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Unity / United / Solidarity / Cooperation

Join Forces / Rally Together
China tuán jié
Japan dan ketsu
Unity / United / Solidarity / Cooperation Vertical Wall Scroll

團結 / 糰結 means to join forces, unity, united, union, combination, cooperation or solidarity.

Regarding solidarity, this was part of the Chinese title used for the Solidarity Workers Union in Poland. In some circumstances, this can mean "hold a rally."

While there's not a perfect match to the English word "unity" in Chinese, this word is pretty close. It contains the idea of joining forces, and working as one. It could even mean to rally together to achieve a goal, or defeat a common enemy.

団 There are several variations of these characters such as 团结, 団結, 團結, 糰結, etc. Modern Japanese will write it 団結. Just the first Kanji varies. Click on the image of that modern Japanese first Kanji to the right if you want this version instead of the traditional one.

Solidarity / Working Together as One

Japan icchidanketsu
Solidarity / Working Together as One Vertical Wall Scroll

This Japanese phrase means solidarity, or "banding together and working as one for a common cause."

Esprit de Corps / Team Spirit

China tuán duì jīng shén
Esprit de Corps / Team Spirit Vertical Wall Scroll

This Chinese word can mean, "esprit de corps" or "team spirit."

Other translations include, collectivism, teamwork, or solidarity.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Japanese icchidanketsu / いっちだんけつ
Esprit de Corps / Team Spirit Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (noun/participle) (yoji) solidarity; banding together and working as one for a common cause



see styles
Mandarin tuán duì jīng shén / tuan2 dui4 jing1 shen2
Taiwan t`uan tui ching shen / tuan tui ching shen
Chinese group mentality; collectivism; solidarity; team spirit



see styles
Mandarin tuán jié / tuan2 jie2
Taiwan t`uan chieh / tuan chieh
Chinese to unite; unity; solidarity; united



see styles
Mandarin jié shù / jie2 shu4
Taiwan chieh shu
Japanese kessoku / けっそく
Chinese termination; to finish; to end; to conclude; to close
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) union; unity; solidarity; (2) bundling; binding; tying; (3) (archaism) putting on (clothes, armour, etc.); (female given name) Yudzuka; (female given name) Yutsuka; (surname) Yuuki; (personal name) Yuidzuka; (surname) Yuitsuka; (surname) Yuitaba; (surname) Yuizuka; (surname) Musubitaba; (surname) Ketsusoku; (surname) Kessoku


see styles
Japanese rentai / れんたい Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) (1) solidarity; collective; (can be adjective with の) (2) joint


see styles
Japanese rentaikan / れんたいかん Japanese feeling of solidarity


see styles
Japanese icchikyouryoku / icchikyoryoku / いっちきょうりょく Japanese (noun/participle) (yoji) combined (concerted) efforts; solidarity; joining forces (with)


see styles
Japanese kyoudousekinin / kyodosekinin / きょうどうせきにん Japanese joint responsibility; solidarity


see styles
Japanese kyouryokuicchi / kyoryokuicchi / きょうりょくいっち Japanese (noun/participle) (yoji) combined (concerted) efforts; solidarity; joining forces (with)


see styles
Japanese kyoushinrikuryoku / kyoshinrikuryoku / きょうしんりくりょく Japanese (noun/participle) (yoji) combined (concerted) efforts; solidarity; joining forces (with)



see styles
Mandarin tuán jié gōng huì / tuan2 jie2 gong1 hui4
Taiwan t`uan chieh kung hui / tuan chieh kung hui
Chinese Solidarity (Polish worker's union)


see styles
Japanese rikuryokukyoushin / rikuryokukyoshin / りくりょくきょうしん Japanese (noun/participle) (yoji) combined (concerted) efforts; solidarity; joining forces (with)


see styles
Japanese rentaiishiki / rentaishiki / れんたいいしき Japanese sense of solidarity


see styles
Japanese soridaritii / soridariti / ソリダリティー Japanese solidarity


see styles
Japanese tagagayurumu(tagaga緩mu,箍ga緩mu);tagagayurumu(tagaga緩mu) / たががゆるむ(たがが緩む,箍が緩む);タガがゆるむ(タガが緩む) Japanese (exp,v5m) to weaken (of willpower, solidarity, etc.); to lose one's edge; to become less tense; to become lax (of discipline, rules, etc.)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
團結 / 糰結
团结 / 団结
dan ketsu / danketsutuán jié / tuan2 jie2 / tuan jie / tuanjiet`uan chieh / tuanchieh / tuan chieh
Working Together as One
Esprit de Corps
Team Spirit
tuán duì jīng shén
tuan2 dui4 jing1 shen2
tuan dui jing shen
t`uan tui ching shen
tuan tui ching shen
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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