; contemplation; consideration; (n,vs,vt,vi) (2) {Buddh} (esp. しゆい) using wisdom to get to the bottom of things; focusing one's mind; deep contemplation; concentrated thought; deliberating; pondering; reflecting; (female given name) Shiyui
To consider or reflect on an object with discrimination; thought, reflection.


see styles
sī kǎo
    si1 kao3
ssu k`ao
    ssu kao
 shikou / shiko
to reflect on; to ponder over
(n,vs,vt,vi,adj-no) thought; consideration; thinking



see styles
sī guò
    si1 guo4
ssu kuo
to reflect on one's past errors


see styles
(Ichidan verb) to reflect carefully


see styles
wéi shěng
    wei2 sheng3
wei sheng
to reflect upon oneself


see styles
xiǎng niàn
    xiang3 nian4
hsiang nien
 sounen / sonen
to miss; to remember with longing; to long to see again
thought; idea; conception
To think and reflect.


see styles
zhé shè
    zhe2 she4
che she
to refract; refraction; to reflect (in the figurative sense: to show the nature of)


see styles
(transitive verb) to project; to reflect; to cast (shadow)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Reflect反省hansei / hansefǎn xǐng / fan3 xing3 / fan xing / fanxingfan hsing / fanhsing
Wake Up to Reality省悟shō go / shōgoxǐng wù / xing3 wu4 / xing wu / xingwuhsing wu / hsingwu
自省jiseizì xǐng / zi4 xing3 / zi xing / zixingtzu hsing / tzuhsing
Mindfulnessnenniàn / nian4 / niannien

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