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  1. Iron Fist

  2. Blacksmith

  3. Genghis Khan

  4. Blessed by Heaven

  5. Indomitable / Persistence / Fortitude

  6. Indomitable / Unyielding

  7. Indomitable Spirit

  8. Iron Heart

  9. Iron Palm

10. Iron Man

11. Even an iron bar can be ground to a needle

12. Steel

13. Strong bones come from hard knocks

14. Iron Man

15. Unshakable / Determined

16. Stay Strong / Iron Will

17. Ironman Triathlon Event

18. Iron Dragon

19. Strike While the Iron is Hot

Iron Fist

Tie Quan / Tieh Chuan

 tiě quán
Iron Fist Scroll

鐵拳 is a common theme used by various schools of martial arts.

鐵 means “iron” but, in some cases, can mean “indisputable.”
拳 means fist.

Some schools use the older/Taiwanese way to Romanize the iron fist, so you may have seen it spelled “Tieh Chuan” instead of “Tie Quan.” Neither way is technically incorrect.

Note that in Mandarin, the first part of the first character sounds like the English word “tea,” blending into a soft “-eh” sound. The second character sounds a lot like “chew on” but as if it is one syllable.

鉄After WWII in Japan, the Kanji for iron was simplified. This new Kanji form is shown to the right. If you want this modern Japanese version, please click on the Kanji to the right, instead of the button above. The characters shown to the left would still be considered the old or ancient Japanese version of this title.

 tiě jiang
Blacksmith Scroll

鐵匠 means blacksmith or ironworker in Chinese.

鐵 means iron or tough metal.

匠 means craftsman or artisan. 匠 can also mean carpenter (in the context of woodworking rather than metal forging).

Genghis Khan

 chéng jí sī hán
 jin gi su kan
Genghis Khan Scroll

成吉思汗 is the full title for Genghis Khan (1162-1227).

Khan is the title of his position as emperor. Genghis is his name.

In Japan, this also means Genghis Khan but is sometimes used to refer to a specific Japanese mutton and vegetable dish or the slotted dome cast iron grill for preparing this dish.

Blessed by Heaven

 ten kei
Blessed by Heaven Scroll

天恵 means “Heaven's Blessing,” “Blessings from Heaven,” or “Blessed by Heaven” in Japanese Kanji.

Depending on the context in which this is used, it can also mean “gift of nature,” or even “natural resources” (as in Heaven or God bestowed things like oil, iron, gold, and other natural resources upon mankind).

Indomitable / Persistence / Fortitude

 bù qū
Indomitable / Persistence / Fortitude Scroll

不屈 is the short form of a longer Chinese word and also a word used in Korean and Japanese to express the idea of being indomitable. It literally means “will not bend,” “will not crouch,” “will not yield,” “will not flinch,” or “will not submit.”

Note: Some will translate this as “indomitable spirit”; however, technically, there is no character to suggest the idea of “spirit” in this word.

See Also:  Tenacity | Fortitude | Strength | Undaunted

Indomitable / Unyielding

 bù qū bù náo
 fu kutsu fu tou
Indomitable / Unyielding Scroll

不屈不撓 means “Indomitable” or “Unyielding.”

不屈不撓 is a long word by Chinese standards. At least, it is often translated as a single word into English. It's actually a proverb in Chinese.

If you want to break it down, you can see that the first and third characters are the same. Both mean “not” (they work as a suffix to make a negative or opposite meaning to whatever character follows).

The second character means “bendable.”

The last means “scratched” or “bothered.”

So this really means “Won't be bent, can't be bothered.” I have also seen it written as “Will not crouch, will not submit.” This comes from the fact that the second character can mean “to crouch” and the last can mean “to submit” (as in “to give in” such as “submitting to the rule of someone else”). This may explain better why these four characters mean “indomitable.”

Some will translate this as “indomitable spirit”; however, technically, there is no character to suggest the idea of “spirit” in this word.
Other translations include indefatigability, indomitableness, or unremitting tenacity.

The first two characters can be stand-alone words in Chinese.
In Japanese, this is considered two words (with very similar meanings). It's more common to see the word order flipped to 不撓不屈 in Japanese.
The same characters are used in old Korean Hanja. Just like in Japanese, the words are swapped to 不撓不屈 creating a word pronounced “불요불굴” in Korean.

See 不撓不屈

See Also:  Tenacity | Fortitude | Strength | Undaunted

Indomitable Spirit

 ma ke ji damashii
Indomitable Spirit Scroll

負けじ魂 is a Japanese proverb that means “indomitable spirit” or “unyielding spirit.”

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

Indomitable Spirit

Korean Only

 bǎi shé bù qū
Indomitable Spirit Scroll

百折不屈 is a Korean proverb that means “indomitable spirit,” at least, that is the way it is commonly translated in martial arts circles (Taekwondo, Hapkido, etc.).

The literal translation is “[one] hundred [times] broken [still] don't succumb.”
Or more naturally translated, “Even if attacked/beaten one hundred times, still be undaunted/indomitable.”

Some will say this is one long word rather than a proverb.
This is also a proverb/word in Chinese though rarely used in modern times.

 tiě xīn
 tetsu kokoro / tesshin
Iron Heart Scroll

鐵心 can be translated as “iron heart,” “steel core,” or “iron mind” in Chinese and Japanese Kanji.

This is not a common term, but I added it here since so many were looking for “iron heart.” This is almost like saying you are without emotions or feelings - a very stoic person. This is not a Buddhist trait.

 tiě zhǎng
Iron Palm Scroll

鐵掌 means “iron palm,” the martial arts technique taught by Brian Gray and others.

This term can mean different things to different people. The consensus is that rather than a type or style of martial arts, this is a technique for refining hand position and strengthening hands to strike blows with maximum force and effect.

The regime may include herbal treatments and special exercises to fortify the hands.

In more extreme versions, the carpals and metacarpal bones in the hand are systematically broken so that when they heal, they will become stronger.

Japanese note: This does make sense in Japanese (though the version shown above is the ancient form of the first Kanji), this is far from a commonly-known term.

 gāng tiě xiá
Iron Man Scroll

鋼鐵俠 is the Chinese title for Iron Man, the comic book superhero.

Even an iron bar can be ground to a needle

 mó chǔ chéng zhēn
Even an iron bar can be ground to a needle Scroll

磨杵成針 is a Chinese proverb that means “to grind an iron bar down to a fine needle,” or “Even a bar of iron can be ground down to a needle [with perseverance].”

Figuratively, this means to persevere in a difficult task or to study diligently.

Steel Scroll

鋼 is the Chinese character and Japanese Kanji for steel (as in iron mixed with carbon and other elements to make it stronger).

This can also be the name Hagane in Japanese. Like Mr. Steel in English. It can also be pronounced as Tsuyoshi or Kou when used as a personal or given name in Japan.

Strong bones come from hard knocks

 bù kē bù pèng gǔ tóu bù yìng
Strong bones come from hard knocks Scroll

不磕不碰骨頭不硬 is a Chinese proverb that literally translates as: Without being knocked around a bit, [one's] bones won't become hard.

Figuratively, this means: One can't become strong without first being tempered by “hard knocks.”

While true for everyone, this sounds like the “Iron Body” form of Kung Fu, where practitioners' bodies are beaten (and often bone fractured) in order to become stronger.
For the rest of us, this is just about how we can be tempered and build character through the hardships in our lives.

This is not a common title for a wall scroll in China.

Iron Man Scroll

鉄人 is a Japanese title that means iron man or strong man.

鉄人 is sometimes used as a given name romanized as Tetsujin, Temujin, Tetsundo, Tetsuhito, or Tetsuto.

Unshakable / Determined

 tiě le xīn
Unshakable / Determined Scroll

鐵了心 is a Chinese title that means determined or unshakable.

This literally means “Iron Heart” or “Heart of Iron.”

Stay Strong / Iron Will

 tesshin sekichou
Stay Strong / Iron Will Scroll

鉄心石腸 is a Japanese proverb that suggests you should have the inner-strength and will as hard and steadfast as iron.

It's the Japanese way of saying, “stay strong.” This is an especially uplifting thing to say to a person in distress or recovering from a disaster. It's kind of the survivor's creed.

If you literally translate this, it means “iron will, stone guts” or “iron heart, rock-hard bowels.”

Ironman Triathlon Event

 tiě rén
 tetsu jin
Ironman Triathlon Event Scroll

鐵人 is the Chinese name for the Ironman Triathlon Event.

The literal meaning of these characters is “iron person.”

This can also refer to a Japanese toy, Tetsujin (a big blue tin man).

 tiě lóng
Iron Dragon Scroll

鐵龍 is the title Iron Dragon in Chinese.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

 chéng shì
Strike While the Iron is Hot Scroll

乘勢 is a short Chinese word that means to “seize the opportunity” and is similar to the English provers, “to strike while the iron is hot.”

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Iron Fist鐵拳
铁拳 / 鉄拳
tekken / tekentiě quán / tie3 quan2 / tie quan / tiequant`ieh ch`üan / tiehchüan / tieh chüan
tiě jiang
tie3 jiang5
tie jiang
t`ieh chiang
tieh chiang
Genghis Khan成吉思汗jin gi su kan
chéng jí sī hán
cheng2 ji2 si1 han2
cheng ji si han
ch`eng chi ssu han
cheng chi ssu han
Blessed by Heaven天恵ten kei / tenkei
不屈fukutsubù qū / bu4 qu1 / bu qu / buqupu ch`ü / puchü / pu chü
fu kutsu fu tou
fu kutsu fu to
bù qū bù náo
bu4 qu1 bu4 nao2
bu qu bu nao
pu ch`ü pu nao
pu chü pu nao
Indomitable Spirit負けじ魂ma ke ji damashii
ma ke ji damashi
Indomitable Spirit百折不屈bǎi shé bù qū
bai3 she2 bu4 qu1
bai she bu qu
pai she pu ch`ü
pai she pu chü
Iron Heart鐵心
tetsu kokoro / tesshin
tetsukokoro / tesshin
tetsu kokoro / teshin
tiě xīn / tie3 xin1 / tie xin / tiexint`ieh hsin / tiehhsin / tieh hsin
Iron Palm鐵掌
tetsu-tenohiratiě zhǎng
tie3 zhang3
tie zhang
t`ieh chang
tieh chang
Iron Man鋼鐵俠gāng tiě xiá
gang1 tie3 xia2
gang tie xia
kang t`ieh hsia
kang tieh hsia
Even an iron bar can be ground to a needle磨杵成針
mó chǔ chéng zhēn
mo2 chu3 cheng2 zhen1
mo chu cheng zhen
mo ch`u ch`eng chen
mo chu cheng chen
haganegāng / gang1 / gangkang
Strong bones come from hard knocks不磕不碰骨頭不硬
bù kē bù pèng gǔ tóu bù yìng
bu4 ke1 bu4 peng4 gu3 tou2 bu4 ying4
bu ke bu peng gu tou bu ying
pu k`o pu p`eng ku t`ou pu ying
pu ko pu peng ku tou pu ying
Iron Man鉄人tetsujin
tiě le xīn
tie3 le5 xin1
tie le xin
t`ieh le hsin
tieh le hsin
Stay Strong
Iron Will
鉄心石腸tesshin sekichou
teshin sekicho
Ironman Triathlon Event鐵人
tetsu jin / tetsujintiě rén / tie3 ren2 / tie ren / tierent`ieh jen / tiehjen / tieh jen
Iron Dragon鐵龍
tiě lóng / tie3 long2 / tie long / tielongt`ieh lung / tiehlung / tieh lung
Strike While the Iron is Hot乘勢
chéng shì
cheng2 shi4
cheng shi
ch`eng shih
cheng shih
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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A professional Chinese Calligrapher

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There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

Even with the teachings of a top-ranked calligrapher in China, my calligraphy will never be good enough to sell. I will leave that to the experts.

A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

The same calligrapher who gave me those lessons also attracted a crowd of thousands and a TV crew as he created characters over 6-feet high. He happens to be ranked as one of the top 100 calligraphers in all of China. He is also one of very few that would actually attempt such a feat.

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