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Mandarin fēi yáng / fei1 yang2
Taiwan fei yang
Japanese hiyou / hiyo / ひよう
Chinese to rise; to fly upward
Japanese (noun/participle) flying; flight; (personal name) Hiyou; (personal name) Hyou


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Mandarin háng chéng / hang2 cheng2
Taiwan hang ch`eng / hang cheng
Japanese koutei / kote / こうてい
Chinese flight; passage; sea or air distance
Japanese run (of a ship); sail; flight


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Mandarin táo wáng / tao2 wang2
Taiwan t`ao wang / tao wang
Japanese toubou / tobo / とうぼう
Chinese to flee; flight (from danger); fugitive
Japanese (noun/participle) escape; flight; running away; elopement; fleeing



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Mandarin fēi xíng / fei1 xing2
Taiwan fei hsing
Japanese hikou / hiko / ひこう    higyou / higyo / ひぎょう
Chinese (of planes etc) to fly; flying; flight; aviation
Japanese (1) aviation; flight; flying; (noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru) (2) to fly; to take a flight; (noun/participle) {Buddh} (See 神足通) flying without hindrance; (given name) Hikou
Flying anywhere (at will).



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Mandarin fēi xíng jiǎ bǎn / fei1 xing2 jia3 ban3
Taiwan fei hsing chia pan
Japanese hikoukanpan / hikokanpan / ひこうかんぱん
Chinese flight deck
Japanese flight deck


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Mandarin pián // biàn / pian2 // bian4
Taiwan p`ien // pien / pien // pien
Japanese ben / べん    bin / びん
Chinese see 便宜|便宜[pian2 yi5]; plain; informal; suitable; convenient; opportune; to urinate or defecate; equivalent to 就[jiu4]: then; in that case; even if; soon afterwards
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (1) convenience; service; facility; accommodation; (2) excreta (esp. faeces); excrement; stool; (n,n-suf) (1) flight (e.g. airline flight); trip (e.g. train trip); service; (2) mail; post; letter; (3) opportunity; chance; (surname) Bin; (given name) Tayori
Convenient, convenience; then, so; easy; cheap; occasion

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Mandarin duàn / duan4
Taiwan tuan
Japanese dan / だん
Chinese paragraph; section; segment; stage (of a process); classifier for stories, periods of time, lengths of thread etc; surname Duan
Japanese (1) step; stair; (flight of) steps; (row of) stitches; columns (of print); (n,ctr) (2) grade; rank; level; (counter) (3) counter for breaks in written language (or speech, etc.); (4) (See 級・きゅう・2) dan; senior rank in martial arts, go, shogi, etc.; (place-name, surname) Dan; (surname) Tan; (personal name) Isuke
A piece; a section, paragraph. piṇda, a ball, lump, especially of palatable food, sustenance.

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Mandarin zōng / zong1
Taiwan tsung
Chinese uneven flight of a bird

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Mandarin xuān / xuan1
Taiwan hsüan
Chinese flirtatious; short flight

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Mandarin/ da2
Taiwan ta
Chinese a vista of a dragon in flight


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Mandarin wáng mìng / wang2 ming4
Taiwan wang ming
Japanese boumei / bome / ぼうめい
Chinese to flee; to go into exile (from prison)
Japanese (noun/participle) flight from one's country; seeking asylum; defection; emigration (for political reasons); (going into) exile; becoming a (political) refugee


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Japanese fusenaga / ふせなが Japanese going (e.g. of a flight of stairs); length


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Japanese binmei / binme / びんめい Japanese flight number


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Mandarin piān háng / pian1 hang2
Taiwan p`ien hang / pien hang
Chinese to diverge (from bearing, flight path etc); off course; to yaw


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Mandarin tíng háng / ting2 hang2
Taiwan t`ing hang / ting hang
Chinese to stop running (of flight of shipping service); to suspend service (flight, sailing); to interrupt schedule


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Mandarin chū bēn / chu1 ben1
Taiwan ch`u pen / chu pen
Japanese shuppon / しゅっぽん
Chinese to flee; to escape into exile
Japanese (noun/participle) flight; elopement; running away; absconding


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Japanese zenpaku / ぜんぱく Japanese (noun/participle) (See 後泊・こうはく) spending one night ahead (e.g. at a hotel near the airport the night before catching a flight); spending the night before; (surname) Maehaku; (place-name, surname) Maedomari


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Mandarin dà wèi / da4 wei4
Taiwan ta wei
Japanese taii(p);daii / tai(p);dai / たいい(P);だいい
Chinese captain (army rank); senior captain
Japanese (pron. だいい in ref. to the old Japanese navy) captain (Army, U.S. Marine Corps, USAF); lieutenant (Navy); flight lieutenant (RAF, RAAF, RNZAF, etc.)


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Japanese hashiru / はしる Japanese (v5r,vi) (1) to run; (2) to travel (movement of vehicles); to drive; (3) to hurry to; (4) to retreat (from battle); to take flight; (5) to run away from home; (6) to elope; (7) to tend heavily toward; (8) to flash; to streak; to shoot through (e.g. pain)


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Mandarin yǔ háng / yu3 hang2
Taiwan yü hang
Chinese space flight


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Japanese kikou / kiko / きこう Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) homeward voyage or flight


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Japanese fukkou / fukko / ふっこう Japanese (noun/participle) return flight or voyage



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Mandarin gǎi qiān / gai3 qian1
Taiwan kai ch`ien / kai chien
Chinese to change one's reservation; to transfer to a different flight or airline



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Mandarin bài zǒu / bai4 zou3
Taiwan pai tsou
Japanese haisou / haiso / はいそう
Chinese to run away (in defeat)
Japanese (noun/participle) flight; rout; debacle


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Mandarin jià cì / jia4 ci4
Taiwan chia tz`u / chia tzu
Chinese sortie; flight


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Japanese kinai / きない Japanese (adj-no,n) inside a plane; in-flight



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Mandarin jī zǔ / ji1 zu3
Taiwan chi tsu
Chinese flight crew (on a plane); unit (apparatus)


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Japanese ketsubin / けつびん Japanese flight cancellation


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Japanese kekkou / kekko / けっこう Japanese (noun/participle) flight cancellation


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Mandarin bān qī / ban1 qi1
Taiwan pan ch`i / pan chi
Chinese schedule (for flight, voyage etc)



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Mandarin bān jī / ban1 ji1
Taiwan pan chi
Chinese airliner; (regular) flight; CL:趟[tang4],次[ci4],班[ban1]


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Mandarin bān cì / ban1 ci4
Taiwan pan tz`u / pan tzu
Japanese hanji / はんじ
Chinese grade; class number (in school); flight or run number; flight or run (seen as an item); shift (work period)
Japanese ranking; precedence


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Mandarin zhí háng / zhi2 hang2
Taiwan chih hang
Japanese chokkou / chokko / ちょっこう
Chinese direct flight; to fly directly
Japanese (noun/participle) direct voyage; direct service



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Mandarin zhí fēi / zhi2 fei1
Taiwan chih fei
Chinese to fly directly; direct flight


see styles
Japanese ishidan / いしだん Japanese (flight of) stone steps


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Mandarin kōng chéng / kong1 cheng2
Taiwan k`ung ch`eng / kung cheng
Chinese flight attendant; on-board service


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Mandarin kōng jiě / kong1 jie3
Taiwan k`ung chieh / kung chieh
Chinese abbr. for 空中小姐; stewardess; air hostess; female flight attendant


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Japanese shouha / shoha / しょうは Japanese (noun/participle) completing a flight


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Japanese dassou / dasso / だっそう Japanese (noun/participle) escape; flight; breakout; fleeing; desertion



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Mandarin tái jiē / tai2 jie1
Taiwan t`ai chieh / tai chieh
Chinese steps; flight of steps; step (over obstacle); fig. way out of an embarrassing situation; bench (geology)


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Mandarin háng tiān / hang2 tian1
Taiwan hang t`ien / hang tien
Chinese space flight


see styles
Japanese kouchuu / kochu / こうちゅう Japanese space flight


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Mandarin háng cì / hang2 ci4
Taiwan hang tz`u / hang tzu
Chinese air or sea voyage (seen as an individual, countable item); flight; voyage; CL:個|个[ge4]


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Mandarin háng bān / hang2 ban1
Taiwan hang pan
Chinese scheduled flight; flight number; plane; scheduled sailing; sailing number; passenger ship


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Japanese kouzoku / kozoku / こうぞく Japanese (noun/participle) cruising; flight



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Mandarin háng jì / hang2 ji4
Taiwan hang chi
Japanese kouseki / koseki / こうせき
Chinese wake (of ship); flight path
Japanese wake (of boat)


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Mandarin xíng chéng / xing2 cheng2
Taiwan hsing ch`eng / hsing cheng
Japanese koutei / kote / こうてい
Chinese journey; course of a journey; distance traveled; trajectory; itinerary; route; course (of history); (Tw) (computing) process
Japanese (1) journey; course; distance; march; flight; drive; leg (of a journey, relay race, etc.); (2) itinerary; (3) stroke (of a piston); throw (of a switch)



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Mandarin shì háng / shi4 hang2
Taiwan shih hang
Chinese test flight (of aircraft); sea trial (of ship)


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Japanese hashiru / はしる Japanese (v5r,vi) (1) to run; (2) to travel (movement of vehicles); to drive; (3) to hurry to; (4) to retreat (from battle); to take flight; (5) to run away from home; (6) to elope; (7) to tend heavily toward; (8) to flash; to streak; to shoot through (e.g. pain)


see styles
Japanese hashiru / はしる Japanese (v5r,vi) (1) to run; (2) to travel (movement of vehicles); to drive; (3) to hurry to; (4) to retreat (from battle); to take flight; (5) to run away from home; (6) to elope; (7) to tend heavily toward; (8) to flash; to streak; to shoot through (e.g. pain)


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Japanese tobi / とび Japanese (1) (abbreviation) flying; leaping; flight; leap; (2) naught; zero; oh; (3) flying fish (esp. the Japanese flying fish, Cypselurus agoo)


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Japanese fumidan / ふみだん Japanese step; (flight of) stairs


see styles
Mandarin táo zǒu / tao2 zou3
Taiwan t`ao tsou / tao tsou
Japanese tousou / toso / とうそう
Chinese to escape; to flee; to run away
Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) flight; desertion; escape


see styles
Mandarin táo bì / tao2 bi4
Taiwan t`ao pi / tao pi
Japanese touhi / tohi / とうひ
Chinese to escape; to evade; to avoid; to shirk
Japanese (noun/participle) escape; evasion; flight


see styles
Japanese chikuden / ちくでん Japanese (noun/participle) flight; absconding



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Mandarin yuǎn háng / yuan3 hang2
Taiwan yüan hang
Chinese to travel a great distance by sea or air; voyage; long-haul flight



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Mandarin jiē tī / jie1 ti1
Taiwan chieh t`i / chieh ti
Japanese kaitei / kaite / かいてい
Chinese flight of steps; (fig.) a means of advancement; stepping stone
Japanese (1) stairs; (2) rank; grade; gradations; step; (3) guide; guidebook; (4) slanted ladder (exercise equipment)
rungs of a ladder


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Mandarin yàn xíng / yan4 xing2
Taiwan yen hsing
Japanese gankou / ganko / がんこう
Japanese (noun/participle) the flight formation of geese; lining up shoulder to shoulder like flying geese; leading out; (surname) Gankou
To pass in V-shaped formation like wild geese; geese flying



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Mandarin shuāng fēi / shuang1 fei1
Taiwan shuang fei
Chinese flying in pairs; close union as husband and wife; round-trip flight; (slang) threesome


see styles
Japanese nankou / nanko / なんこう Japanese (noun/participle) (1) difficult voyage; hard flight; (2) rough going; rough passage; running into trouble; stormy passage


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Mandarin qiào chì / qiao4 chi4
Taiwan ch`iao ch`ih / chiao chih
Chinese elytrum (hardened forewing of Coleoptera beetle, encasing the flight wing)


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Japanese tobi / とび Japanese (1) (abbreviation) flying; leaping; flight; leap; (2) naught; zero; oh; (3) flying fish (esp. the Japanese flying fish, Cypselurus agoo); (4) (mahj) running out of points (zero or fewer); game ending due to a player running out of points


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Japanese hien / ひえん Japanese swallow in flight; (female given name) Hien



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Mandarin fēi xiáng / fei1 xiang2
Taiwan fei hsiang
Japanese hishou / hisho / ひしょう    hikaru / ひかる    tsubasa / つばさ    asuka / あすか
Chinese to circle in the air; to soar
Japanese (noun/participle) flight; flying; soaring; (surname, female given name) Hishou; (female given name) Hikaru; (female given name) Tsubasa; (personal name) Asuka


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Japanese hiseki / ひせき Japanese track; flight path


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Japanese kakeochi / かけおち Japanese (noun/participle) defeat and flight; disappearing without a trace; eloping



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Mandarin jīng niǎo / jing1 niao3
Taiwan ching niao
Chinese to scare a bird into flight



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Mandarin niǎo dào / niao3 dao4
Taiwan niao tao
Japanese chōdō
Chinese a road only a bird can manage; steep dangerous road
The path of the birds, evasive, mysterious, difficult, as is the mystic life. Also a fabulous island only reached by flight.


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Mandarin yàn wáng / yan4 wang2
Taiwan yen wang
King or leader of the flight, or flock; Buddha, hence 鴈門 Buddhism.


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Mandarin é wáng / e2 wang2
Taiwan o wang
rāja-haṃsa, the king-goose, leader of the flight, i.e. Buddha, one of whose thirty-two marks is webbed hands and feet; also the walk of a buddha is dignified like that of the goose.



see styles
Mandarin péng fēi / peng2 fei1
Taiwan p`eng fei / peng fei
Chinese flight of the roc (used in names); soaring flight


see styles
Mandarin hēi xiāng / hei1 xiang1
Taiwan hei hsiang
Chinese black box; flight recorder; opaque system (computing)


see styles
Japanese shiiee / shiee / シーエー Japanese (1) (abbreviation) (See キャビンアテンダント) cabin attendant; flight attendant; (2) {comp} (See 認証局・にんしょうきょく) Certification Authority; CA; (3) carbohydrate antigen


see styles
Mandarin yī jiàn dào / yi1 jian4 dao4
Taiwan i chien tao
Japanese ichisen dō
An arrow's flight, two li.


see styles
Japanese hitotobi / ひととび Japanese (1) one jump; one flight; (2) (at) once; (in) one stroke


see styles
Japanese origuchi / おりぐち    orikuchi / おりくち Japanese top of a flight of stairs; exit involving a descent (e.g. from a bus)



see styles
Mandarin bù biàn xiǎn / bu4 bian4 xian3
Taiwan pu pien hsien
Chinese travel insurance covering flight delay, baggage loss etc; abbr. for 旅遊不便險|旅遊不便险


see styles
Japanese noritsugu / のりつぐ Japanese (transitive verb) to connect (with a different flight); to make a (flight) connection; to change (planes, trains, etc.)


see styles
Japanese fusenaga / ふせなが Japanese going (e.g. of a flight of stairs); length


see styles
Japanese shuppatsubin / しゅっぱつびん Japanese departure; outgoing flight; departing flight


see styles
Japanese hatsuhikou / hatsuhiko / はつひこう Japanese maiden flight (e.g. of an aircraft)



see styles
Mandarin guó nèi xiàn / guo2 nei4 xian4
Taiwan kuo nei hsien
Chinese domestic flight; internal line (air, train, ferry etc)


see styles
Japanese yakoubin / yakobin / やこうびん Japanese overnight flight; red-eye flight


see styles
Japanese yonige / よにげ Japanese (noun/participle) night flight (without paying); skipping out by night; moonlight flit


see styles
Japanese setsuzokubin / せつぞくびん Japanese connecting flight


see styles
Japanese soujuushitsu / sojushitsu / そうじゅうしつ Japanese cockpit; control cabin; flight compartment; pilot compartment; control room


see styles
Japanese saishuubin / saishubin / さいしゅうびん Japanese last flight; last bus; last train



see styles
Mandarin lóu tī kǒu / lou2 ti1 kou3
Taiwan lou t`i k`ou / lou ti kou
Chinese head of a flight of stairs



see styles
Mandarin lóu tī jiān / lou2 ti1 jian1
Taiwan lou t`i chien / lou ti chien
Chinese staircase; flight of stairs


see styles
Japanese kinaishoku / きないしょく Japanese in-flight meal


see styles
Japanese tsuginobin / つぎのびん Japanese (exp,n) (1) next flight; (2) next post; next mail


see styles
Japanese chokkoubin / chokkobin / ちょっこうびん Japanese direct (nonstop) flight


see styles
Japanese soranobin / そらのびん Japanese (expression) flight (plane)



see styles
Mandarin kōng fú yuán / kong1 fu2 yuan2
Taiwan k`ung fu yüan / kung fu yüan
Chinese flight attendant; cabin crew


see styles
Japanese tatsutori / たつとり Japanese (See 立つ鳥跡を濁さず) bird taking flight


see styles
Japanese musububin / むすぶびん Japanese (exp,n) connecting flight; connecting service


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Mandarin háng bān biǎo / hang2 ban1 biao3
Taiwan hang pan piao
Chinese flight schedule


see styles
Japanese ochiyuku / おちゆく Japanese (v5k-s,vi) (1) to flee; to take flight; (2) to be ruined; to go down in the world; (3) to settle down (e.g. in one location)


see styles
Japanese fumidan / ふみだん Japanese step; (flight of) stairs


see styles
Japanese touhikou / tohiko / とうひこう Japanese flight; elopement

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