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The Name Ghana in Chinese / Japanese...

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jiā nà
Ghana Scroll

加納 is the Chinese name for the country of Ghana.

See Also:  Africa

gaa na
Ghana Scroll

ガーナ is Ghana in Japanese Katakana.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

jiā nà
Kana Scroll

伽那 is a Japanese female given name that romanizes as Kana.

This can also be the Asian names gana or ghana in Buddhist context. The meaning can be close, solid, or thick.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
jiā nà / jia1 na4 / jia na / jianachia na / chiana
Ghanaガーナgaa na / gaana / ga na / gana
Kana伽那kanajiā nà / jia1 na4 / jia na / jianachia na / chiana
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
qien à / qien2 a4
qien a
 kana / かな
Kana Scroll
(female given name) Kana
gana, ghana; close, solid, thick; (Skt. gaṇa)



see styles
jiā nà / jia1 na4
chia na
 kanou / kano / かのう
Kana Scroll
(place-name, surname) Kanou


see styles
 gaana / gana / ガーナ
Kana Scroll
Ghana; (place-name) Ghana


see styles
 oda / オダ (place-name) Oda (Ghana)


see styles
 tema / テマ theme; (place-name) Tema (Ghana)


see styles
 hoo / ホー (interjection) (1) oh; ho; exclamation of surprise, admiration, etc.; (expression) (2) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) hoo (owl call); toot (sound of a flute); (place-name) He; Ho (Ghana)


see styles
wǔ wèi / wu3 wei4
wu wei
 goi / ごい
(1) fifth court rank; (2) (abbreviation) (See 五位鷺) black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax); night heron; (3) {Buddh} five ranks; five stages; (place-name, surname) Goi
The five categories, or divisions; there are several groups, e. g. (1) Hīnayāna and Mahāyāna have groupings of all phenomena under five heads, i. e. Hīnayāna has 75 法 which are 11 色法, 1 心法, 46 心所法, 14 不相離法, and 3 無爲法; Mahāyāna has 100 法 which are 8 心, 51 心所, 11 色, 24 不相因, and 6 無爲法. (2) The five divisions of 唯識 are 資糧位, 加行位, 通達位, 修習位, and 究竟 or 佛位. (3) The five evolutions in the womb are: kalalaṃ, embryo-initiation; arbudaṃ, after 27 days; peśī, 37; ghana, 47; praśākha, 57 days when form and organs are all complete. (4) Certain combinations of the 八卦 Eight Diagrams are sometimes styled 五位君臣 five positions of prince and minister; five ranks


see styles
jiàn nán / jian4 nan2
chien nan
ghana, a mass, also 健男; 鍵南 (or 蹇南 or 羯南) ; it is intp. as a hard, solid lump, the human embryo formed from the fourth to the seventh day.



see styles
jiā nà / jia1 na4
chia na
Ghana (Tw)



see styles
jiàn nán / jian4 nan2
chien nan
ghana, also 伽謌那, solid, compact, firm, viscid, mass; a fetus of forty-seven days.


see styles
 akura / アクラ Accra (Ghana); (place-name) Accra (Ghana)


see styles
 awaso / アワソ (place-name) Awaso (Ghana)


see styles
 kupon / クポン (place-name) Kpong (Ghana)


see styles
 kumashi / クマシ (place-name) Kumasi (Ghana)


see styles
 tamare / タマレ tamale (spa: tamal); tamal; (place-name) Tamale (Ghana)


see styles
ā kè lā / a1 ke4 la1
a k`o la / a ko la
Accra, capital of Ghana


see styles
 akushimu / アクシム (place-name) Axim (Ghana)


see styles
 ineba / ウィネバ (place-name) Winneba (Ghana)


see styles
 sunyani / スンヤニ (place-name) Sunyani (Ghana)


see styles
 tarukuwa / タルクワ (place-name) Tarkwa (Ghana)


see styles
bā wèi tāi zàng / ba1 wei4 tai1 zang4
pa wei t`ai tsang / pa wei tai tsang
 hachi i taizō
The eight stages of the human foetus: 羯羅藍 kalala, the appearance after the first week from conception; 額部曇 arbuda, at end of second week; 閉尸 peśī, third; 健南 ghana, fourth; 鉢羅奢法 praśākhā, limbs formed during fifth week; sixth, hair, nails, and teeth; seventh, the organs of sense, eyes, ears, nose, and tongue; and eighth, complete formation; eight phases of the human fetus


see styles
 akosonbo / アコソンボ (place-name) Akosombo (Ghana)


see styles
 iendi / イエンディ (place-name) Yendi (Ghana)


see styles
 dodonkuwa / ドゥンクワ (place-name) Dunkwa (Ghana)


see styles
 puresutea / プレステア (place-name) Prestea (Ghana)


see styles
 gaanakyouwakoku / ganakyowakoku / ガーナきょうわこく Republic of Ghana; (place-name) Republic of Ghana


see styles
 borugatanga / ボルガタンガ (place-name) Bolgatanga (Ghana)


see styles
 keepukoosuto / ケープコースト (place-name) Cape Coast (Ghana)


see styles
 koforidodoa / コフォリドゥア (place-name) Koforidua (Ghana)


see styles
 sekonditakoradi / セコンディタコラディ (place-name) Sekondi-Takoradi (Ghana)

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