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Hemp in Chinese / Japanese...

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Marijuana / Weed / Pot

China dà má
Japan tai ma
Marijuana / Weed / Pot Vertical Wall Scroll

大麻 is how to write marijuana, weed, pot, grass, cannabis or hemp in Chinese and Japanese Kanji. I never thought to add this but these terms were searched for more than 5000 times on our website.

I have not checked to see if our calligraphers might have any problem with writing this. In case you didn't know, using, selling, distributing pot in China is punishable by death. However, you can buy nice Lebanese hash at the hotel just down the way from the Lebanese Embassy in Beijing (I'm pretty sure it's brought in the country via diplomatic pouch).

This means "Cannabis Sativa" in Korean but they add a third Hanja character to specifically mean the marijuana species that you know and love.


China má què
Japan maa jan
Sparrow Vertical Wall Scroll

麻雀 is the common and specific name for a hemp sparrow bird in Chinese.

This was also the original name for the game known commonly as Mahjong. You will still see boxes of Mahjong tiles with the title 麻雀 for sparrow instead of the modern 麻將 in Southern China. This title is also used for Mahjong in Japan.


Single character for brown color
Japan katsu
Brown Vertical Wall Scroll

褐 is the most simple way to express brown in Chinese. It also means brown in Japanese but this character is not often written alone in Japanese (they would tend to write 褐色 (brown color) to refer to brown, or the color of tanned skin.

In some context, this can refer to gray or a dark color, or coarse hemp cloth.

In Buddhist context, it can refer to a coarse serge (cheaply sewn clothing) hence poverty.

Note: In Taiwanese Mandarin, this is spoken with the 2nd or rising tone instead of the 4th or falling tone used in the mainland.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin/ he4
Taiwan ho
Japanese katsu
Brown Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese brown; gray or dark color; coarse hemp cloth; Taiwan pr. [he2]
Coarse serge, hence poverty.


see styles
Japanese taima(p);ooasa / たいま(P);おおあさ
Brown Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese hemp (Cannabis sativa); cannabis; marijuana
Japanese (1) hemp; (2) cannabis; marijuana; pot; hashish; (3) (たいま only) Shinto paper offerings; (place-name, surname) Taima; (female given name) Owasa; (place-name) Oosa; (place-name, surname) Ooasa

see styles
Chinese (old) hemp sandals; Taiwan pr. [jue2]

see styles
Mandarin/ xi3
Taiwan hsi
Chinese male nettle-hemp

see styles
Mandarin zǒng // cōng / zong3 // cong1
Taiwan tsung // ts`ung / tsung // tsung
Chinese torch made from hemp straw (old); chimney (old)

see styles
Mandarin fǎng / fang3
Taiwan fang
Japanese matsuyo / まつよ    houmura / homura / ほうむら    noriyo / のりよ    norimura / のりむら    tsumugu / つむぐ    tsumugi / つむぎ    suemura / すえむら    suetaka / すえたか    suezou / suezo / すえぞう    sueshiro / すえしろ    suezawa / すえざわ    suesawa / すえさわ
Chinese to spin (cotton or hemp etc); fine woven silk fabric
Japanese (personal name) Matsuyo; (personal name) Houmura; (personal name) Noriyo; (personal name) Norimura; (personal name) Tsumugu; (female given name) Tsumugi; (personal name) Suemura; (personal name) Suetaka; (personal name) Suezou; (personal name) Sueshiro; (personal name) Suezawa; (personal name) Suesawa

see styles
Mandarin chī / chi1
Taiwan ch`ih / chih
Chinese fine fibers of hemp; linen

see styles
Japanese moji / もじ Japanese hemp yarn or linen thread woven into a coarse cloth used for mosquito nets, summer clothes, etc.

see styles
Mandarin yùn // yūn / yun4 // yun1
Taiwan yün
Chinese hemp; vague; mysterious; generative force; orange color

see styles
Mandarin cuī / cui1
Taiwan ts`ui / tsui
Chinese mourning garments of coarse hemp

see styles
Mandarin/ ji4
Taiwan chi
Japanese tsumugu / つむぐ    tsuzuki / つずき    seki / せき    isao / いさお
Chinese to spin (hemp etc); merit; accomplishment; Taiwan pr. [ji1]
Japanese (given name) Tsumugu; (given name) Tsuzuki; (surname, given name) Seki; (female given name) Isao

see styles
Mandarin/ lu2
Taiwan lu
Chinese hempen thread; to dress hemp

see styles
Mandarin dào / dao4
Taiwan tao
Japanese tou / to / とう    onigashira / おにがしら
Chinese big banner; feather banner or fan
Japanese decorative black flagpole tassel made from tail hair (of a yak, horse, ox, etc.) or dyed hemp

see styles
Mandarin/ hu2
Taiwan hu
Japanese ko / こ
Chinese non-Han people, esp. from central Asia; reckless; outrageous; what?; why?; to complete a winning hand at mahjong (also written 和[hu2]); surname Hu
Japanese barbarian tribes surrounding ancient China; (surname) Fu; (surname) Go; (surname) Kou; (surname, given name) Ko; (surname) Ebisuzaki; (surname, given name) Ebisu; (surname) U
How? Why? Hun; Turk; random; hemp; long-lived; pepper, etc.; translit. go, hu.

see styles
Mandarin qǐng / qing3
Taiwan ch`ing / ching
Chinese Indian mallow (Abutilon theophrasti); Indian hemp (cannabis)

see styles
Mandarin zhù / zhu4
Taiwan chu
Japanese o / お
Chinese Boehmeria nivea; Chinese grass
Japanese (kana only) ramie (Boehmeria nivea var. nipononivea); (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (1) cannabis (Cannabis sativa); hemp (plant); (2) hemp (fiber); linen; flax; jute; (place-name) O

see styles
Mandarin/ ju1
Taiwan chü
Japanese kaishiki / かいしき
Chinese (hemp); sack cloth; surname Ju
Japanese leaf, branch with leaves, or paper placed under a serving dish or offering

see styles
Mandarin gé // gě / ge2 // ge3
Taiwan ko
Japanese kuzu(p);tsuzura;kuzu / くず(P);つづら;クズ
Chinese kudzu (Pueraria lobata); hemp cloth; surname Ge
Japanese (1) kudzu (Pueraria montana); Japanese arrowroot; (2) (つづら only) (See 葛藤・つづらふじ・1) Chinese moonseed (Sinomenium acutum); (surname, given name) Kuzu; (surname, female given name) Katsura; (surname) Katsu; (female given name) Kazura; (surname) Kaku
The rambling, or creeping bean; arrowroot

see styles
Mandarin zhēng / zheng1
Taiwan cheng
Japanese jou / jo / じょう
Chinese to evaporate; (of cooking) to steam; torch made from hemp stalks or bamboo (old); finely chopped firewood (old)
Japanese (surname) Jou
Twigs; to steam, vapour.

see styles
Mandarin/ ma2
Taiwan ma
Chinese variant of 麻[ma2]; hemp
Japanese See:

see styles
Mandarin fén / fen2
Taiwan fen
Chinese hemp seeds; luxurious; abundant

see styles
Mandarin/ bi4
Taiwan pi
Japanese masaki / まさき    setsu / せつ
Chinese Ficus pumila
Japanese (surname) Masaki; (surname) Setsu
Wild hemp; translit. p, ve, vai; cf. 毘, 吠, 閉, etc.

see styles
Mandarin/ ma2
Taiwan ma
Japanese takama / たかま    o / お    aya / あや    asayuki / あさゆき    asaji / あさじ    asasaki / あささき    asa / あさ
Chinese generic name for hemp, flax etc; hemp or flax fiber for textile materials; sesame; CL:縷|缕[lu:3]; (of materials) rough or coarse; pocked; pitted; to have pins and needles or tingling; to feel numb; surname Ma
Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (1) cannabis (Cannabis sativa); hemp (plant); (2) hemp (fiber); linen; flax; jute; (1) cannabis (Cannabis sativa); hemp (plant); (2) hemp (fiber); linen; flax; jute; (surname) Takama; (place-name) O; (female given name) Aya; (personal name) Asayuki; (personal name) Asaji; (surname) Asasaki; (surname, female given name) Asa
Hemp, flax, linen, translit. ma, cf. 牟, 麽, etc.

see styles
Mandarin zōu / zou1
Taiwan tsou
Chinese hemp stem


see styles
Mandarin sān xìng / san1 xing4
Taiwan san hsing
Japanese sanshō
The three types of character 善, 惡, 無記 good, bad and undefinable, or neutral; v. 唯識論 5. Also, 徧依圓三性 the three aspects of the nature of a thing— partial, as when a rope is mistaken for a snake; only partly reliable, i.e. incomplete inference, as when it is considered as mere hemp; all around, or perfect, when content, form, etc., are all considered.


see styles
Japanese joufu / jofu / じょうふ Japanese high-quality plain-woven hemp cloth; (surname) Uefu


see styles
Japanese kanshitsu / かんしつ Japanese (1) dried lacquer; (2) dry lacquer (technique); kanshitsu; technique for making objects (vessels, sculptures, statues, etc.) from many layers of hemp cloth soaked with lacquer


see styles
Japanese kirinusa / きりぬさ Japanese (archaism) thinly cut hemp or paper mixed with rice (scattered as an offering to the gods)


see styles
Japanese kirinusa / きりぬさ Japanese (archaism) thinly cut hemp or paper mixed with rice (scattered as an offering to the gods)



see styles
Mandarin jiàn má / jian4 ma2
Taiwan chien ma
Chinese sisal hemp

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Brown Vertical Wall Scroll
Brown Vertical Wall Scroll
Brown Vertical Wall Scroll

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Brown Vertical Portrait

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
大麻tai ma / taimadà má / da4 ma2 / da ma / damata ma / tama
Sparrow麻雀maa jan / maajan / ma jan / majanmá què / ma2 que4 / ma que / maquema ch`üeh / machüeh / ma chüeh
Brownkatsuhè / he4 / heho

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Strength Courage
Warrior Spirit

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Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

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A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

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