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Love / Affection / Passion
Special Calligraphy Wall Scroll

Love / Affection / Passion - Special Calligraphy Wall Scroll

Approximate Measurements

Artwork Panel: 50.6cm x 98.4cm  ≈  20" x 38¾"

Silk/Brocade: 59.7cm x 153.3cm  ≈  23½" x 60¼"

Width at Wooden Knobs: 68.7cm  ≈  27"

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This artwork was discounted because of a wrinkle.


Affection / Love

Love / Affection / Passion - Special Calligraphy Wall Scroll close up view

Close up view of the calligraphy artwork mounted to this silk brocade wall scroll

This is a very unique form of calligraphy. In this case, it is two people in love.

This is actually the Chinese character for "sentiment/affection/love/passion" that has been made to look like two people in love. The character is pronounced "qing" (like sounds like "ching") in Mandarin.

Down at the bottom, there is a large inscription that says:
價 無 義 情
Which basically means "love/passion is priceless".

Sandy holds Tiger Special Asian Calligraphy

Here's Sandy holding a tiger special Asian calligraphy wall scroll. As you can see, it's a nice large-sized wall scroll that will look great in your home.

About the Artist...

This was painted by a very shy artist named Ye Ying-Xing from near Guilin, China. I asked if I could take his picture, but he politely refused with a gesture of modesty. He does not seek fame, and in another gesture of Chinese modesty, he insulted his own artwork, saying that it was not good enough to make such a fuss over.

I think the artwork is worthy, and offers a unique and different style that most people in the west have never seen before (it's even rare in China).

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Feb 14th, 2016

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Gary's random little things about China:

Crossing the Street: Human Frogger in China

If you are from my generation, you may remember the video game called "Frogger". It involved crossing a busy road while narrowly dodging cars and truck, often both in front of and behind you at the same time.

Well you can play real live Frogger every time you cross the street in China. It is perfectly normal to cross a four or six-lane road, one lane at a time. You stand motionless on the white, dashed line between lanes as cars and trucks whiz by you on both sides with only inches to spare. When the next lane is clear, you advance (there is no retreat in this game, that could get you killed, since drivers in China would never expect that).

If you did this in America, drivers would come to a screeching halt and think you were crazy (they might even tell you so, using colorful words and hand gestures). It is simply a different culture, or rather a different way of doing things in modern Chinese culture.

Typical Gallery Price: $60.00

Your Price: $29.00