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Excellence in Chinese / Japanese...

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China zhuó yuè
Japan taku etsu
Excellence Vertical Wall Scroll

Excellence is doing your best, giving careful attention to every task and every relationship.

卓越 can also be defined as excellence, remarkable, surpassing, splendid, transcendence, preeminence, or distinguished. Sometimes it can mean "superiority."

See Also:  Pride

Excellence / Outstanding

China jié chū
Excellence / Outstanding Vertical Wall Scroll

傑出 means "outstanding," "prominence," "excel," "foremost," and "to shine."

Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding

China jié zuò
Japan kessaku
Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding Vertical Wall Scroll

傑作 means "masterpiece" or "best work."

It suggests accomplishing excellence or producing outstanding work.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin miào / miao4
Taiwan miao
Japanese myou / myo / みょう
Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese clever; wonderful
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (1) strange; weird; odd; curious; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) wonder; mystery; miracle; excellence; (3) cleverness; adroitness; knack; skill; (surname) Myou; (female given name) Tae
su, sat, mañju, sūkṣma. Wonderful, beautiful, mystic, supernatural, profound, subtle, mysterious. su means good, excellent, surpassing, beautiful, fine, easy. sat means existing, real, good. mañju means beautiful, lovely, charming. Intp. in Chinese as 不可思議 beyond thought or discussion; 絕待 special, outstanding; 無比 incomparable; 精微深遠 subtle and profound; marvelous

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Mandarin/ de2
Taiwan te
Japanese toku
Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese virtue; goodness; morality; ethics; kindness; favor; character; kind; Germany; German; abbr. for 德國|德国[De2 guo2]
Virtue, moral excellence, moral power, power; also translates guṇa; translit. ta; attribute, merit


see styles
Mandarin zhuó yuè / zhuo2 yue4
Taiwan cho yüeh
Japanese takuetsu / たくえつ
Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese outstanding; surpassing; distinguished; splendid
Japanese (noun/participle) preeminence; excellence; superiority; transcendence


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Mandarin shàn liáng / shan4 liang2
Taiwan shan liang
Japanese zenryou / zenryo / ぜんりょう
Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese good and honest; kindhearted
Japanese (adj-na,n,adj-no) goodness; excellence; virtue; (given name) Yoshinaga; (female given name) Sara

see styles
Mandarin zùn // jun / zun4 // jun4
Taiwan tsun // chün
Japanese reishun / reshun / れいしゅん    masaru / まさる    toshitsugu / としつぐ    toshiji / としじ    toshikatsu / としかつ    toshio / としお    takashi / たかし    suguru / すぐる    jun / じゅん    shunji / しゅんじ    shunsaku / しゅんさく    shun / しゅん    satoshi / さとし
Chinese (dialectal pronunciation of 俊[jun4]); cool; neat; smart; eminent; handsome; talented
Japanese (obscure) excellence; genius; (given name) Reishun; (personal name) Masaru; (personal name) Toshitsugu; (personal name) Toshiji; (personal name) Toshikatsu; (given name) Toshio; (surname, female given name) Toshi; (given name) Takashi; (given name) Suguru; (male given name) Jun; (personal name) Shunji; (personal name) Shunsaku; (female given name) Shun; (male given name) Satoshi

see styles
Mandarin jun / jun4
Taiwan chün
Japanese shun / しゅん
Chinese variant of 俊[jun4]
Japanese (obscure) excellence; genius

see styles
Mandarin/ yu2
Japanese yuu / yu / ゆー
Chinese excellence; luster of gems
Japanese (personal name) Yu-
Lustre of gems; a beautiful stone; excellences, virtues; translit. yu, yoyo; glimmer of a gem

see styles
Mandarin jun // juàn / jun4 // juan4
Taiwan chün // chüan
Japanese shun / しゅん
Chinese variant of 俊[jun4]; meaningful; significant; surname Juan
Japanese (obscure) excellence; genius; (given name) Shun


see styles
Japanese shunei / shune / しゅんえい Japanese excellence; genius; (given name) Toshifusa; (given name) Toshihide; (given name) Toshiei; (personal name) Toshie; (given name) Shun'ei; (personal name) Shunei


see styles
Japanese shunitsu / しゅんいつ Japanese excellence; genius; (given name) Shun'itsu; (given name) Shun'ichi



see styles
Mandarin yōu xiù / you1 xiu4
Taiwan yu hsiu
Japanese yuushuu / yushu / ゆうしゅう
Chinese outstanding; excellent
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) superiority; excellence



see styles
Mandarin yōu děng / you1 deng3
Taiwan yu teng
Japanese yuutou / yuto / ゆうとう
Chinese first-rate; of the highest order; high-class; excellent; superior
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (ant: 劣等) (academic) excellence; superiority; honors (e.g. graduating with); cum laude



see styles
Mandarin quán yōu / quan2 you1
Taiwan ch`üan yu / chüan yu
Japanese zenyuu / zenyu / ぜんゆう
Chinese overall excellence
Japanese straight A's


see styles
Japanese shutsugun / しゅつぐん Japanese excellence; pre-eminence



see styles
Mandarin chuàng yōu / chuang4 you1
Taiwan ch`uang yu / chuang yu
Chinese to strive for excellence


see styles
Japanese shousetsu;shouzetsu / shosetsu;shozetsu / しょうせつ;しょうぜつ Japanese (1) (archaism) (See 十二律,夾鐘) (in Japan) 4th note of the ancient chromatic scale (approx. F); (noun/participle) (2) (usu. しょうぜつ) excellence (of scenery, etc.)


see styles
Japanese takushutsu / たくしゅつ Japanese (noun/participle) excellence; superiority; preeminence; prevalence


see styles
Japanese takubatsu / たくばつ Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) excellence; superiority; preeminence; prevalence


see styles
Japanese takuzetsu / たくぜつ Japanese (noun/participle) excellence


see styles
Japanese takuitsu / たくいつ Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (obscure) (See 卓越) excellence; superiority; (personal name) Takuitsu


see styles
Japanese chouzetsu / chozetsu / ちょうぜつ Japanese (noun/participle) transcendence; excellence; superiority


see styles
Japanese issoku / いっそく Japanese fast runner; excellence



see styles
Mandarin dá mó / da2 mo2
Taiwan ta mo
Japanese daruma(p);daruma / だるま(P);ダルマ
Japanese (1) (kana only) daruma; tumbling doll; round, red-painted good-luck doll in the shape of Bodhidharma, with a blank eye to be completed when a person's wish is granted; (2) (kana only) Bodhidharma; (3) prostitute; (personal name) Daruma; (given name) Tatsumaro; (surname) Tatsuma
dharma; also 達摩; 達麼; 達而麻耶; 曇摩; 馱摩 tr. by 法. dharma is from dhara, holding, bearing, possessing, etc.; and means 'that which is to be held fast or kept, ordinance, statute, law, usage, practice'; 'anything right.' M.W. It may be variously intp. as (1) characteristic, attribute, predicate; (2) the bearer, the transcendent substratum of single elements of conscious life; (3) element, i.e. a part of conscious life; (4) nirvāṇa, i.e. the Dharma par excellence, the object of Buddhist teaching; (5) the absolute, the real; (6) the teaching or religion of Buddha; (7) thing, object, appearance. Also, Damo, or Bodhidharma, the twenty-eighth Indian and first Chinese patriarch, who arrived in China A.D. 520, the reputed founder of the Chan or Intuitional School in China. He is described as son of a king in southern India; originally called Bodhitara. He arrived at Guangdong, bringing it is said the sacred begging-bowl, and settled in Luoyang, where he engaged in silent meditation for nine years, whence he received the title of wall-gazing Brahman 壁觀婆羅門, though he was a kṣatriya. His doctrine and practice were those of the 'inner light', independent of the written word, but to 慧可 Huike, his successor, he commended the Laṅkāvatāra-sūtra as nearest to his views. There are many names with Dharma as initial: Dharmapāla, Dharmagupta, Dharmayaśas, Dharmaruci, Dharmarakṣa, Dharmatrāta, Dharmavardhana, etc.



see styles
Mandarin fēng sāo / feng1 sao1
Taiwan feng sao
Chinese literary excellence; flirtatious behavior



see styles
Mandarin yōu yì jiǎng / you1 yi4 jiang3
Taiwan yu i chiang
Chinese excellence award; merit award


see styles
Japanese yuushuushou / yushusho / ゆうしゅうしょう Japanese award of excellence; merit award


see styles
Japanese yuuryoushou / yuryosho / ゆうりょうしょう Japanese prize for excellence; prize of excellence



see styles
Mandarin shū juàn jiǎng / shu1 juan4 jiang3
Taiwan shu chüan chiang
Chinese presidential award (received by university students in Taiwan for academic excellence)


see styles
Japanese tsubuzoroi / つぶぞろい Japanese uniform excellence


see styles
Japanese nougaki / nogaki / のうがき Japanese (1) advertising the excellence of one's wares; boasting; self-advertisement; (2) (See 効能書き・こうのうがき) statement of the virtues of a medicine; description of the virtues of a drug

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Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding Vertical Wall Scroll
Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding Vertical Wall Scroll
Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding Vertical Wall Scroll
Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding Vertical Wall Scroll

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Masterpiece / Excellent / Outstanding Vertical Portrait

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Excellence卓越taku etsu / takuetsuzhuó yuè / zhuo2 yue4 / zhuo yue / zhuoyuecho yüeh / choyüeh
jié chū / jie2 chu1 / jie chu / jiechuchieh ch`u / chiehchu / chieh chu
kessaku / kesakujié zuò / jie2 zuo4 / jie zuo / jiezuochieh tso / chiehtso
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

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A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

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