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Sponsored by Asahi Japanese Beer

Asahi Japanese Beer Asahi Kuronama Japanese Beer

Free bottles of fresh Asahi Beer to the first 500 guests!
Must be of drinking age, and yes, we'll be checking

Ray at Asian Nights

It's back! Our annual Asian Art event in San Diego.
Mark your calendar for December 8th, 2007.

Asian Art Event San Diego (front)

Come to the two-story Gallery 504 building to see a great array of local and international artists whose creations have various Asian themes.

As usual, there will be a Chinese "Gong Fu" tea ceremony, live Japanese music, and other entertainment that offers a fusion of various Asian cultures.

This is a completely FREE event to the public!
We'll even give you a free Asahi Japanese Beer just for coming!

Asian Art Event San Diego (back)

Last year more than 30 artists were represented. All artists who could get visas from the U.S. Government were on hand to talk to you.

We pay the commissions for the artists on any artwork they sell.
What this means: Thanks to Oriental Outpost's sponsorship of this event, artists will put 100% of the selling price in their pockets for any artwork they sell at the show. Oriental Outpost has always been "Pro-Artist" and this is yet another way that we try to help our artist friends.

Gallery 504

Gallery 504 is located at
3041 University Ave, San Diego, California
in the community of North Park.

If you are an Asian-themed artist and are interested in exhibiting, please contact me. Spaces are available for $60 (this covers marketing, refreshments, and entertainment - no commissions on your sales will be collected by the gallery).
Other galleries in the area charge the same or a higher fee, plus 25% - 50%

This event is run in conjunction with the Ray at Night Art Walk. This guarantees that hundreds if not over a thousand people will attend the event.

Highlights from our Asian Art Exhibition in San Diego December 9th, 2006

Our successful Asian art event 2006...

over all view of the Asian art event

More than 25 local and international
artists display their wares.

We sponsored a great Asian art event at our second home in San Diego. Many of our customers and others came to meet us and many fine artists from San Diego and around the world.

With the Asian and Asian-inspired artwork from 28 artists there was something for everyone. About 15 of the artists were in attendance although many could not attend due to U.S. Government restrictions on issuing visas.

The Whole Leaf Tea House of Ocean Beach provided a fantastic "Gong Fu" tea service and an education about various teas of China.

While Oriental Outpost acted as the key sponsor, much of the hard work was done by Silk Road Productions. Special thanks goes to them for making this event a rousing success!

Tsing Tao Bottle

We offered a lot of Tsing Tao Beer for free - some of you got the idea that they sponsored the event (we actually paid for that beer, but for 2007, Asahi Japanese Beer has stepped up and sponsored the event - bravo Asahi!)

Ling Hua, the official translator of Oriental Outpost enjoys some white tea
An unknown beauty - friend of the producer

Beautiful Asian art, beautiful Asian people.

Lots of Asian art and patrons filled the gallery

Lots of Asian art and patrons filled the gallery.

Tomo Uesugi, Asian artist from Japan.

Tomo Uesugi hails from Japan and gives the "V-symbol" with his fingers, which is the standard response for most Japanese people when a camera comes out.

Dennis-Michael expresses victory over a successful Asian art event.

Dennis Michael of Silk Road Productions expresses victory over a successful Asian art event.

Many attendees took time to really study the various Asian art on display.

Many attendees took time to really study the various Asian art on display.

There was something for everyone to enjoy

There was something for everyone to enjoy

Taboo nude oil paintings smuggled out of North Korea

Taboo nude oil paintings smuggled out of North Korea.