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The Name Egypt in Chinese / Japanese...

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āi jí
Egypt Scroll

埃及 is the Chinese name for the country of Egypt.

Note: Egypt rests partially in Asia and Africa.

See Also:  Africa | Asia

e ji pu to
Egypt Scroll

エジプト is Egypt in Japanese Katakana.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Egypt埃及āi jí / ai1 ji2 / ai ji / aijiai chi / aichi
Egyptエジプトe ji pu to / ejiputo

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
āi jí / ai1 ji2
ai chi
 ejiputo / えじぷと
Egypt Scroll
(ateji / phonetic) (kana only) Egypt; (ateji / phonetic) (ik) (kana only) Egypt; (place-name) Egypt


see styles
 ejiputo / エジプト
Egypt Scroll
(place-name) Egypt


see styles
 giza / ギザ (place-name) Al-Jizah (Egypt); Giza (Egypt)


see styles
 fuwa / フワ (place-name) Fuwah (Egypt)


see styles
yǐ āi / yi3 ai1
i ai



see styles
āi xù / ai1 xu4
ai hsü



see styles
lè shǔ / le4 shu3
le shu
Luxor, city in Egypt (Cantonese transliteration)



see styles
xī wǎ / xi1 wa3
hsi wa
Siwa, Egypt



see styles
kāi luó / kai1 luo2
k`ai lo / kai lo
Cairo, capital of Egypt


see styles
ā yù / a1 yu4
a yü
 Aiku / あしょか
(given name) Ashoka
Aśoka, 阿恕伽; 阿輸迦(or 阿舒迦, or 阿叔迦) Grandson of Candragupta (Sandrokottos), who united India and reached the summit of his career about 315 B.C. Aśoka reigned from about 274 to 237 B.C. His name Aśoka, 'free from care,' may have been adopted on his conversion. He is accused of the assassination of his brother and relatives to gain the throne, and of a fierce temperament in his earlier days. Converted, he became the first famous patron of Buddhism, encouraging its development and propaganda at home and abroad, to which existing pillars, etc., bear witness; his propaganda is said to have spread from the borders of China to Macedonia, Epirus, Egypt, and Cyrene. His title is Dharmāśoka; he should be distinguished from Kālāśoka, grandson of Ajātaśatru. Cf. 阿育伽經、 阿育伽傳, etc.


see styles
 idofu / イドフ (place-name) Idfu (Egypt)


see styles
 kairo / カイロ Cairo; (place-name) Cairo (Egypt); Calow


see styles
 kinaa / kina / キナー (place-name) Qina (Egypt)


see styles
 kuusu / kusu / クース vintage awamori; awamori aged in cask for at least three years; (place-name) Qus (Egypt)


see styles
 jifuta / ジフタ (place-name) Zifta (Egypt)


see styles
 tafuta / タフタ taffeta; (place-name) Tahta (Egypt)


see styles
 taraa / tara / タラー (place-name) Tala (Egypt)


see styles
 tanta / タンタ (place-name) Tanta (Egypt)


see styles
 pasha / パシャ (1) pasha (tur: paşa); honorary title in Ottoman Empire and pre-republican Egypt; (adv-to,adv) (2) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) (See パシャッと・2) click; sound of a camera shutter


see styles
 biyara / ビヤラ (place-name) Biyala (Egypt)


see styles
mèng fēi sī / meng4 fei1 si1
meng fei ssu
Memphis (Egypt or Tennessee)


see styles
dǐ bǐ sī / di3 bi3 si1
ti pi ssu
Thebes, place name in ancient Egypt; Thebes, ancient Greek city state


see styles
tuō lè mì / tuo1 le4 mi4
t`o le mi / to le mi
Ptolemy, kings of Egypt after the partition of Alexander the Great's Empire in 305 BC; Ptolemy or Claudius Ptolemaeus (c. 90-c. 168), Alexandrian Greek astronomer, mathematician and geographer, author of the Almagest 天文學大成|天文学大成; see also 托勒玫[Tuo1 le4 mei2]



see styles
fǎ lǔ kè / fa3 lu3 ke4
fa lu k`o / fa lu ko
Farouk of Egypt (1920-1965), king of Egypt 1936-1952



see styles
lú kè suǒ / lu2 ke4 suo3
lu k`o so / lu ko so
Luxor, city in Egypt



see styles
mù ěr xī / mu4 er3 xi1
mu erh hsi
Morsi, Mursi or Morsy (name); Mohamed Morsi (1951-2019), Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood politician, president of Egypt 2012-2013



see styles
nà jí bù / na4 ji2 bu4
na chi pu
Muhammad Naguib (1901-1984), first president of the Republic of Egypt


see styles
ā sī wàng / a1 si1 wang4
a ssu wang
Aswan (town in south Egypt)



see styles
ā lái màn / a1 lai2 man4
a lai man
El Alamein, town in Egypt


see styles
 isunaa / isuna / イスナー (place-name) Isna (Egypt)

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