Christmas Delivery Schedule

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Everything we sell except
custom-made calligraphy.

StandardDec 20thDec 11thDec 3rdDec 8th
Express MailDec 22ndDec 19thDec 11thDec 15th
Custom Chinese
Calligraphy Artwork

(via "Full Rush" service)

StandardDec 12thDec 8thNov 29thDec 8th
Express MailDec 12thDec 12thDec 10thDec 12th
Custom Japanese
Calligraphy Artwork

(via "Full Rush" service)

StandardDec 1stDec 1stNov 22thDec 1st
Express MailDec 3rdDec 3rdDec 3rdDec 3rd

This year, we are hand-carrying the last batch of Christmas custom calligraphy out of Beijing. This flight ticket costs a lot, but is the only way to get through the U.S. Customs anomalies and not get stuck in the Christmas mail jam. All rush orders bound for the USA will be taken on this Dec 15th flight to the USA, and then forwarded domestically via Priority Mail.

Standard Shipping is Priority Mail or First Class Mail in the USA and First Class Air Mail for all other destinations.

These are not absolute guarantees of Christmas delivery. The earlier you order, the better. Customs delays, postal misrouting, or other issues are rare, but possible!

If you want to order custom calligraphy after the deadline, we can make a special web page for the recipient telling them about their calligraphy gift which will be arriving later. No charge for this service.