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Japanese katorikku / カトリック
Japanese (ateji / phonetic) (noun - becomes adjective with の) (kana only) Catholic (church) (dut: katholiek)


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Mandarin tiān zhǔ jiào tú / tian1 zhu3 jiao4 tu2
Taiwan t`ien chu chiao t`u / tien chu chiao tu
Chinese Catholic; follower of Catholicism



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Mandarin tiān zhǔ jiào huì / tian1 zhu3 jiao4 hui4
Taiwan t`ien chu chiao hui / tien chu chiao hui
Chinese the Catholic Church


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Japanese misa / ミサ Japanese (Catholic) mass (lat: missa); (female given name) Misa



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Mandarin xìn jīng / xin4 jing1
Taiwan hsin ching
Chinese Credo (section of Catholic mass)


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Mandarin xiū nǚ / xiu1 nu:3
Taiwan hsiu nü
Chinese nun or sister (of the Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox churches)


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Japanese tenrei / tenre / てんれい Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) ceremony; etiquette; courtesy; (Catholic) liturgy; (given name) Tenrei


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Japanese josai / じょさい Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (See 執事) deacon (Catholic)


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Japanese johin / じょひん Japanese (noun/participle) (See 叙階・じょかい) ordination (esp. Catholic)


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Japanese jokai / じょかい Japanese (noun/participle) ordination (esp. Catholic)


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Japanese shikyou / shikyo / しきょう Japanese (1) (See 主教) bishop (Catholic); prelate; (can be adjective with の) (2) episcopal; potifical



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Mandarin mó mo / mo2 mo5
Taiwan mo mo
Chinese (dialect) elderly lady; wet nurse; Catholic nun



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Mandarin mí sa / mi2 sa5
Taiwan mi sa
Chinese (Catholic) Mass


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Japanese midou / mido / みどう Japanese (1) enshrinement hall (of a buddha); temple; (2) (usu. as お御堂) cathedral (esp. Catholic); (place-name, surname) Midou


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Mandarin jiào huáng / jiao4 huang2
Taiwan chiao huang
Japanese kyoukou / kyoko / きょうこう
Chinese Roman Catholic pope; Supreme Pontiff
Japanese Pope



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Mandarin zǎo kè / zao3 ke4
Taiwan tsao k`o / tsao ko
Japanese sōka
Chinese matins; morning service (in Catholic church); morning chorus (of birds)
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition



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Mandarin chén dǎo / chen2 dao3
Taiwan ch`en tao / chen tao
Chinese matins; morning service (in Catholic church)


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Mandarin mò yuàn / mo4 yuan4
Taiwan mo yüan
Chinese final vows (in a religious order or congregation of the Catholic Church)


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Mandarin méi sè / mei2 se4
Taiwan mei se
Chinese Moses (Catholic translation); also 摩西 (Protestant translation)


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Japanese houou / hoo / ほうおう Japanese (1) ex-emperor who becomes a monk; (2) (Catholic) Pope; religious leader


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Mandarin mǎ dòu / ma3 dou4
Taiwan ma tou
Chinese Matthew; St Matthew the evangelist; less common variant of 馬太|马太[Ma3 tai4] (preferred by the Catholic church)



see styles
Mandarin pò mén / po4 men2
Taiwan p`o men / po men
Japanese hamon / はもん
Chinese to burst or force open a door; to excommunicate sb (from the Roman Catholic Church); to score a goal (in football, hockey etc)
Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) excommunication; anathema
To break a door, leave a sect; expulsion from a sect


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Mandarin shén fu / shen2 fu5
Taiwan shen fu
Japanese shinpu / しんぷ
Chinese Christian priest or clergyman; (spiritual) father
Japanese Catholic priest; abbe; reverend father; minister; padre


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Mandarin tóng zhēn / tong2 zhen1
Taiwan t`ung chen / tung chen
Japanese doutei / dote / どうてい
Chinese virginity; chastity
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) (colloquialism) virginity (esp. of a man); male virgin; (2) (Catholic) nun


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Mandarin shèng shì / sheng4 shi4
Taiwan sheng shih
Chinese Holy sacrament; Christian rite (esp. Catholic); also called 聖禮|圣礼 by Protestants


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Japanese seiden / seden / せいでん Japanese (Catholic) tradition


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Japanese seisai / sesai / せいさい Japanese Catholic rite (e.g. mass); hierurgy


see styles
Mandarin jiù jiào / jiu4 jiao4
Taiwan chiu chiao
Chinese old teachings; wisdom from the past; old church; the Catholic church 天主教 as opposed to Protestantism 新教


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Mandarin ruò wàng / ruo4 wang4
Taiwan jo wang
Chinese John; Saint John; less common variant of 約翰|约翰[Yue1 han4] preferred by the Catholic church


see styles
Japanese shokuyuu / shokuyu / しょくゆう Japanese (See 免罪符・1) indulgence (in the Catholic Church)



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Mandarin bó duō lù / bo2 duo1 lu4
Taiwan po to lu
Chinese Peter (Catholic transliteration)


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Japanese shuurensha / shurensha / しゅうれんしゃ Japanese (Catholic) neophyte


see styles
Japanese shuudoukai / shudokai / しゅうどうかい Japanese (Catholic) order


see styles
Japanese shuudoujo / shudojo / しゅうどうじょ Japanese (Catholic) nun


see styles
Japanese menzaifu / めんざいふ Japanese (1) indulgence (esp. in the Catholic Church); (2) excuse; justification; rationalization


see styles
Japanese koukyoukai / kokyokai / こうきょうかい Japanese (Roman) Catholic Church


see styles
Japanese daishikyou / daishikyo / だいしきょう Japanese (See 大主教) archbishop (Catholic)


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Mandarin ān dé lèi / an1 de2 lei4
Taiwan an te lei
Chinese Andrew (Catholic transliteration); also 安德魯|安德鲁 (Protestant transliteration)



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Mandarin lā zā lù / la1 za1 lu4
Taiwan la tsa lu
Chinese Lazarus (Catholic transliteration)


see styles
Japanese kyuukyouto / kyukyoto / きゅうきょうと Japanese (Roman) Catholic


see styles
Japanese suukikyou;suukikei / sukikyo;sukike / すうききょう;すうきけい Japanese cardinal (Catholic church)


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Mandarin róng guāng sòng / rong2 guang1 song4
Taiwan jung kuang sung
Chinese Gloria (in Catholic mass)


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Mandarin róng guī zhǔ / rong2 gui1 zhu3
Taiwan jung kuei chu
Chinese Gloria (section of Catholic mass)


see styles
Mandarin qiú lián jīng / qiu2 lian2 jing1
Taiwan ch`iu lien ching / chiu lien ching
Chinese Kyrie Eleison (section of Catholic mass); Miserere nobis; Lord have mercy upon us


see styles
Mandarin shén shèng zhōu / shen2 sheng4 zhou1
Taiwan shen sheng chou
Chinese Holy week; Easter week (esp. Catholic)


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Mandarin shèng zāi jīng / sheng4 zai1 jing1
Taiwan sheng tsai ching
Chinese Sanctus (section of Catholic mass)


see styles
Mandarin shèng tǐ jié / sheng4 ti3 jie2
Taiwan sheng t`i chieh / sheng ti chieh
Chinese Corpus Christi (Catholic festival on second Thursday after Whit Sunday)


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Mandarin lù zhēng xiáng / lu4 zheng1 xiang2
Taiwan lu cheng hsiang
Chinese Lu Zhengxiang (1871-1949), Chinese diplomat and Catholic monk


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Mandarin mǎ ěr gǔ / ma3 er3 gu3
Taiwan ma erh ku
Chinese Mark; St Mark the evangelist; less common variant of 馬克|马克[Ma3 ke4] preferred by the Catholic church


see styles
Japanese urugata / ウルガタ Japanese Vulgate (Catholic Latin bible) (lat: vulgata)


see styles
Japanese hamatora / ハマトラ Japanese (abbreviation) style of clothing popular in the late 1970s and resembling a Catholic school uniform (wasei: Yokohama traditional)


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Japanese vurugata / ヴルガタ Japanese Vulgate (Catholic Latin bible) (lat: vulgata)



see styles
Mandarin yī sā yī yà / yi1 sa1 yi1 ya4
Taiwan i sa i ya
Chinese Isaiah (Catholic transliteration)


see styles
Japanese koudoushokan / kodoshokan / こうどうしょかん Japanese General Epistles (James, Peter, Jude, John); Catholic Epistles; General Letters


see styles
Japanese koukyouyouri / kokyoyori / こうきょうようり Japanese Catholic catechism



see styles
Mandarin qǐ yìng qí dǎo / qi3 ying4 qi2 dao3
Taiwan ch`i ying ch`i tao / chi ying chi tao
Chinese Introitus (section of Catholic mass)



see styles
Mandarin ào kāng nèi ěr / ao4 kang1 nei4 er3
Taiwan ao k`ang nei erh / ao kang nei erh
Chinese O'Connell (name); Daniel O'Connell (1775-1847), Irish nationalist and catholic activist



see styles
Mandarin ān hún mí sa / an1 hun2 mi2 sa5
Taiwan an hun mi sa
Chinese Requiem Mass (Catholic)


see styles
Mandarin shū jī zhǔ jiào / shu1 ji1 zhu3 jiao4
Taiwan shu chi chu chiao
Chinese cardinal (of Catholic church)


see styles
Mandarin méi gui niàn zhū / mei2 gui5 nian4 zhu1
Taiwan mei kuei nien chu
Chinese rosary (Catholic prayer beads)


see styles
Mandarin hóng yī zhǔ jiào / hong2 yi1 zhu3 jiao4
Taiwan hung i chu chiao
Chinese Catholic Cardinal


see styles
Mandarin fǔ rén dà xué / fu3 ren2 da4 xue2
Taiwan fu jen ta hsüeh
Chinese Fu Jen Catholic University of Peking (from 1925), forerunner of Beijing Normal University 北京師範大學|北京师范大学; Fu Jen Catholic University in New Taipei City, Taiwan


see styles
Japanese tsuitoumisa / tsuitomisa / ついとうミサ Japanese (Catholic) memorial mass


see styles
Mandarin ā gé ní dí / a1 ge2 ni2 di2
Taiwan a ko ni ti
Chinese Agnus Dei (section of Catholic mass)


see styles
Japanese urugaata / urugata / ウルガータ Japanese Vulgate (Catholic Latin bible) (lat: vulgata)


see styles
Japanese opusudei / opusude / オプスデイ Japanese Opus Dei (Roman Catholic organization)


see styles
Japanese kasorikku / カソリック Japanese (See 加特力・カトリック) Catholic (church)


see styles
Japanese kaajinaru / kajinaru / カージナル Japanese cardinal (Catholic prelate, number characteristic, etc.)


see styles
Japanese roomakyoukai / roomakyokai / ローマきょうかい Japanese (See ローマカトリック教会) Roman Catholic Church


see styles
Japanese vurugaata / vurugata / ヴルガータ Japanese Vulgate (Catholic Latin bible) (lat: vulgata)



see styles
Mandarin jī dū shèng tǐ jié / ji1 du1 sheng4 ti3 jie2
Taiwan chi tu sheng t`i chieh / chi tu sheng ti chieh
Chinese Corpus Christi (Catholic festival on second Thursday after Whit Sunday)


see styles
Japanese opusu dei / opusu de / オプス・デイ Japanese Opus Dei (Roman Catholic organization)


see styles
Japanese touhoukiitsukyoukai / tohokitsukyokai / とうほうきいつきょうかい Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) Eastern Catholic Churches; Uniate Churches; Eastern-rite Catholic Churches


see styles
Japanese katorikkukyoukai / katorikkukyokai / カトリックきょうかい Japanese Catholic Church; (place-name) Katorikkukyoukai



see styles
Mandarin tuō mǎ sī · ā kuí nà / tuo1 ma3 si1 · a1 kui2 na4
Taiwan t`o ma ssu · a k`uei na / to ma ssu · a kuei na
Chinese Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), Italian Catholic priest in the Dominican Order, philosopher and theologian in the scholastic tradition



see styles
Mandarin zhōng guó tiān zhǔ jiào ài guó huì / zhong1 guo2 tian1 zhu3 jiao4 ai4 guo2 hui4
Taiwan chung kuo t`ien chu chiao ai kuo hui / chung kuo tien chu chiao ai kuo hui
Chinese Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association


see styles
Japanese angurokatorikku / アングロカトリック Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) Anglo-Catholic


see styles
Japanese anguro katorikku / アングロ・カトリック Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) Anglo-Catholic


see styles
Japanese roomakatorikkukyoukai / roomakatorikkukyokai / ローマカトリックきょうかい Japanese Roman Catholic Church


see styles
Japanese katorikku / カトリック Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (kana only) Catholic (church) (dut: katholiek)


see styles
Japanese opusudei;opusu dei / opusude;opusu de / オプスデイ;オプス・デイ Japanese Opus Dei (Roman Catholic organization)


see styles
Japanese angurokatorikku;anguro katorikku / アングロカトリック;アングロ・カトリック Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) Anglo-Catholic


see styles
Japanese vurugaata;urugata;urugaata;vurugata / vurugata;urugata;urugata;vurugata / ヴルガータ;ウルガタ;ウルガータ;ヴルガタ Japanese Vulgate (Catholic Latin bible) (lat: vulgata)
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