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Mandarin shí / shi2
Taiwan shih
Japanese minoru / みのる    makoto / まこと    hiroshi / ひろし    jitsu / じつ    sanesaki / さねさき    sane / さね
Chinese real; true; honest; really; solid; fruit; seed; definitely
Japanese (s,m) Minoru; (personal name) Makoto; (personal name) Hiroshi; (surname) Jitsu; (surname) Sane
Real, true, honest, sincere; solid; fixed; full; to fill; fruit, kernel, effects; verily, in fact; it is used for 眞, as in 一實 the supreme fact, or ultimate reality; also for bhūta.

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Mandarin chéng / cheng2
Taiwan ch`eng / cheng
Japanese masakatsu / まさかつ    masa / まさ    makoto / まこと    mako / まこ    makato / まかと    nobu / のぶ    tadashi / ただし    takashi / たかし    son / そん    seiji / seji / せいじ    sei / se / せい    sumito / すみと    sumitaka / すみたか    akira / あきら
Chinese sincere; authentic; really; truly
Japanese (adv,n) (1) truth; reality; (2) sincerity; honesty; integrity; fidelity; (3) (archaism) that's right (used when recalling forgotten information, suddenly changing the subject, etc.); (personal name) Masakatsu; (personal name) Masa; (surname, female given name) Makoto; (female given name) Mako; (given name) Makato; (given name) Nobu; (given name) Tadashi; (given name) Takashi; (given name) Son; (personal name) Seiji; (given name) Sei; (personal name) Sumito; (personal name) Sumitaka; (given name) Akira
Truthful, true, truth; real; sincere, sincerity.; See under Fourteen Strokes.


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Japanese mame / まめ    chuujitsu / chujitsu / ちゅうじつ
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (1) (kana only) diligent; hardworking; conscientious; sincere; (2) (kana only) healthy; fit; (3) (archaism) (See 忠実・ちゅうじつ) faithful; devoted; (noun or adjectival noun) faithful; devoted; loyal; honest; true; (given name) Chuujitsu; (personal name) Tadamitsu; (female given name) Tadami; (given name) Tadazane


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Mandarin zhēn xīn / zhen1 xin1
Taiwan chen hsin
Japanese magokoro(p);makokoro(ok) / まごころ(P);まこころ(ok)
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese sincere; heartfelt; CL:片[pian4]
Japanese sincerity; true heart; devotion; (female given name) Mami; (female given name) Manami; (female given name) Manaka; (personal name) Masami; (female given name) Magokoro; (female given name) Makoro; (female given name) Makoko; (female given name) Mako; (female given name) Kokoro



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Mandarin zhēn chéng / zhen1 cheng2
Taiwan chen ch`eng / chen cheng
Japanese makoto / まこと
Chinese true; sincere; genuine
Japanese (personal name) Makoto



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Mandarin dǔ shí / du3 shi2
Taiwan tu shih
Japanese tokujitsu
Chinese loyal; sincere; sound



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Mandarin zhì chéng / zhi4 cheng2
Taiwan chih ch`eng / chih cheng
Japanese shisei / shise / しせい
Chinese sincere
Japanese sincerity; devotion; (given name) Yoshimasa; (personal name) Yukimasa; (g,p) Shisei; (given name) Shijou


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Japanese seijitsu / sejitsu / せいじつ
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) sincere; honest; faithful; (female given name) Masami; (given name) Masachika; (female given name) Narumi; (personal name) Tomomi; (given name) Seijitsu; (given name) Joujitsu


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Japanese shinshia / シンシア
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (can act as adjective) sincere; (female given name) Cynthia; Synthia; Shinshia



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Mandarin zhēn zhì / zhen1 zhi4
Taiwan chen chih
Japanese shinshi / しんし
Chinese sincere; sincerity
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) sincere; earnest; serious

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Mandarin dǎn / dan3
Taiwan tan
Japanese makoto / まこと    kazuhiro / かずひろ
Chinese sincere; surname Dan
Japanese (given name) Makoto; (personal name) Kazuhiro

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Mandarin yǔn / yun3
Taiwan yün
Japanese yun / ゆん    yurusu / ゆるす    mitsuru / みつる    masa / まさ    makoto / まこと    tadashi / ただし    in / いん
Chinese just; fair; to permit; to allow
Japanese (female given name) Yun; (personal name) Yurusu; (given name) Mitsuru; (personal name) Masa; (given name) Makoto; (given name) Tadashi; (personal name) In
Sincere, true; to assent; genuine

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Mandarin xún / xun2
Taiwan hsün
Japanese yoshi / よし    makoto / まこと    jun / じゅん    shun / しゅん
Chinese sincere
Japanese (personal name) Yoshi; (given name) Makoto; (female given name) Jun; (given name) Shun

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Mandarin kǔn / kun3
Taiwan k`un / kun
Japanese makoto / まこと
Chinese sincere
Japanese (given name) Makoto

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Mandarin kōng / kong1
Taiwan k`ung / kung
Chinese simple-minded; sincere

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Mandarin/ bi4
Taiwan pi
Chinese melancholy; sincere

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Mandarin/ su4
Taiwan su
Chinese guileless; sincere

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Mandarin zào / zao4
Taiwan tsao
Japanese makoto / まこと    sou / so / そう
Chinese sincere
Japanese (given name) Makoto; (given name) Sou

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Mandarin zhì / zhi4
Taiwan chih
Japanese susumu / すすむ
Chinese sincere; surname Zhi
Japanese (given name) Susumu

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Mandarin lěi / lei3
Taiwan lei
Japanese rei / re / れい    rai / らい    koishi / こいし
Chinese lumpy; rock pile; uneven; fig. sincere; open and honest
Japanese (personal name) Rei; (given name) Rai; (surname) Koishi

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Mandarin zhēn / zhen1
Taiwan chen
Chinese to receive blessings in a sincere spirit

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Mandarin/ du3
Taiwan tu
Japanese toku / とく    atsuyuki / あつゆき    atsunori / あつのり    atsuji / あつじ    atsushi / あつし    atsu / あつ
Chinese serious (illness); sincere; true
Japanese (surname) Toku; (personal name) Atsuyuki; (personal name) Atsunori; (personal name) Atsuji; (surname, given name) Atsushi; (given name) Atsu
Sincere; serious; consolidate; warm, hearty

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Mandarin chún / chun2
Taiwan ch`un / chun
Japanese jun / じゅん
Chinese pure; simple; unmixed; genuine
Japanese (adj-na,adj-t,adv-to) (1) innocent; chaste; naive; (prefix) (2) pure; genuine; (given name) Yasushi; (female given name) Megumi; (female given name) Masumi; (female given name) Makoto; (female given name) Pyua; (female given name) Tsunade; (given name) Tadashi; (surname, female given name) Sumi; (female given name) Sunao; (personal name) Junji; (place-name) Junshin; (female given name) Jun; (female given name) Kokoro; (male given name) Kiyoshi; (female given name) Kiito; (female given name) Ito; (female given name) Aya; (female given name) Adzu; (female given name) Atsumi; (given name) Atsushi
One-coloured, unadulterated, pure, sincere.

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Mandarin zhūn / zhun1
Taiwan chun
Japanese makoto / まこと    jun / じゅん    satoshi / さとし    itaru / いたる    atsushi / あつし
Chinese repeatedly (in giving advice); sincere; earnest; untiring
Japanese (given name) Makoto; (given name) Jun; (personal name) Satoshi; (given name) Itaru; (given name) Atsushi

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Mandarin chén / chen2
Taiwan ch`en / chen
Chinese faithful; sincere; surname Chen


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Japanese bansha / ばんしゃ Japanese (noun/participle) many thanks; sincere apologies


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Japanese kokumei / kokume / こくめい Japanese (adjectival noun) (1) detailed; scrupulous; careful; minute; faithful; elaborate; (2) (archaism) diligent; honest; upright; sincere; (male given name) Yoshiaki; (given name) Masaaki; (given name) Kokumei; (personal name) Katsumasa; (given name) Katsuaki


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Japanese setsujitsu / せつじつ Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (1) earnest; sincere; acute; keen; fervent; (2) pressing; urgent; serious; severe; (3) pertinent; appropriate


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Mandarin qín qín / qin2 qin2
Taiwan ch`in ch`in / chin chin
Chinese attentive; solicitous; earnest; sincere



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Mandarin qín kěn / qin2 ken3
Taiwan ch`in k`en / chin ken
Chinese diligent and attentive; assiduous; sincere


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Mandarin hòu dao / hou4 dao5
Taiwan hou tao
Japanese atsumichi / あつみち
Chinese kind and honest; generous; sincere
Japanese (personal name) Atsumichi



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Mandarin shí xīn / shi2 xin1
Taiwan shih hsin
Japanese jisshin
Chinese sincere; solid
sound mind



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Mandarin shí yì / shi2 yi4
Taiwan shih i
Chinese sincere; real meaning



see styles
Mandarin shí chéng / shi2 cheng2
Taiwan shih ch`eng / shih cheng
Chinese sincere; honest


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Mandarin xīn xiāng / xin1 xiang1
Taiwan hsin hsiang
Japanese motoka / もとか    mika / みか    honoka / ほのか    konoka / このか    kokoka / ここか    kiyoka / きよか
Japanese (female given name) Motoka; (female given name) Mika; (female given name) Honoka; (female given name) Konoka; (female given name) Kokoka; (female given name) Kiyoka
The incense of the mind, or heart, i. e. sincere devotion; fragrance of the mind


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Mandarin zhōng xìn / zhong1 xin4
Taiwan chung hsin
Japanese chuushin / chushin / ちゅうしん
Chinese faithful and honest; loyal and sincere
Japanese faithfulness; devotion; (personal name) Yoshinobu; (given name) Chuushin; (surname, given name) Tadanobu
loyal and faithful


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Mandarin zhōng yán / zhong1 yan2
Taiwan chung yen
Japanese chuugen / chugen / ちゅうげん
Chinese loyal advice; sincere advice
Japanese (good) advice; (given name) Tadanobu



see styles
Mandarin kěn qiè / ken3 qie4
Taiwan k`en ch`ieh / ken chieh
Japanese konsetsu / こんせつ
Chinese earnest; sincere
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) kind; considerate; helpful; caring; thoughtful; attentive; careful



see styles
Mandarin kěn cí / ken3 ci2
Taiwan k`en tz`u / ken tzu
Chinese to decline with sincere thanks


see styles
Mandarin quán quán / quan2 quan2
Taiwan ch`üan ch`üan / chüan chüan
Japanese kenken / けんけん
Chinese earnest; sincere
Japanese (adverb) respectfully; faithfully; seriously; reverently



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Mandarin zhì qiè / zhi4 qie4
Taiwan chih ch`ieh / chih chieh
Chinese sincere; fervent


see styles
Japanese shijitsu / しじつ Japanese (adjectival noun) (obscure) (See 真摯) serious, sincere



see styles
Mandarin zhì chéng / zhi4 cheng2
Taiwan chih ch`eng / chih cheng
Chinese sincere


see styles
Mandarin dūn hòu / dun1 hou4
Taiwan tun hou
Japanese tonkou / tonko / とんこう
Chinese genuine; honest and sincere
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) sincerity and kindheartedness; honesty and simplicity


see styles
Mandarin míng zhì / ming2 zhi4
Taiwan ming chih
Japanese meishi / meshi / めいし    akeshi / あけし    akiji / あきじ    akishi / あきし    akashi / あかし
Chinese to demonstrate one's sincere convictions
Japanese (given name) Meishi; (surname, given name) Akeshi; (personal name) Akiji; (personal name) Akishi; (personal name) Akashi



see styles
Mandarin pǔ shí / pu3 shi2
Taiwan p`u shih / pu shih
Chinese plain; simple; guileless; down-to-earth; sincere and honest


see styles
Mandarin shēn qiè / shen1 qie4
Taiwan shen ch`ieh / shen chieh
Japanese shinsetsu / しんせつ
Chinese deeply felt; heartfelt; sincere; honest
Japanese (out-dated kanji) (noun or adjectival noun) kindness; gentleness


see styles
Mandarin shēn hòu / shen1 hou4
Taiwan shen hou
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Chinese deep; profound
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) benevolence; sincere


see styles
Japanese shinsha / しんしゃ Japanese (noun/participle) deep appreciation or gratitude; sincere apology


see styles
Japanese mankou;mankuu(ik) / manko;manku(ik) / まんこう;まんくう(ik) Japanese (adj-no,n) (kana only) heartfelt; sincere; wholehearted


see styles
Japanese manpuku / まんぷく Japanese (n,vs,adj-no,adj-na) (1) (ant: 空腹) full stomach; filling one's stomach; eating one's fill; (can be adjective with の) (2) complete; total; full; heartfelt; sincere


see styles
Mandarin shuài zhēn / shuai4 zhen1
Taiwan shuai chen
Chinese frank and sincere; candid


see styles
Mandarin yóu zhōng / you2 zhong1
Taiwan yu chung
Chinese heartfelt; sincere; unfeigned


see styles
Mandarin zhí xīn / zhi2 xin1
Taiwan chih hsin
Japanese naomi / なおみ    sugumoto / すぐもと
Japanese (female given name) Naomi; (personal name) Sugumoto
Straightforward, sincere, blunt; to mind characterized by straight forwardness


see styles
Mandarin zhēn qiè / zhen1 qie4
Taiwan chen ch`ieh / chen chieh
Chinese vivid; distinct; clear; sincere; honest


see styles
Mandarin zhēn shuài / zhen1 shuai4
Taiwan chen shuai
Japanese shinsotsu / しんそつ
Chinese sincere; genuine; straightforward
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) honesty; sincerity; frankness



see styles
Mandarin dǔ hòu / du3 hou4
Taiwan tu hou
Japanese tokkou / tokko / とっこう
Chinese honest and generous; magnanimous
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) helpful and sincere; kind and honest; (personal name) Tokuatsu



see styles
Mandarin dǔ zhì / du3 zhi4
Taiwan tu chih
Chinese sincere (in friendship); cordial



see styles
Mandarin chún zhēn / chun2 zhen1
Taiwan ch`un chen / chun chen
Japanese junshin
Sincere, true; name of a man who asked the Buddha questions which are replied to in a sutra.



see styles
Mandarin lǎo shi / lao3 shi5
Taiwan lao shih
Chinese honest; sincere; well-behaved; open and guileless; naive



see styles
Mandarin qián chéng / qian2 cheng2
Taiwan ch`ien ch`eng / chien cheng
Chinese pious; devout; sincere



see styles
Mandarin chéng xīn / cheng2 xin1
Taiwan ch`eng hsin / cheng hsin
Japanese seishin / seshin / せいしん
Chinese sincerity
Japanese sincerity; (female given name) Mako
sincere mind; sincere mind



see styles
Mandarin chéng kěn / cheng2 ken3
Taiwan ch`eng k`en / cheng ken
Chinese sincere; honest; cordial



see styles
Mandarin chéng zhì / cheng2 zhi4
Taiwan ch`eng chih / cheng chih
Chinese sincere; cordial



see styles
Mandarin chéng pǔ / cheng2 pu3
Taiwan ch`eng p`u / cheng pu
Chinese simple and sincere



see styles
Mandarin chéng dǔ / cheng2 du3
Taiwan ch`eng tu / cheng tu
Chinese honest; sincere and serious



see styles
Mandarin zhūn zhūn / zhun1 zhun1
Taiwan chun chun
Japanese junjun / じゅんじゅん
Chinese earnest; devoted; tireless; sincere; assiduous
Japanese (adj-t,adv-to) earnestly; repeatedly; patiently



see styles
Mandarin qiān chéng / qian1 cheng2
Taiwan ch`ien ch`eng / chien cheng
Japanese kenjou / kenjo / けんじょう
Chinese modest and sincere; humble
Japanese (given name) Kenjou


see styles
Japanese teijitsu / tejitsu / ていじつ Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) faithful; devoted; true; honest; sincere; (female given name) Teimi; (given name) Sadami



see styles
Mandarin chì chéng / chi4 cheng2
Taiwan ch`ih ch`eng / chih cheng
Japanese sekisei / sekise / せきせい
Chinese utterly sincere; wholly devoted
Japanese sincerity


see styles
Japanese sanekiyuu / sanekiyu / さんえきゆう Japanese (archaism) (See 益者三友) (ant: 三損友) three kinds of beneficial friends: straightforward, sincere, and well-informed ones (Confucius)



see styles
Mandarin shàng bèi guān / shang4 bei4 guan1
Taiwan shang pei kuan
Japanese jōhai kan
The fourteenth of the sixteen contemplations of the Amitābha school, with reference to those who seek the Pure Land with sincere, profound, and altruistic hearts; superior contemplation



see styles
Mandarin zhì chéng xīn / zhi4 cheng2 xin1
Taiwan chih ch`eng hsin / chih cheng hsin
Japanese shijō shin
perfectly sincere mind; perfectly sincere mind



see styles
Mandarin chéng xìn yán / cheng2 xin4 yan2
Taiwan ch`eng hsin yen / cheng hsin yen
Japanese jōshing on
sincere words; sincere words



see styles
Mandarin yè chéng / ye4 cheng2
Taiwan yeh ch`eng / yeh cheng
Japanese ichinen gō jō
At one thought the work completed; karma complete in one thought. One repetition, or sincere thought of or faith in Amitābha's vow, and entrance into the Pure Land is assured.



see styles
Mandarin sān guī shòu fǎ / san1 gui1 shou4 fa3
Taiwan san kuei shou fa
Japanese sanki juhō
The receiving of the Law, or admission of a lay disciple, after recantation of his previous wrong belief and sincere repetition to the abbot or monk of the three refuges 三歸; receiving the dharma of the three refuges



see styles
Mandarin bù xū wàng xìng / bu4 xu1 wang4 xing4
Taiwan pu hsü wang hsing
Japanese fu komō shō
Not of false or untrue nature; true, sincere; also 眞實性; nature that is not false



see styles
Mandarin xiān yán wèn xùn / xian1 yan2 wen4 xun4
Taiwan hsien yen wen hsün
Japanese sengon monshin
to question in sincere language (?); to question in sincere language (?)



see styles
Mandarin pōu gān lì dǎn / pou1 gan1 li4 dan3
Taiwan p`ou kan li tan / pou kan li tan
Chinese to be completely honest and sincere (idiom)


see styles
Japanese minoaru / みのある    jitsunoaru / じつのある Japanese (exp,adj-f) solid; substantial; substantive; (expression) faithful; sincere


see styles
Japanese minoaru / みのある    jitsunoaru / じつのある Japanese (exp,adj-f) solid; substantial; substantive; (expression) faithful; sincere


see styles
Japanese jichirashii / jichirashi / じちらしい Japanese (adjective) honest (appearance); sincere (impression)


see styles
Japanese mameyaka / まめやか Japanese (adjectival noun) sincere; faithful; honest


see styles
Mandarin gōng jìng hé zhǎng / gong1 jing4 he2 zhang3
Taiwan kung ching ho chang
Japanese kyōkyō gasshō
join one's palms in sincere reverence; join one's palms in sincere reverence


see styles
Mandarin wǒ zuì yù mián / wo3 zui4 yu4 mian2
Taiwan wo tsui yü mien
Chinese lit. I'm drunk and would like to sleep (idiom); (used to indicate one's sincere and straightforward nature)


see styles
Japanese onkoutokujitsu / onkotokujitsu / おんこうとくじつ Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (yoji) having a gentle and sincere personality


see styles
Japanese ekishasanyuu / ekishasanyu / えきしゃさんゆう Japanese (expression) (yoji) (ant: 損者三友・そんしゃさんゆう) three kinds of beneficial friends: straightforward, sincere, and well-informed ones (Confucius)



see styles
Mandarin zhēn xīn shí yì / zhen1 xin1 shi2 yi4
Taiwan chen hsin shih i
Chinese genuine and sincere (idiom); wholehearted



see styles
Mandarin zhēn qíng shí yì / zhen1 qing2 shi2 yi4
Taiwan chen ch`ing shih i / chen ching shih i
Chinese out of genuine friendship (idiom); sincere feelings



see styles
Mandarin tóng sǒu wú qī / tong2 sou3 wu2 qi1
Taiwan t`ung sou wu ch`i / tung sou wu chi
Chinese cheating neither old nor young (idiom); treating youngsters and old folk equally scrupulously; Our house offers sincere treatment to all and fair trade to old and young alike.



see styles
Mandarin dǔ xìn hào xué / du3 xin4 hao4 xue2
Taiwan tu hsin hao hsüeh
Chinese sincere belief and diligent study



see styles
Mandarin lǎo shào wú qī / lao3 shao4 wu2 qi1
Taiwan lao shao wu ch`i / lao shao wu chi
Chinese cheating neither old nor young; treating youngsters and old folk equally scrupulously; Our house offers sincere treatment to all and fair trade to old and young alike.


see styles
Mandarin ěr tí miàn mìng / er3 ti2 mian4 ming4
Taiwan erh t`i mien ming / erh ti mien ming
Chinese to give sincere advice (idiom); to exhort earnestly



see styles
Mandarin yǔ zhòng xīn cháng / yu3 zhong4 xin1 chang2
Taiwan yü chung hsin ch`ang / yü chung hsin chang
Chinese meaningful and heartfelt words (idiom); sincere and earnest wishes


see styles
Japanese shitsujitsugouken / shitsujitsugoken / しつじつごうけん Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (yoji) unaffected and sincere, with fortitude and vigor (vigour)


see styles
Mandarin chì zǐ zhī xīn / chi4 zi3 zhi1 xin1
Taiwan ch`ih tzu chih hsin / chih tzu chih hsin
Chinese pure and innocent like the heart of a newborn; sincere


see styles
Japanese richigi / りちぎ Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) upright; honest; faithful; conscientious; sincere


see styles
Japanese mamemameshii / mamemameshi / まめまめしい Japanese (adjective) (kana only) hardworking; painstaking; diligent; conscientious; sincere


see styles
Japanese minoaru / みのある    jitsunoaru / じつのある Japanese (exp,adj-f) (ant: 実のない) solid; substantial; substantive; (expression) faithful; sincere

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