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Fujin in Chinese / Japanese...

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China fū ren
Japan fu jin
Fujin Vertical Wall Scroll

夫人 is a Japanese word that romanizes as Fujin.

I added this because several people have searched for "Fujin." 夫人 can mean: lady; madam; Mrs.; consort of the emperor; wife; wife of a nobleman (aristocrat, etc.); the wife of a king. 夫人 mean the same thing in Chinese, Japanese, and old Korean.

夫人 is an odd choice for a wall scroll but I have fulfilled your search for "Fujin" I think.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin fū ren / fu1 ren5
Taiwan fu jen
Japanese fujin(p);bunin(ok);hashikashi(ok) / ふじん(P);ぶにん(ok);はしかし(ok)
Fujin Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese lady; madam; Mrs.; CL:位[wei4]
Japanese (1) (ふじん, はしかし only) (honorific or respectful language) wife; Mrs; madam; (2) (ふじん only) (archaism) wife of a nobleman (aristocrat, etc.); (3) (ふじん, ぶにん only) (archaism) consort of the emperor
A wife; the wife of a king, i. e. a queen, devi.


see styles
Mandarin bù rén / bu4 ren2
Taiwan pu jen
Japanese fujin / ふじん
Chinese not benevolent; heartless; numb
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) heartlessness; inhumanity


see styles
Japanese fujin / ふじん Japanese (expression) (See 不宣・ふせん) I'll write again soon (closure for a letter, etc.); more anon; sincerely yours; yours truly; (personal name) Fuuji



see styles
Mandarin bù jìn / bu4 jin4
Taiwan pu chin
Japanese fujin
Chinese not completely; endlessly



see styles
Mandarin fù rén / fu4 ren2
Taiwan fu jen
Japanese fujin / ふじん
Chinese married woman
Japanese (sensitive word) (now a bit dated) (See 紳士) woman; lady; adult female
"Nothing is so dangerous to monastic chastity as woman"; she is the root of all misery, hindrance, destruction, bondage, sorrow, hatred, blindness, etc; a wife



see styles
Mandarin fù jǐn / fu4 jin3
Taiwan fu chin
Chinese Fujin county level city in Kiamusze or Jiamusi 佳木斯[Jia1 mu4 si1], Heilongjiang


see styles
Japanese fujin / ふじん Japanese (noun/participle) (1) battle formation; (2) lineup (e.g. for a game)


see styles
Japanese fujin / ふじん Japanese (personal name) Fujin



see styles
Mandarin fú chén / fu2 chen2
Taiwan fu ch`en / fu chen
Japanese fujin
Floating dust or atoms, unstable matter, i.e. phenomena, which hide reality.


see styles
Japanese fuujin / fujin / ふうじん    kazato / かざと Japanese (given name) Fuujin; (surname) Kazato



see styles
Mandarin fēng chén / feng1 chen2
Taiwan feng ch`en / feng chen
Japanese fuujin / fujin / ふうじん
Chinese windblown dust; hardships of travel; vicissitudes of life; prostitution
Japanese (1) wind-scattered dust; windblown sand; (2) worldly affairs; cares of life


see styles
Japanese fuujin / fujin / ふうじん Japanese wind god; (surname) Fuujin; (surname) Kazekami



see styles
Mandarin fū rén jīng / fu1 ren2 jing1
Taiwan fu jen ching
Japanese Fujin kyō



see styles
Mandarin fù jǐn shì / fu4 jin3 shi4
Taiwan fu chin shih
Chinese Fujin county level city in Kiamusze or Jiamusi city 佳木斯[Jia1 mu4 si1], Heilongjiang



see styles
Mandarin fú chén gēn / fu2 chen2 gen1
Taiwan fu ch`en ken / fu chen ken
Japanese fujin kon
The external organs, i.e. of sight, etc., which aid the senses; 扶塵根 is also written 浮塵根 meaning fleeting, vacuous, these external things having an illusory existence; the real organs, or indriya, are the 正根 or 勝義根 which evolve the ideas.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Fujin夫人fu jin / fujinfū ren / fu1 ren5 / fu ren / furenfu jen / fujen

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