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Yangtze in Chinese / Japanese...

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Yangtze River

China yáng zǐ jiāng
Japan you su kou
Yangtze River Vertical Wall Scroll

揚子江 is the title for the Yangzi or Yangtze River (in China).

Even though it's a Chinese place-name, this is also how the title is written in Japanese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin jiāng / jiang1
Taiwan chiang
Japanese kou / ko / こう    e / え
Yangtze River Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese river; CL:條|条[tiao2],道[dao4]; surname Jiang
Japanese (1) (archaism) large river (esp. the Yangtze); (2) (See 琵琶湖) Lake Biwa; inlet; bay; (given name) Minkou; (surname) Chiyan; (surname) Gou; (surname, given name) Kou; (surname) Ko; (surname) Kuu; (surname) Ezaki; (surname) Esaki; (surname) Ee; (surname) E; (female given name) Irie
A river; the River, the Yangtsze.



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Mandarin yáng zǐ jiāng / yang2 zi3 jiang1
Taiwan yang tzu chiang
Japanese yousukou / yosuko / ようすこう
Chinese Changjiang 長江|长江 or Yangtze River; old name for Changjiang, especially lower reaches around Yangzhou 揚州|扬州
Japanese Yangtze River (in China); (place-name) Yousukou

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Mandarin/ wu2
Taiwan wu
Japanese go / ご
Chinese Japanese variant of 吳|吴
Japanese (ateji / phonetic) go; soy beans soaked and mashed to a creamy paste (ingredient of tofu and soy milk); (surname) Gou; (surname, given name) Go; Wu (Chinese state ?-473 BCE, Chinese kingdoms 222-280 CE, 902-937 CE, region of China: Jiangsu south of the Yangtze); (surname) Kou; (place-name, surname) Kure; Wu (Chinese state ?-473 BCE, Chinese kingdoms 222-280 CE, 902-937 CE, reg



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Mandarin sān xiá / san1 xia2
Taiwan san hsia
Chinese Three Gorges on the Chang Jiang or Yangtze, namely: Qutang Gorge 瞿塘峽|瞿塘峡[Qu1 tang2 Xia2], Wuxia Gorge 巫峽|巫峡[Wu1 Xia2] and Xiling Gorge 西陵峽|西陵峡[Xi1 ling2 Xia2]; Sanxia or Sanhsia town in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan



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Mandarin wú chǔ / wu2 chu3
Taiwan wu ch`u / wu chu
Chinese southern states of Wu and Chu; the middle and lower Yangtze valley


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Mandarin wū shān / wu1 shan1
Taiwan wu shan
Chinese Wushan county in Wanzhou suburbs of north Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan; Mt Wu on the Changjiang River (Yangtze) by the Three Gorges



see styles
Mandarin wū xiá / wu1 xia2
Taiwan wu hsia
Chinese Wuxia Gorge on the Changjiang or Yangtze, the middle of the Three Gorges 三峽|三峡[San1 Xia2]



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Mandarin bān biē / ban1 bie1
Taiwan pan pieh
Chinese Yangtze giant soft-shell turtle (Rafetus swinhoei), a critically endangered species


see styles
Mandarin jiāng nán / jiang1 nan2
Taiwan chiang nan
Japanese chiannan / チアンナン    kannamu / カンナム    kounan / konan / こうなん    kouan / koan / こうあん    eminami / えみなみ    enan / えなん    enami / えなみ    ena / えな
Chinese south of Changjiang or Yangtze river; south of the lower reaches of Changjiang; often refers to south Jiangsu, south Anhui and north Zhejiang provinces; a province during Qing times; in literature, refers to the sunny south; Gangnam (district in Seoul, South Korea)
Japanese (place-name, surname) Kounan; (place-name) Gangnam (Seoul, South Korea); (place-name) Jiangnan (China); (given name) Kouan; (surname) Eminami; (surname) Enan; (place-name, surname) Enami; (female given name) Ena


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Mandarin jiāng hé / jiang1 he2
Taiwan chiang ho
Japanese kouga / koga / こうが
Chinese Yangtze and Yellow rivers
Japanese Yangtze and Yellow rivers; large river; (surname) Egawa
great river(s)


see styles
Japanese koutou / koto / こうとう Japanese (obscure) (See 長江) riverbank (esp. the Yangtze River); (surname) Etou; (surname) Edzura; (surname) Edzu; (surname) Ezu; (surname) Egami; (place-name, surname) Egashira; (surname) Egashise; (surname) Ekashira



see styles
Mandarin huá xī / hua2 xi1
Taiwan hua hsi
Japanese kasei / kase / かせい
Chinese West China (region in the upper reaches of Yangtze River and Sichuan Province)
Japanese (place-name) Kasei



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Mandarin wàn xiàn / wan4 xian4
Taiwan wan hsien
Chinese Wanxian port city on the Changjiang or Yangtze river in Sichuan, renamed Wanzhou district in Chongqing municipality in 1990



see styles
Mandarin cháng jiāng / chang2 jiang1
Taiwan ch`ang chiang / chang chiang
Japanese choukou / choko / ちょうこう
Chinese Yangtze River, or Chang Jiang
Japanese Yangtze River; Changjiang River; (female given name) Masae; (female given name) Hisae; (place-name, surname) Nagae; (place-name) Choukou; (personal name) Osae



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Mandarin cháng piāo / chang2 piao1
Taiwan ch`ang p`iao / chang piao
Chinese rafting on the Yangtze River; abbr. for 長江漂流|长江漂流


see styles
Mandarin sān jiāng yuán / san1 jiang1 yuan2
Taiwan san chiang yüan
Chinese Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve, high plateau region of Qinghai containing the headwaters of Changjiang or Yangtze, Huanghe or Yellow River and Lancang or Mekong River


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Mandarin jiā líng jiāng / jia1 ling2 jiang1
Taiwan chia ling chiang
Chinese Jialing river in Sichuan (a tributary of the Yangtze)


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Mandarin tuó tuó hé / tuo2 tuo2 he2
Taiwan t`o t`o ho / to to ho
Chinese source of Changjiang or Yangtze river



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Mandarin qū táng xiá / qu1 tang2 xia2
Taiwan ch`ü t`ang hsia / chü tang hsia
Chinese Qutang Gorge, 8 km long gorge on the Changjiang or Yangtze in Chongqing 重慶|重庆[Chong2 qing4], the upper of the Three Gorges 三峽|三峡[San1 Xia2]



see styles
Mandarin wàn xiàn shì / wan4 xian4 shi4
Taiwan wan hsien shih
Chinese Wanxian port city on the Changjiang or Yangtze river in Sichuan, renamed Wanzhou district in Chongqing municipality in 1990



see styles
Mandarin wàn xiàn gǎng / wan4 xian4 gang3
Taiwan wan hsien kang
Chinese Wanxian port city on the Changjiang or Yangtze river in Sichuan, renamed Wanzhou district in Chongqing municipality in 1990



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Mandarin dǒng yáng zī / dong3 yang2 zi1
Taiwan tung yang tzu
Chinese Grace Tong (Tong Yangtze) (1942-), Taiwanese calligrapher



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Mandarin xī líng xiá / xi1 ling2 xia2
Taiwan hsi ling hsia
Chinese Xiling Gorge on the Changjiang or Yangtze, the lower of the Three Gorges 三峽|三峡[San1 Xia2]


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Mandarin jīn shā jiāng / jin1 sha1 jiang1
Taiwan chin sha chiang
Japanese kimushakou / kimushako / きむしゃこう
Chinese Jinsha river, upper reaches of Yangtze river or Changjiang 長江|长江 in Sichuan and Yunnan
Japanese (personal name) Kimushakou



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Mandarin cháng sān jiǎo / chang2 san1 jiao3
Taiwan ch`ang san chiao / chang san chiao
Chinese Yangtze River Delta; abbr. for 長江三角洲|长江三角洲



see styles
Mandarin sān xiá dà bà / san1 xia2 da4 ba4
Taiwan san hsia ta pa
Chinese Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River



see styles
Mandarin sān xiá shuǐ kù / san1 xia2 shui3 ku4
Taiwan san hsia shui k`u / san hsia shui ku
Chinese Three Gorges Reservoir on the Changjiang or Yangtze


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Mandarin nán zhòng sān jiào / nan2 zhong4 san1 jiao4
Taiwan nan chung san chiao
Japanese nanchū sangyō
The three modes of Śākyamuni's teaching as expounded by the teachers south of the Yangtze after the Ch'i dynasty A.D. 479-501. (1) The 漸教 gradual method, leading the disciples step by step to nirvana. (2) The 頓教 immediate method, by which he instructed the Bodhisattvas, revealing the whole truth. (3) The 不定教 undetermined method, by which the teaching is adapted to each individual or group; three teachings of the south


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Mandarin dà jiāng nán běi / da4 jiang1 nan2 bei3
Taiwan ta chiang nan pei
Chinese north and south sides of the Yangtze River (idiom); (fig.) all over China



see styles
Mandarin wàn lǐ cháng jiāng / wan4 li3 chang2 jiang1
Taiwan wan li ch`ang chiang / wan li chang chiang
Chinese Changjiang River; Yangtze River

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Yangtze River揚子江
you su kou / yousukou / yo su ko / yosukoyáng zǐ jiāng
yang2 zi3 jiang1
yang zi jiang
yang tzu chiang
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In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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