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Peace and Harmony in Chinese / Japanese...

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Peace / Harmony

(single character)
Japan wa
ribbon top
<mark>Peace</mark> / <mark>Harmony</mark>

The simplest form of peace and harmony.

This can also be translated as the peaceful ideas of gentle, mild, kind, and calm. With the more harmonious context, it can be translated as union, together with, on good terms with, or on friendly terms.

Most people would just translate this character as peace and/or harmony. This is a very popular character in Asian cultures - you can even call it the "peace symbol" of Asia. In fact, this peace and harmony character was seen repeatedly during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing (a major theme of the games).

In old Chinese poems and literature, you might see this used as a kind of "and". As in two things summed together. As much as you could say, "the sun and moon", you could say "the sun in harmony with the moon".

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Peacefulness / Tranquility
Perfectly Quiet

China jìng mì
Japan seihitsu
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<mark>Peace</mark>fulness / Tranquility<br>Perfectly Quiet

The first and second character both mean quiet. Together, they reinforce the meanings almost creating a word that means "double quiet" or "perfect quiet".

A good wall scroll for a library, reading room, or other quiet place.

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Harmony / Balance

China hé xié
Japan wa kai
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<mark>Harmony</mark> / Balance

This word means harmonious, harmony, concordant, or balanced in Chinese and Japanese Kanji.

In Korean Hanja, it sometimes means reconciliation or compromise.

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Patience / Perseverance / To Endure / Tolerant

China rěn nài
Japan nin tai
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Patience / Perseverance / To Endure / Tolerant

Patience is quiet hope and trust that things will turn out right. You wait without complaining. You are tolerant and accepting of difficulties and mistakes. You picture the end in the beginning and persevere to meet your goals.

These characters can also mean "to endure", "restrain oneself" and in some context it can mean "perseverance" or "endurance".

This is also used as a tenet of Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, and other Korean martial arts where it's titled "Endurance" and romanized as "In Neh".

忍Note that when writing this as Kanji, Japanese will tend to write the first character in the form shown to the right. If you select our Japanese master calligrapher, please expect this Kanji form (yes, it's just one stroke that is slightly different in location, crossing another stroke in the Japanese Kanji form).

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Tranquil / Tranquility / Serenity

China níng jìng
ribbon top
Tranquil / Tranquility / Serenity

This word expresses the idea of tranquility and serenity in Chinese.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your peace and harmony search...

Character Images Characters / Kanji
If shown, second row is Simplified Chinese
Simple Dictionary Definition
see styles
Mandarin huò // huó // hú // hè // hé / huo4 // huo2 // hu2 // he4 // he2
Taiwan huo // hu // ho
Japanese wa わたる
Chinese to mix together; to blend; soft; warm; to complete a set in mahjong or playing cards; to compose a poem in reply (to sb's poem) using the same rhyme sequence; to join in the singing; to chime in with others; and; together with; with; sum; union; peace; harmony; Taiwan pr. [han4] when it means "and" or "with"; surname He; Japanese (food, clothes etc)
Japanese (1) sum; (2) harmony; peace; (n,n-pref,adj-no) (3) Japan; Japanese-style; (adj-na,n) (kana only) soft; fragile; weak; poorly built; insubstantial; (adj-nari) (archaism) tranquil; calm; quiet; peaceful; calm (at sea); lull; (given name) Wataru; (surname) Wazusaki; (surname) Wazaki; (surname) Wasaki; (female given name) Wakana; (surname/given name) Wa; (female given name) Yori; (given name) Yoshi; (f,s) Yawara; (female given name) Yamato; (female given name) Yasura; (given name) Yasushi; (female given name) Yasu; (female given name) Mutsumi; (female given name) Madoka; (personal name) Masa; (female given name) Honoka; (female given name) Hiyori; (female given name) Hina; (male given name) Hito
Harmony, peace; to blend, mix; with, unite with; respond, rhyme.
More info / calligraphy:
Peace / Harmony
see styles
平和 Mandarin píng hé / ping2 he2
Taiwan p`ing ho / ping ho
Japanese heiwa / hewa へいわ
 hirawa ひらわ
 hirana ひらな
 hirakazu ひらかず
 hiyori ひより
 nodoka のどか
 shizuka しずか
Chinese gentle; mild; moderate; placid; Pinghe county in Zhangzhou 漳州[Zhang1 zhou1], Fujian
Japanese (mahj) concealed winning hand consisting of chows, a pair that isn't a value pair, and an open wait (chi:); (adj-na,n) peace; harmony; (f,p) Heiwa; (place-name/surname) Hirawa; (female given name) Hirana; (surname/given name) Hirakazu; (female given name) Hiyori; (female given name) Nodoka; (female given name) Shizuka
More info / calligraphy:
Peace / Peaceful
see styles
和楽 Japanese waraku わらく
 kazuyoshi かずよし
 aera あえら
Japanese (noun/participle) peace and harmony; Japanese music; (surname) Waraku; (personal name) Kazuyoshi; (personal name) Aera

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Peace / Harmony
Peacefulness / Tranquility / Perfectly Quiet静谧
seihitsujìng mì
jing mi
ching mi
jing4 mi4
Harmony / Balance和谐
wa kai
hé xié
he xie
ho hsieh
he2 xie2
Patience / Perseverance / To Endure / Tolerant忍耐
nin tai
rěn nài
ren nai
jen nai
ren3 nai4
Tranquil / Tranquility / Serenity宁静
n/aníng jìng
ning jing
ning ching
ning2 jing4

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