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上帝 in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. God of Zion / God of Abraham

  2. Fear God

  3. God Bless You / May God Protect You

  4. God Loves You

  5. Trust in God

  6. Trust in God / In God We Trust

  7. Fighter for God

  8. God is Love

  9. God is Always With You

10. Sanctified by God

11. God is my Judge

12. God Give Me Strength

13. God Is With You Always

14. Only God Can Judge Me

15. Serenity Prayer

God of Zion / God of Abraham

China shàng dì
Japan joutei
God of Zion / God of Abraham Vertical Wall Scroll

上帝 is how Chinese Christians and Jews refer to God, AKA The Judeo-Christian God.

Yes, there are Chinese Jews whose ancestry dates back to Jewish traders on the silk road. They are known as the Kaifeng Jews. Most have left China for Israel now.

There are also plenty of Christians in China of both the Protestant and Catholic variety. However, the churches are basically run by the government, and the Chinese Catholic church does not recognize the Pope.

Oddly, in my experience, I found the Chinese Protestant church to be much less political compared to Baptist and other Protestant churches that I have visited in America.

上帝 is also the typically-used title for God in Japanese.

While you may find this term in old Korean dictionaries, it is an obscure, and rarely-used title for God in modern Korean.

Fear God

China jìng wèi shàng dì
Fear God Vertical Wall Scroll

敬畏上帝 is probably the best way to translate the Christian English phrase, "Fear God," into Chinese.

The first two characters mean to revere, be in awe of, or a general term of reverence. It can mean fear, but only in the context of respect or fear of authority.

God Bless You / May God Protect You

China shàng dì bǎo yòu
God Bless You / May God Protect You Vertical Wall Scroll

上帝保佑 is a blessing exchanged between Chinese Christians.

The first two characters literally mean God (The God of Zion). The second two characters express the idea of giving protection. Another way to translate this is "May God protect you."

God Loves You

China shàng dì ài nǐ
God Loves You Vertical Wall Scroll

上帝愛你 means, "God love you," in Chinese.

Trust in God

China xìn kào shàng dì
Trust in God Vertical Wall Scroll

信靠上帝 means "Trust in God," "Faith in God," "Rely upon God" and/or "Believe in God."

Trust in God / In God We Trust

China xiāng xìn shàng dì
Trust in God / In God We Trust Vertical Wall Scroll

相信上帝 means exactly what the title suggests. The first two characters mean "trust" or "believe" and the second two mean "God" (as in the God of Abraham and the God of Zion).

相信上帝 is also how the American phrase "In God We Trust" as seen on U.S. Currency would be translated into Chinese. It would also be correct to say that this means "Believe in God," though in this arrangement/context, one would be more likely to interpret it as "trust."

Fighter for God

China shàng dì de dòu shì
Fighter for God Vertical Wall Scroll

上帝的鬥士 means "God's Fighter."

While a lot of people search for "Warrior of God," or "Soldier of God," this is actually the most natural way to say something like this in Chinese.

God is Love

China shàng dì jiù shì ài
God is Love Vertical Wall Scroll

上帝就是愛 is a common way to express "God is Love" in Chinese.

God is Always With You

God is With Me Always
China shàng dì yǔ nǐ cháng zài
God is Always With You Vertical Wall Scroll

The direct translation of these Chinese characters is "God Together [with] You Always Exist."

Keep in mind that Chinese grammar is sometimes very different from English. This makes perfect sense in Chinese.

Note: The title for God is the first two characters - the other words in the direct translation represent one character each.

Sanctified by God

China shèng dì shǐ nǐ shén shèng
Sanctified by God Vertical Wall Scroll

This means, "Sanctified by God," in Chinese.

This was added at the request of a customer. This may be more appropriate for a priest or reverend than a layman. But that depends on how your religion sees the order of things.

If you directly translate, you get something like, "God made you Holy."

Here's the character breakdown:
上帝 = God
 使 = Makes; Made; Let
 你 = You
神聖 = Sacred; Holy; Sanctification; Divine; Hallow; Holiness

God is my Judge

China shàng dì shì wǒ de fǎ guān
God is my Judge Vertical Wall Scroll

上帝是我的法官 is not a traditional Chinese phrase.

We professionally translated it for a customer's request (in proper Chinese grammar).

God Give Me Strength

China yuàn shàng dì gěi wǒ lì liàng
God Give Me Strength Vertical Wall Scroll

This is a wish or a prayer that you might call out at a desperate time.

Translated by us for a military serviceman in Iraq - obviously, he may have a need to use this phrase often, though I am not sure where he's going to find a place to hang a wall scroll.

God Is With You Always

China shàn dì zǒng shì yǔ nǐ tóng zài
God Is With You Always Vertical Wall Scroll

I was going to write this phrase as "God is with me always" but as a wall scroll, hanging in your room, it is talking to you (you're not talking), so it works better with you.

This is a nice phrase that any Chinese Christian would be happy to have on his/her wall.

If I annotate this, it sounds a little strange in English but it's perfectly natural in Chinese:
上帝 God | 总是 always | 与 and | 你 you | 同 together | 在 existing

Only God Can Judge Me

China zhǐ yǒu shàng dì néng píng pàn wǒ
Only God Can Judge Me Vertical Wall Scroll

This means, "Only God can judge me" in Chinese.

Serenity Prayer

China shàng dì cì wǒ píng jìng qù jiē shòu wǒ suǒ bù néng gǎi biàn de wǒ yǒng qì qù gǎi biàn wǒ suǒ néng gǎi biàn de bìng wǒ zhì huì qù fēn biàn zhè liǎng zhě
Serenity Prayer Vertical Wall Scroll

This is the serenity prayer, as used by many 12-step programs and support groups.

In Chinese, this says:
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your 上帝 search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin shàng dì / shang4 di4
Taiwan shang ti
Japanese joutei;shoutei / jote;shote / じょうてい;しょうてい
Serenity Prayer Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese God
Japanese (1) Shangdi (creator deity in Chinese folk religion); (2) God (in Christianity)


see styles
Japanese kinjoutei / kinjote / きんじょうてい Japanese (person) Kinjoutei (Genji Monogatari)

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Serenity Prayer Vertical Wall Scroll
Serenity Prayer Vertical Wall Scroll
Serenity Prayer Vertical Wall Scroll
Serenity Prayer Vertical Wall Scroll

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Serenity Prayer Vertical Portrait
Serenity Prayer Horizontal Wall Scroll
Serenity Prayer Vertical Portrait

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
God of Zion
God of Abraham
上帝joutei / joteishàng dì / shang4 di4 / shang di / shangdishang ti / shangti
Fear God敬畏上帝jìng wèi shàng dì
jing4 wei4 shang4 di4
jing wei shang di
ching wei shang ti
God Bless You
May God Protect You
上帝保佑shàng dì bǎo yòu
shang4 di4 bao3 you4
shang di bao you
shang ti pao yu
God Loves You上帝愛你
shàng dì ài nǐ
shang4 di4 ai4 ni3
shang di ai ni
shang ti ai ni
Trust in God信靠上帝xìn kào shàng dì
xin4 kao4 shang4 di4
xin kao shang di
hsin k`ao shang ti
hsin kao shang ti
Trust in God
In God We Trust
相信上帝xiāng xìn shàng dì
xiang1 xin4 shang4 di4
xiang xin shang di
hsiang hsin shang ti
Fighter for God上帝的鬥士
shàng dì de dòu shì
shang4 di4 de dou4 shi4
shang di de dou shi
shang ti te tou shih
God is Love上帝就是愛
shàng dì jiù shì ài
shang4 di4 jiu4 shi4 ai4
shang di jiu shi ai
shang ti chiu shih ai
God is Always With You上帝與你常在
shàng dì yǔ nǐ cháng zài
shang4 di4 yu3 ni3 chang2 zai4
shang di yu ni chang zai
shang ti yü ni ch`ang tsai
shang ti yü ni chang tsai
Sanctified by God上帝使你神聖
shèng dì shǐ nǐ shén shèng
sheng4 di4 shi3 ni3 shen2 sheng4
sheng di shi ni shen sheng
sheng ti shih ni shen sheng
God is my Judge上帝是我的法官shàng dì shì wǒ de fǎ guān
shang4 di4 shi4 wo3 de fa3 guan1
shang di shi wo de fa guan
shang ti shih wo te fa kuan
God Give Me Strength願上帝給我力量
yuàn shàng dì gěi wǒ lì liàng
yuan4 shang4 di4 gei3 wo3 li4 liang4
yuan shang di gei wo li liang
yüan shang ti kei wo li liang
God Is With You Always上帝總是與你同在
shàn dì zǒng shì yǔ nǐ tóng zài
shan4 di4 zong3 shi4 yu3 ni3 tong2 zai4
shan di zong shi yu ni tong zai
shan ti tsung shih yü ni t`ung tsai
shan ti tsung shih yü ni tung tsai
Only God Can Judge Me衹有上帝能評判我
zhǐ yǒu shàng dì néng píng pàn wǒ
zhi3 you3 shang4 di4 neng2 ping2 pan4 wo3
zhi you shang di neng ping pan wo
chih yu shang ti neng p`ing p`an wo
chih yu shang ti neng ping pan wo
Serenity Prayer上帝賜給我平靜去接受我所不能改變的給我勇氣去改變我所能改變的並給我智慧去分辨這兩者
shàng dì cì wǒ píng jìng qù jiē shòu wǒ suǒ bù néng gǎi biàn de wǒ yǒng qì qù gǎi biàn wǒ suǒ néng gǎi biàn de bìng wǒ zhì huì qù fēn biàn zhè liǎng zhě
shang4 di4 ci4 gei3 wo3 ping2 jing4 qu4 jie1 shou4 wo3 suo3 bu4 neng2 gai3 bian4 de gei3 wo3 yong3 qi4 qu4 gai3 bian4 wo3 suo3 neng2 gai3 bian4 de bing4 gei3 wo3 zhi4 hui4 qu4 fen1 bian4 zhe4 liang3 zhe3
shang di ci gei wo ping jing qu jie shou wo suo bu neng gai bian de gei wo yong qi qu gai bian wo suo neng gai bian de bing gei wo zhi hui qu fen bian zhe liang zhe
shang ti tz`u kei wo p`ing ching ch`ü chieh shou wo so pu neng kai pien te kei wo yung ch`i ch`ü kai pien wo so neng kai pien te ping kei wo chih hui ch`ü fen pien che liang che
shang ti tzu kei wo ping ching chü chieh shou wo so pu neng kai pien te kei wo yung chi chü kai pien wo so neng kai pien te ping kei wo chih hui chü fen pien che liang che
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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A professional Chinese Calligrapher

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There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

Even with the teachings of a top-ranked calligrapher in China, my calligraphy will never be good enough to sell. I will leave that to the experts.

A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

The same calligrapher who gave me those lessons also attracted a crowd of thousands and a TV crew as he created characters over 6-feet high. He happens to be ranked as one of the top 100 calligraphers in all of China. He is also one of very few that would actually attempt such a feat.

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