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The Name Fong in Chinese / Japanese...

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Fong / Fang

China fāng
Japan hou
Fong / Fang Vertical Wall Scroll

方 is the most common version of a Chinese surname that romanizes as Fong from Taiwan or Fang from mainland China.

The meaning of this character is square, upright, honest, fair and square, direction, place, or side. Sometimes 方 can refer to a method, prescription, or way of doing things.

In Japanese, this can be the given names Michi, Masani, Masashi,Tamotsu, Tadashi. It can also be Japanese surnames Hon, Hou, Ho, Fuon, Pan, Ban, Tokukata, or Kata.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin fēng / feng1
Taiwan feng
Japanese fuu;fuu / fu;fu / ふう;フウ
Chinese maple (genus Acer)
Japanese (kana only) Formosan sweetgum (Liquidambar formosana); (surname, female given name) Momiji; (female given name) Meipuru; (female given name) Fuwa; (surname, female given name) Fuu; (p,s,f) Kaede; (female given name) Kae

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Mandarin fēng / feng1
Taiwan feng
Japanese fuu / fu / ふう    kaze / かぜ
Chinese wind; news; style; custom; manner; CL:陣|阵[zhen4],絲|丝[si1]
Japanese (adj-na,n,n-suf) (1) method; manner; way; style; (2) appearance; air; (3) tendency; (4) (See 六義・1) folk song (genre of the Shi Jing); (5) (See 五大・1) wind (one of the five elements); (1) wind; breeze; draught; draft; (n,n-pref) (2) (See 風・ふう・1) manner; behaviour; behavior; (3) (irreg. kanji form) (See 風邪・かぜ) cold; influenza; (female given name) Fuwari; (female given name) Fuuka; (female given name) Fuu; (personal name) Hayashi; (given name) Gaifuu; (surname, female given name) Kaze; (place-name) Kaza
vāyu. Wind, air; rumour, repute; custom; temper, lust.

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Mandarin fèng / feng4
Taiwan feng
Japanese hou / ho / ほう
Chinese phoenix; surname Feng
Japanese (obscure) (See 鳳凰) feng (male Chinese firebird); (given name) Pou; (surname) Housaki; (personal name) Houen; (surname) Hou; (personal name) Suenobu; (personal name) Suenaga; (personal name) Sueo; (surname) Oodori; (place-name, surname) Ootori; (female given name) O-dori-; (female given name) Ageha
The 'phœnix' the auspicious bird.



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Mandarin xuàn fēng / xuan4 feng1
Taiwan hsüan feng
Japanese tsumujikaze / つむじかぜ    tsujikaze / つじかぜ    senpuu / senpu / せんぷう
Chinese whirlwind; tornado
Japanese whirlwind; (1) whirlwind; (2) commotion; sensation; hullabaloo



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Mandarin bào fēng / bao4 feng1
Taiwan pao feng
Japanese boufuu(p);arashi(gikun) / bofu(p);arashi(gikun) / ぼうふう(P);あらし(gikun)
Chinese storm wind; storm (force 11 wind)
Japanese storm; windstorm; gale


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Mandarin fēng wáng / feng1 wang2
Taiwan feng wang
Fong / Fang Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese queen bee



see styles
Mandarin fēng bào / feng1 bao4
Taiwan feng pao
Chinese storm; violent commotion; fig. crisis (e.g. revolution, uprising, financial crisis etc)



see styles
Mandarin fēng shuǐ / feng1 shui3
Taiwan feng shui
Japanese fuusui / fusui / ふうすい
Chinese feng shui; geomancy
Japanese (1) feng shui; fengshui; (2) wind and water; (female given name) Fumi; (female given name) Kazemi; (female given name) Kazami


see styles
Mandarin fēng lún / feng1 lun2
Taiwan feng lun
The wheel, or circle, of wind below the circle of water and metal on which the earth rests; the circle of wind rests on space.



see styles
Mandarin fēng xiǎn / feng1 xian3
Taiwan feng hsien
Chinese risk; hazard



see styles
Mandarin fēng yǔ / feng1 yu3
Taiwan feng yü
Japanese fuuu / fuu / ふうう
Chinese wind and rain; the elements; trials and hardships
Japanese wind and rain; (given name) Fuuu



see styles
Mandarin jù fēng / ju4 feng1
Taiwan chü feng
Japanese gufuu / gufu / ぐふう
Chinese hurricane
Japanese tornado; hurricane; typhoon



see styles
Mandarin yǎng fēng / yang3 feng1
Taiwan yang feng
Japanese youhou / yoho / ようほう
Chinese to raise bees
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) beekeeping; apiculture



see styles
Mandarin fèng huáng / feng4 huang2
Taiwan feng huang
Japanese houou / hoo / ほうおう
Chinese phoenix; Fenghuang county in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 湘西土家族苗族自治州[Xiang1 xi1 Tu3 jia1 zu2 Miao2 zu2 zi4 zhi4 zhou1]
Japanese (sometimes erroneously associated with the Egyptian phoenix) (See フェニックス・1) Chinese firebird; Chinese phoenix; (surname, female given name) Houou; (female given name) Shouin



see styles
Mandarin lóng fèng / long2 feng4
Taiwan lung feng
Japanese ryuuhou / ryuho / りゅうほう
Chinese dragon and phoenix; Longfeng district of Daqing city 大慶|大庆[Da4 qing4], Heilongjiang
Japanese (given name) Ryuuhou



see styles
Mandarin bào fēng yǔ / bao4 feng1 yu3
Taiwan pao feng yü
Japanese boufuuu(p);arashi(gikun) / bofuu(p);arashi(gikun) / ぼうふうう(P);あらし(gikun)
Chinese rainstorm; storm; tempest
Japanese rainstorm; storm

see styles
Mandarin fēng / feng1
Taiwan feng
Chinese old variant of 烽[feng1]

see styles
Mandarin fēng / feng1
Taiwan feng
Chinese variant of 蜂[feng1]
Japanese See:

see styles
Mandarin fēng / feng1
Taiwan feng
Chinese luxuriant; buxom; variant of 豐|丰[feng1]; variant of 風|风[feng1]; appearance; charm

see styles
Mandarin fèng / feng4
Taiwan feng
Japanese hou / ho / ほう
Chinese salary
Japanese salary

see styles
Mandarin fēng / feng1
Taiwan feng
Chinese old variant of 風|风[feng1]

see styles
Mandarin fěng / feng3
Taiwan feng
Chinese recite; chant

see styles
Mandarin fēng // běng / feng1 // beng3
Taiwan feng // peng
Chinese landmark used during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD); variant of 埲[beng3]

see styles
Mandarin féng / feng2
Taiwan feng
Chinese to butt (as horned animals)

see styles
Mandarin fèng / feng4
Taiwan feng
Japanese matsuri / まつり    hou / ho / ほう    tomo / とも
Chinese to offer (tribute); to present respectfully (to superior, ancestor, deity etc); to esteem; to revere; to believe in (a religion); to wait upon; to accept orders (from superior)
Japanese (female given name) Matsuri; (given name) Hou; (surname) Tomo
To receive respectfully; honoured by, have the honour to, be favoured by, serve, offer; to receive with both hands

see styles
Mandarin fēng / feng1
Taiwan feng
Japanese fuu / fu / ふう
Chinese to confer; to grant; to bestow a title; to seal; classifier for sealed objects, esp. letters; surname Feng
Japanese seal; (surname) Fuu; (given name) Kizuku
To seal, close (a letter); classifier, or numerative of letters, etc.; to appoint (imperially).

see styles
Mandarin fēng / feng1
Taiwan feng
Japanese mine / みね
Chinese old variant of 峰[feng1]
Japanese (1) peak; summit; ridge; top; (2) back of a blade; (surname, female given name) Mine; (personal name) Noboru
mountain peak

see styles
Mandarin fēng / feng1
Taiwan feng
Japanese mine / みね
Chinese (of a mountain) high and tapered peak or summit; mountain-like in appearance; highest level; classifier for camels
Japanese (1) peak; summit; ridge; top; (2) back of a blade; (surname) Minezaki; (surname) Minesaki; (p,s,f) Mine; (surname) Hou; (female given name) Takane; (surname, given name) Takashi

see styles
Mandarin fēng / feng1
Taiwan feng
Chinese name of a legendary hill

see styles
Mandarin féng / feng2
Taiwan feng
Chinese wide; to sew

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hou / hofāng / fang1 / fang

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