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王 is wang which means king. It is not pronounced the way you think in Chinese. It is more like English-speakers would want to pronounce wong. It has roughly the same vowel sound as tong, song, or long in English.

Note that this means king only, not emperor. An emperor is higher than a king, and theoretically is chosen by God, according to ancient Chinese culture. However, the definition is often blurred at various points in Asian history.

王 can also be defined as ruler, sovereign, monarch or magnate. It is also can refer to a game piece in the chess-like Japanese strategic game of shoji.

Note: This can also be a family name in Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese (in Vietnamese it's Vương).

See Also:  Queen

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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King Scroll
monarch; lord; gentleman; ruler
(suffix) Mr (junior); master; boy; (personal name) Kunji
Prince, noble, ideal man or woman; translit. kun.

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 ou / o
King Scroll
to rule; to reign over
(n,n-suf) (1) king; ruler; sovereign; monarch; (n,n-suf) (2) tycoon; magnate; champion; master; (n,n-suf) (3) (abbreviation) {shogi} (See 王将・おうしょう) king (of the senior player); (surname) Wan
rāja, king, prince, royal; to rule.

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empress; queen; (archaic) monarch; ruler
(out-dated kanji) (suffix) after; (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) empress; queen; (female given name) Kisaki



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lěng gōng
    leng3 gong1
leng kung
(in literature and opera) a place to which a monarch banishes a wife or concubine who falls from favor; (fig.) the doghouse; a state of disfavor


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 meikun / mekun
wise ruler; enlightened monarch; benevolent lord


see styles
jun zhǔ
    jun1 zhu3
chün chu
monarch; sovereign
ruler; monarch; sovereign


see styles
proximity of a monarch or lord


see styles
(1) monarchy; (2) monarch and nation; (surname) Kimikuni


see styles
monarch and subjects


see styles
sì dé
    si4 de2
ssu te
four Confucian injunctions 孝悌忠信 (for men), namely: piety 孝 to one's parents, respect 悌 to one's older brother, loyalty 忠 to one's monarch, faith 信 to one's male friends; the four Confucian virtues for women of morality 德[de2], physical charm 容, propriety in speech 言 and efficiency in needlework 功
The four nirvana virtues, or values, according to the Mahāyāna Nirvana Sutra: (1) 常德 permanence or eternity; (2) 樂德 joy; (3) 我德 personality or the soul; (4) 淨德 purity. These four important terms, while denied in the lower realms, are affirmed by the sutra in the transcendental, or nirvana-realm; four virtues


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(form) ruler of a country; sovereign; monarch


see styles
 kokuou / kokuo
(1) king; queen; monarch; sovereign; (2) {law} the Crown (as a focus of authority in the UK, etc.); the throne



see styles
guó jun
    guo2 jun1
kuo chün


see styles
zài wèi
    zai4 wei4
tsai wei
 zaii / zai
on the throne; reigning (monarch)
(n,vs,vi) reign; being on the throne


see styles
tiān xīn
    tian1 xin1
t`ien hsin
    tien hsin
center of the sky; will of heaven; will of the Gods; the monarch's will
(1) zenith; (2) divine will; providence; (given name) Tenshin
mind of heaven


see styles
fēng yì
    feng1 yi4
feng i
grant of territory by an emperor or monarch (old)


see styles
dì wáng
    di4 wang2
ti wang
 teiou / teo
regent; monarch
sovereign; emperor; monarch
a major king


see styles
wise ruler; enlightened monarch; benevolent lord; (personal name) Akikimi


see styles
special consideration (esp. of a monarch, emperor, etc.); special favour


see styles
 ouja(p); ousha / oja(p); osha
    おうじゃ(P); おうしゃ
(1) king; monarch; ruler; (2) champion



see styles
shèng wáng
    sheng4 wang2
sheng wang
 seiou / seo
sage ruler
(archaism) virtuous ruler; worthy monarch



see styles
guī fù
    gui1 fu4
kuei fu
to restore (deposed monarch, rule, system of laws, ecological system etc); restoration


see styles
 shinei / shine
monarch's guards; (given name) Chikae


see styles
(v5g,vt,vi) (1) to support (someone) financially; to finance; to supply (money); to give (in support); (transitive verb) (2) to present (money or gifts) to a monarch (feudal lord, etc.)


see styles
jìn chén
    jin4 chen2
chin ch`en
    chin chen
member of a monarch's inner ministerial circle (old)
vassal; attendant


see styles
 ookabamadara; ookabamadara
    おおかばまだら; オオカバマダラ
monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus)


see styles
dà gāo wáng
    da4 gao1 wang2
ta kao wang
 Daikō Ō
Abhyudgata-rāja. Great august monarch, name of the kalpa in which Śubha-vyūha 妙莊嚴王, who is not known in the older literature, is to be reborn as a Buddha.


see styles
 teiougaku / teogaku
education for governing as a monarch; kingcraft



see styles
jù zhī guàn dǐng
    ju4 zhi1 guan4 ding3
chü chih kuan ting
 gushi kanjō
One of the three abhiṣeka or baptisms of the 大日經. A ceremonial sprinkling of the head of a monarch at his investiture with water from the seas and rivers (in his domain). It is a mode also employed in the investiture of certain high officials of Buddhism; ceremonial sprinkling of the head of a monarch at his investiture with water from the seas and rivers (in his domain)


see styles
xiào tì zhōng xìn
    xiao4 ti4 zhong1 xin4
hsiao t`i chung hsin
    hsiao ti chung hsin
Confucian moral injunctions of fidelity; piety to one's parents, respect to one's older brother, loyalty to one's monarch, faith to one's male friends

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