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China qīng yù
Japan seigyoku

青玉 is a Japanese word that means sapphire or jacinth.

青玉 literally mean blue/green jade.

Note: This also makes sense in Chinese, but will be read as "blue jade", rather than being understood to be sapphire (藍寶石 is sapphire in Chinese).


China lán bǎo shí

藍寶石 means sapphire in Chinese.

Literally, 藍寶石 means blue gem stone.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


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Japanese seigyoku / segyoku せいぎょく
Japanese sapphire; jacinth
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Mandarin lán bǎo shí / lan2 bao3 shi2
Taiwan lan pao shih
Chinese sapphire
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Mandarin bǎo lán / bao3 lan2
Taiwan pao lan
Chinese sapphire blue

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Japanese iroishi いろいし
Japanese (1) (See カラーストーン) gemstones (apart from diamond, e.g. ruby, sapphire, etc.); (2) colored stone

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Mandarin dà qīng zhū / da4 qing1 zhu1
Taiwan ta ch`ing chu / ta ching chu
Japanese daishōshu
mahānīla. 摩訶尼羅 A precious stone, large and blue, perhaps identical with Indra-nīla-muktā, i.e. the Indra of precious stones, a 'sapphire' (M. W.).

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Mandarin mó hē ní luō / mo2 he1 ni2 luo1
Taiwan mo ho ni lo
Japanese makanira
(or 摩訶泥羅) mahānīla, dark-blue, a sapphire; described as the large blue pearl of Indra, perhaps the Indranīla.

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Mandarin yù tóu jī wēng / yu4 tou2 ji1 weng1
Taiwan yü t`ou chi weng / yü tou chi weng
Chinese (bird species of China) sapphire flycatcher (Ficedula sapphira)

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Japanese rurisuzumedai;rurisuzumedai るりすずめだい;ルリスズメダイ
Japanese (kana only) sapphire devil (Chrysiptera cyanea, damselfish from the Indo-West Pacific)

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Japanese safaia サファイア
Japanese sapphire; (personal name) Safire; Sapphire

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Mandarin yīn tuó luō ní luō / yin1 tuo2 luo1 ni2 luo1
Taiwan yin t`o lo ni lo / yin to lo ni lo
Japanese Indara nira
(因陀羅尼羅目多) Indranīla-(muktā). Indra's blue (or green) stone, which suggests an emerald, Indranīlaka (M. W. ); but according to M. W. Indranīla is a sapphire; muktā is a pearl.

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Mandarin dà yǒng měng pú sà / da4 yong3 meng3 pu2 sa4
Taiwan ta yung meng p`u sa / ta yung meng pu sa
A guardian ruler in the Garbhadhātu group called Mahānīla, the Great Blue Pearl, or perhaps sapphire, which in some way is associated with him.

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Japanese karaasutoon / karasutoon カラーストーン
Japanese gemstones (apart from diamond, e.g. ruby, sapphire, etc.) (wasei: color stone)

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Japanese rurisuzumedai ルリスズメダイ
Japanese (kana only) sapphire devil (Chrysiptera cyanea, damselfish from the Indo-West Pacific)

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Japanese karaa sutoon / kara sutoon カラー・ストーン
Japanese gemstones (apart from diamond, e.g. ruby, sapphire, etc.) (wasei: color stone)

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Japanese sutaasafaia / sutasafaia スターサファイア
Japanese star sapphire

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Japanese kujakusuzumedai クジャクスズメダイ
Japanese sapphire damsel (Pomacentrus pavo, species of marine damselfish from the Indo-Pacific)

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Japanese sutaa safaia / suta safaia スター・サファイア
Japanese star sapphire

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Japanese karaasutoon;karaa sutoon / karasutoon;kara sutoon カラーストーン;カラー・ストーン
Japanese gemstones (apart from diamond, e.g. ruby, sapphire, etc.) (wasei: color stone)


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Japanese sutaasafaia;sutaa safaia / sutasafaia;suta safaia スターサファイア;スター・サファイア
Japanese star sapphire

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Sapphire青玉seigyokuqīng yù / qing1 yu4 / qing yu / qingyuch`ing yü / chingyü / ching yü
lán bǎo shí
lan2 bao3 shi2
lan bao shi
lan pao shih
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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