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Kusa in Chinese / Japanese...

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Cao / Kusa / Grass

China cǎo
Japan sou / kusa
Cao / Kusa / Grass Vertical Wall Scroll

草 means grass or straw in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Depending on context, this can also mean manuscript, draft (of a document), or rough copy. In the botany context, it can also refer to weeds, herbs, thatch, or plants.

草 is also the first character of caoshu or sōsho, the Chinese and Japanese wild cursive script style of calligraphy.

Sometimes written in variant form 艸.

This can be the surname Sou/Sō, or the given name Kusa in Japanese (there are also other romanizations for this Kanji).

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin cào // cǎo / cao4 // cao3
Taiwan ts`ao / tsao
Japanese sou / so / そう
Cao / Kusa / Grass Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese variant of 肏[cao4]; grass; straw; manuscript; draft (of a document); careless; rough; CL:棵[ke1],撮[zuo3],株[zhu1],根[gen1]
Japanese (1) (abbreviation) draft; rough copy; (2) (See 草書) cursive script; "grass" kanji; (female given name) Hajime; (personal name) Souji; (female given name) Sou; (surname) Shitagaki; (surname) Kusayanagi; (surname) Kusayagi; (surname) Kusanagi; (surname) Kusazaki; (surname) Kusa; (female given name) Kaya
Grass, herbs, plants; rough; female (of animals, birds, etc. ).

see styles
Mandarin chuāng / chuang1
Taiwan ch`uang / chuang
Japanese kusa / くさ    kasa / かさ
Chinese sore; skin ulcer
Japanese eczema; (1) pustule; scab; (2) syphilis; pox
A sore, ulcer; tumor

see styles
Mandarin zhòng // zhǒng / zhong4 // zhong3
Taiwan chung
Japanese tane / たね    shu / しゅ    kusa / くさ
Chinese to plant; to grow; to cultivate; seed; species; kind; type; classifier for types, kinds, sorts
Japanese (1) seed (e.g. of a plant); pip; kind; variety; quality; tone; (2) material (e.g. for an article); matter (e.g. of a story); subject; theme; (news) copy; (3) {food} ingredient; leaven (bread); main ingredient of a sushi; (4) cause; source; (5) trick; secret; magician's trick; inside story; (6) (See 胤) paternal blood; lineage; (7) breed (of a stock); sperm; semen; (n,n-suf) (1) kind; variety; (2) (biological) species; (3) (abbreviation) (See 種概念) (logical) species; (n,n-suf) (1) (oft. ぐさ in compounds) cause; seed; origin; (2) variety; kind; (n,ctr) (3) counter for varieties; (surname) Tanezaki; (surname, female given name) Tane
vīja; bīja. Seed, germ; sort, species; also to sow, plant.

see styles
Mandarin cǎo / cao3
Taiwan ts`ao / tsao
Japanese takakusa / たかくさ    kusa / くさ
Chinese variant of 草[cao3]
Japanese (1) kanji "grass radical" (radical 140); (2) grass crown; (out-dated kanji) (1) grass; weed; herb; thatch; (2) (archaism) ninja; (prefix) (3) not genuine; substandard; (surname) Takakusa; (surname) Kusa


see styles
Japanese kusa / クサ Japanese (place-name) Kusa


see styles
Japanese kuza / くざ    kusa / くさ Japanese (place-name, surname) Kuza; (surname) Kusa


see styles
Japanese kusa / くさ Japanese (surname) Kusa


see styles
Japanese kuusa / kusa / くうさ Japanese (Self Defense Force's Air Force) colonel (defence); lieutenant; major



see styles
Mandarin gǔ zuò / gu3 zuo4
Taiwan ku tso
Japanese kusa
engages in trade


see styles
Mandarin shàng máo chéng / shang4 mao2 cheng2
Taiwan shang mao ch`eng / shang mao cheng
Japanese Jōbō jō
(上茅宮城) Kuśāgrapura, 矩奢揭羅補羅 city of Kuśa-grass palaces, or山城 the mountain city. v. 吉祥茅國.


see styles
Mandarin jí xiáng cǎo / ji2 xiang2 cao3
Taiwan chi hsiang ts`ao / chi hsiang tsao
Japanese kichijousou;kichijousou / kichijoso;kichijoso / きちじょうそう;キチジョウソウ
Japanese (kana only) Reineckea carnea (flowering plant in the Asparagaceae family)
(or 吉祥茅); 矩奢. kuśa, auspicious grass used at religious ceremonials, poa cynosuroides.


see styles
Mandarin gū shī cǎo / gu1 shi1 cao3
Taiwan ku shih ts`ao / ku shih tsao
Japanese koshi sō
矩奢 kuśa grass, grass of good omen for divination; auspicious grass


see styles
Mandarin jū shī nà / ju1 shi1 na4
Taiwan chü shih na
Japanese Kushina
Kuśinagara; 拘尸那竭 or拘尸那揚羅; 拘夷那竭 (or 倶夷那竭); 倶尸那; 究施 a city identified by Professor Vogel with Kasiah, 180 miles north-west of Patna, 'capital city of the Mallas' (M. W.); the place where Śākyamuni died; 'so called after the sacred Kuśa grass.' Eitel. Not the same as Kuśāgārapura, v. 矩.


see styles
Japanese kusa / くさ Japanese (1) grass; weed; herb; thatch; (2) (archaism) ninja; (prefix) (3) not genuine; substandard; (expression) (4) (slang) laughter; LOL

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Cao / Kusa / Grass Vertical Wall Scroll
Cao / Kusa / Grass Vertical Wall Scroll
Cao / Kusa / Grass Vertical Wall Scroll

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Cao / Kusa / Grass Vertical Portrait

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
sou / kusa / so / kusa / so/kusacǎo / cao3 / caots`ao / tsao

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