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Fish Play in the Lilies

Fish Play in the Lilies
Fish Play in the Lilies
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Approximate Measurements

52.5cm x 38cm  ≈  20¾" x 15"

Fish Play in the Lilies

The Chinese title written on this painting is "Yu Nao Lian". The word "Yu" means a "fish", "Nao" means "to play", and "Lian" means "lily".

I really like this piece that features many fish finding a path through the lilies. It's probably one of my personal favorites from this artist.

The artist Pan Xiao-Ling, who created these Chinese folk art paintings

The creator of this artwork, Pan Xiao-Ling, in her home.

This painting is by a woman named Pan Xiao-ling. She is from a farming village named Huxian in the Shaanxi Province of China. Born in 1958, she began painting in 1974.
Her paintings were the first Chinese folk art ever accepted for a series of postcards officially issued by the state-run "China Post" (Chinese Postal Service).

Exhibitions of her work have been seen in America, Japan, and Singapore.

Pan Xiao-Ling's work is a combination of folk and modern art. Her inspiration comes from growing up in a small farming village in the middle of China. This influence really shows in her paintings which usually depict the simple village life in the countryside of China.

Material used in this work are "shui fen" (paint powder and water - similar to gouache), on thick art paper.

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Typical Gallery Price: $90.00