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 tōng líng rén
Psychic Scroll

通靈人 is a Chinese title that refers to a person with psychic abilities, psychic powers, or ESP.

Psychic Power

Psychic Power Scroll

霊能力 is a word that means psychic power or spiritual ability in Japanese.

You may recognize the first character, 霊 (rei), is the same as the first Kanji in the word reiki. It means spirit or spiritual, but in this context can also mean psychic.
能力 can mean ability, capacity, or power.

Psychic Energy

 tōng líng
Psychic Energy Scroll

通靈 is used to speak of something with supernatural essence, psychic power, or magical power in Chinese.

Supernatural Energy

 chāo néng lì
Supernatural Energy Scroll

超能力 is a word that is used in both Japanese and Chinese to refer to the ability to comprehend supernatural power.

Some may translate this as psychic ability, psychic power, ESP, or PSI.

Dojo / Martial Arts Studio

 dào cháng
 dou jou
Dojo / Martial Arts Studio Scroll

道場 is the Japanese term for a room or hall in which martial arts are taught.

道場 is often spelled “dojo” which has become a word in the English lexicon. However, the true Romaji is doujou or dōjō.

Please note: The Chinese definition of these characters is quite different. In Chinese, this is a place where Buddhist or Taoist mass is held. It could also be a place where spiritual or psychic events are performed.

 tǎ luó
Tarot Scroll

塔羅 is the title for the practice of using tarot cards in Chinese.

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Supernatural Energy

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your psychic search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

More info & calligraphy:

Spirit / Spiritual Essence
deity; soul; spirit; unusual; mysterious; lively; expressive; expression; look; CL:個|个[ge4]; (slang) awesome; amazing
(1) spirit; psyche; (2) (See 神・かみ・1) god; deity; divinity; kami; (female given name) Miwa
Inscrutable spiritual powers, or power; a spirit; a deva, god, or divinity; the human spirit; divine, spiritual, supernatural.



see styles
tōng líng
    tong1 ling2
t`ung ling
    tung ling

More info & calligraphy:

Psychic Energy
to communicate with the spirits; psychic; (ears) sensitive; (information) accurate


see styles
chāo néng lì
    chao1 neng2 li4
ch`ao neng li
    chao neng li
 chounouryoku / chonoryoku

More info & calligraphy:

Supernatural Energy
superpower; superhuman power
(1) extra-sensory perception; ESP; psi; psychic ability; (2) psychokinesis; PK


see styles
 reinouryoku / renoryoku

More info & calligraphy:

Psychic Power
psychic power


see styles
xīn shén
    xin1 shen2
hsin shen
mind; state of mind; attention; (Chinese medicine) psychic constitution
The spirit of the mind, mental intelligence: mind.


see styles
 nensha; nenzu
    ねんしゃ; ねんず
spirit photography; psychic photography; thoughtography


see styles
rú yì zú
    ru2 yi4 zu2
ju i tsu
 nyoi soku
ṛddhipāda, magical psychic power of ubiquity, idem 神足.


see styles
 shinreigaku / shinregaku
study of psychic phenomena; psychics


see styles
 shinreijutsu / shinrejutsu
spiritualism; spiritualistic ability; ability to cause psychic phenomena


see styles
 seishinha / seshinha
psychic waves


see styles
 choujouteki / chojoteki
(adjectival noun) supernatural (e.g. psychic phenomena and such); paranormal


see styles
 reinousha / renosha
psychic; medium


see styles
wēi miào shén lì
    wei1 miao4 shen2 li4
wei miao shen li
 mimyō jinriki
marvelous psychic powers


see styles
 shintekigaishou / shintekigaisho
psychic trauma; psychological trauma


see styles
 shinreishujutsu / shinreshujutsu
psychic surgery


see styles
 shinreigenshou / shinregensho
(yoji) psychic phenomenon



see styles
shén tōng biàn huà
    shen2 tong1 bian4 hua4
shen t`ung pien hua
    shen tung pien hua
 jinzū henge
manifestations of psychic power



see styles
shén tōng biàn xiàn
    shen2 tong1 bian4 xian4
shen t`ung pien hsien
    shen tung pien hsien
 jinzū hengen
manifestations of psychic power



see styles
dá mó tuó dū
    da2 mo2 tuo2 du1
ta mo t`o tu
    ta mo to tu
dharmadhātu, tr. 法界 'the element of law or of existence' (M.W.); all psychic and non-psychic processes (64 dharmas), with the exception of rūpa-skandha and mano-ayatana (11), grouped as one dharma element; the storehouse or matrix of phenomena, all-embracing totality of things; in the Tantric school, Vairocana divided into Garbhadhātu (material) and Vajradhātu (indestructible); a relic of the Buddha.


see styles
 reinouryokusha / renoryokusha
psychic; psychic medium


see styles


see styles
 saikikkaa / saikikka
(See 超能力者) person with supernatural power (wasei: psychic-er); person capable of extrasensory perception

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
tōng líng rén
tong1 ling2 ren2
tong ling ren
t`ung ling jen
tung ling jen
Psychic Power霊能力reinouryoku
Psychic Energy通靈
tōng líng
tong1 ling2
tong ling
t`ung ling
tung ling
Supernatural Energy超能力chounouryoku
chāo néng lì
chao1 neng2 li4
chao neng li
ch`ao neng li
chao neng li
Martial Arts Studio
dou jou / doujou / do jodào cháng
dao4 chang2
dao chang
tao ch`ang
tao chang
tǎ luó / ta3 luo2 / ta luo / taluot`a lo / talo / ta lo
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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