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(1) (abbreviation) (See 五段動詞・ごだんどうし,五段活用・ごだんかつよう,一段・いちだん・4) godan (verb, verb conjugation); (2) fifth rank (in martial arts, go, etc.)



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hé tán
    he2 tan2
ho t`an
    ho tan
United, or common altar, or altars, as distinguished from 離壇 separate altars; united altar


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 goudan / godan
(noun/participle) tough negotiations


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(surname) Godan


see styles
(personal name) Godin



see styles
suí hù duàn
    sui2 hu4 duan4
sui hu tuan
 zui godan
elimination through being on guard


see styles
 godandoushi / godandoshi
{ling} (See 一段動詞,話す・1) godan verb; type 1 verb; consonant-stem verb; u-verb


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 godankatsuyou / godankatsuyo
{ling} (See 一段活用・いちだんかつよう,五段動詞・ごだんどうし) godan verb conjugation



see styles
wǔ bù hé duàn
    wu3 bu4 he2 duan4
wu pu ho tuan
 gobu gōdan
To cut off the five classes of misleading things, i. e. four 見 and one 修, i. e. false theory in regard to the 四諦 four truths, and erroneous practice. Each of the two classes is extended into each of the three divisions of past, three of present, and three of future, making eighteen mental conditions; to eliminate five classes together


see styles
 shiindoushi / shindoshi
{ling} (See 五段動詞,母音動詞・ぼおんどうし) consonant stem verb; godan verb


see styles
niú tán zhān tán
    niu2 tan2 zhan1 tan2
niu t`an chan t`an
    niu tan chan tan
 godan sendan
ox-head sandalwood


see styles
 guruupuichidoushi / gurupuichidoshi
(See 五段動詞) godan verb

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