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Ichi-Dan / First Degree

yī duàn
ichi dan
Ichi-Dan / First Degree Scroll

In Japanese martial arts, this usually represents the first-degree black belt rank.

It can also be like a linguistic stair step of “more, much more, still more, all the more.” It can also be a step, rung, level, or rank.

Also sometimes used in the context of Buddhism to mean “first step” or “first stage.” This might presume the first step towards enlightenment etc.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

(prefix indicating ordinal number, e.g. first, number two etc); order; (old) rank in the imperial examinations; mansion; (literary) but; just
(prefix) prefix for forming ordinal numbers
Number, degree, sign of the ordinals; only; level


see styles
yī cì
    yi1 ci4
i tz`u
    i tzu
first; first time; once; (math.) linear (of degree one)
(adj-f,n) (1) first; preliminary; (can act as adjective) (2) primary (sources, industry, etc.); original; (can act as adjective) (3) {math} linear (function, equation); first-order; (given name) Katsuji


see styles
liù tōng
    liu4 tong1
liu t`ung
    liu tung
abhijñā, or ṣaḍ abhijñā. The six supernatural or universal powers acquired by a Buddha, also by an arhat through the fourth degree of dhyāna. The 'southern' Buddhists only have the first five, which are also known in China; v. 五神通; the sixth is 漏盡通 (漏盡智證通) āsravakṣaya-jñāna, supernatural consciousness of the waning of vicious propensities; six supernatural powers


see styles
 ittoushin / ittoshin
first-degree relative; member of one's immediate family


see styles
 isshintou / isshinto
first degree of kinship



see styles
chū chán dìng
    chu1 chan2 ding4
ch`u ch`an ting
    chu chan ting
 sho zenjō
The first dhyāna, the first degree of dhyāna-meditation, which produces rebirth in the first dhyāna heaven; the first concentration


see styles
wáng sān mèi
    wang2 san1 mei4
wang san mei
 ō zanmai
三昧王三昧; 三昧王 The king ofsamādhis, the highest degree ofsamādhi, the 首楞嚴定 q. v. The first is also applied to invoking Buddha, or sitting in meditation or trance; royal samādhi


see styles
 chokusetsuseihan / chokusetsusehan
{law} (See 間接正犯) direct principal offender; direct perpetrator; principal offender in the first degree


see styles
shén tōng dì yī
    shen2 tong1 di4 yi1
shen t`ung ti i
    shen tung ti i
 jinzū daiichi
first in the degree of attainment occult powers; first in the degree of attainment occult powers


see styles
yī xíng yī qiè xíng
    yi1 xing2 yi1 qie4 xing2
i hsing i ch`ieh hsing
    i hsing i chieh hsing
 ichigyō issai gyō
In one act to do all other acts; the act which includes all other acts. e.g. the first step; the one discipline which embraces all discipline; the fourth degree of a samādhi; one practice includes all practices


see styles
 daiichidonesshou / daichidonessho
first degree burn


see styles
 daiikkyuusatsujin / daikkyusatsujin
first-degree murder


see styles
 ittoushin / ittoshin
first-degree relative; member of one's immediate family


see styles
 ittou / itto
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) first class; first rank; first grade; first place; first prize; (2) one degree; one level; one grade; (adverb) (3) most; best


see styles
 daiikkyuusatsujin / daikkyusatsujin
{law} first-degree murder (in US, etc. law)

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
First Degree
一段ichi dan / ichidanyī duàn / yi1 duan4 / yi duan / yiduani tuan / ituan

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