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Midnight in Chinese / Japanese...

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wǔ yè
Midnight Scroll

午夜 is the best way to write midnight in Chinese for the purposes of calligraphy artwork.


Midnight Scroll

真夜中 is the Japanese title for midnight or "the dead of night".

This can also be a Japanese female given name pronounced Sayana.

Tranquil Midnight

yè shēn rén jìng
Tranquil Midnight Scroll

This literally means, "Night Deep/Dark People Quiet/Tranquil".

In more natural English, some translate this as "late night, all is quiet", "tranquil midnight", or "in the dead of night" (implying the dead quiet of midnight).

Tranquil Midnight

yōu jìng de wǔ yè
Tranquil Midnight Scroll

幽靜的午夜 is a way to express the emotions that you might feel at midnight.

Beyond peaceful, quiet or tranquil, there is an idea of being remote or lonesome, buried in the meaning of the first two characters.

Tranquil Night

Tranquil Night Scroll

静夜 is a Japanese word meaning, "quiet night" or "tranquil night". It implies late night, such as midnight.

静夜 is also a female given name in Japanese, Seiya.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Midnight午夜wǔ yè / wu3 ye4 / wu ye / wuyewu yeh / wuyeh
Tranquil Midnight夜深人靜
yè shēn rén jìng
ye4 shen1 ren2 jing4
ye shen ren jing
yeh shen jen ching
Tranquil Midnight幽靜的午夜
yōu jìng de wǔ yè
you1 jing4 de wu3 ye4
you jing de wu ye
yu ching te wu yeh
Tranquil Night静夜seiya
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
wǔ yè / wu3 ye4
wu yeh
Tranquil Night Scroll


see styles
 mayonaka / まよなか
Tranquil Night Scroll
(n-adv,n-t) dead of night; midnight; (female given name) Sayana

see styles
zi / zi5
 ne / ね
(noun suffix)
first sign of the Chinese zodiac (The Rat, 11pm-1am, north, November); (personal name) Nene
kumāra; son; seed; sir; 11-1 midnight; child

see styles
/ qi1
ch`i / chi
 go / ご
a period of time; phase; stage; classifier for issues of a periodical, courses of study; time; term; period; to hope; Taiwan pr. [qi2]
(1) time; moment; limit; (2) time of death; last moment; (3) (archaism) midnight in red-light districts during the Edo period; (surname) Ki
A set time; a limit of time; times, seasons; to expect; a set time


see styles
sān gēng / san1 geng1
san keng
 sankou / sanko / さんこう
third of the five night watch periods 23:00-01:00 (old); midnight; also pr. [san1 jin1]
third watch of the night (approx. 11 pm to 1 am); (place-name) Mifuke


see styles
zhōng yè / zhong1 ye4
chung yeh
 chuuya / chuya / ちゅうや
(1) {Buddh} (See 六時) midnight period; midnight service; (2) (archaism) winter solstice; (surname) Nakaya


see styles
 kabutouo / kabutoo / かぶとうお (1) (kana only) large-headed midnight fish (Poromitra crassiceps); (2) armored fish; armoured fish



see styles
liù shí / liu4 shi2
liu shih
 rokuji / ろくじ
(1) six o'clock; (2) (Buddhist term) six periods of a day (morning, midday, afternoon, evening, midnight, late night)
The six 'hours' or periods in a day, three for night and three for day, i. e. morning noon, evening; night, midnight, and dawn. Also, the six divisions of the year, two each of spring, summer, and winter.


see styles
 kabutouo / kabutoo / かぶとうお (1) (kana only) large-headed midnight fish (Poromitra crassiceps); (2) armored fish; armoured fish


see styles
bàn yè / ban4 ye4
pan yeh
 hanya / はんや
midnight; in the middle of the night
(n-adv,n-t) midnight


see styles
 hanshou / hansho / はんしょう midnight


see styles
sì shàng / si4 shang4
ssu shang
The four times a day of going up to worship— daybreak, noon, evening, and midnight; four times of worship


see styles
yè bàn / ye4 ban4
yeh pan
 yahan;yowa / やはん;よわ
(n-adv,n-t) midnight; dead of night; (given name) Yahan


see styles
yè xiāo / ye4 xiao1
yeh hsiao
 yayoi / やよい
midnight snack
(female given name) Yayoi


see styles
 yashoku / やしょく supper; night meal; late-night snack; "fourth meal"; midnight snack


see styles
zǐ yè / zi3 ye4
tzu yeh


see styles
xiāo yè / xiao1 ye4
hsiao yeh
midnight snack; late-night snack



see styles
hòu yè / hou4 ye4
hou yeh
 goya / ごや
(1) period from midnight until the early morning; (2) (See 寅の刻) around 4 in the morning
The third division of the night; latter part of the evening


see styles
zhèng zǐ / zheng4 zi3
cheng tzu
 shoushi / shoshi / しょうし
positron; also called 正電子|正电子[zheng4 dian4 zi3]
midnight; (surname) Masago


see styles
 shinkou / shinko / しんこう middle of the night; dead of night; midnight


see styles
bái yè / bai2 ye4
pai yeh
 byakuya;hakuya / びゃくや;はくや
white night
night under the midnight sun; white night (at extreme latitudes); night during which the sun doesn't set; (given name) Byakuya



see styles
zhuǎn zhōng / zhuan3 zhong1
chuan chung
past midnight



see styles
líng shí / ling2 shi2
ling shih
 reiji / reji / れいじ
midnight; zero hour
twelve o'clock; midnight; noon



see styles
líng diǎn / ling2 dian3
ling tien
midnight; to order à la carte; (math.) zero of a function
See: 零点


see styles
 tehen / てへん    teppen / てっぺん (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (1) (kana only) top; summit; apex; peak; (2) (kana only) (obscure) top of one's head; top of a helmet; (top of) scalp; crown; (1) (kana only) top; summit; apex; peak; (2) (kana only) (slang) twelve o'clock (usu. midnight); (3) (kana only) (obscure) top of one's head; top of a helmet; (top of) scalp; crown


see styles
shàng bàn yè / shang4 ban4 ye4
shang pan yeh
first half of the night; time before midnight


see styles
 kokonotsudoki / ここのつどき (archaism) (approx.) 12 o'clock (am or pm); noon; midnight


see styles
qián bàn yè / qian2 ban4 ye4
ch`ien pan yeh / chien pan yeh
first half of the night (from nightfall to midnight)


see styles
 juuniji / juniji / じゅうにじ twelve o'clock; noon; midnight



see styles
shí èr shòu / shi2 er4 shou4
shih erh shou
The twelve animals for the "twelve horary branches" with their names, hours, and the Chinese transliterations of their Sanskrit equivalents; v. 大集經 23 and 56. There are also the thirty-six animals, three for each hour. The twelve are: Serpent 蛇 巳, 9-11 a.m. 迦若; Horse 馬午, 11-1 noon 兜羅; Sheep 羊未, 1―3 p.m. 毘梨支迦; Monkey 猴申, 3-5 p.m. 檀尼毘; Cock 鶏酉, 5-7 p.m. 摩迦羅; Dog 大戌, 7-9 p.m. 鳩槃; Boar 豕亥, 9-11 p.m.彌那; Rat 鼠子, 11-1 midnight 彌沙; Ox 牛丑 1-3 a.m. 毘利沙; Tiger (or Lion) 虎寅, 3―5 a.m. 彌倫那; Hare 兎卯, 5-7 a.m. 羯迦吒迦; Dragon 龍辰, 7-9 a.m 絲阿.

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