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Hao2 in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Howe

  2. Anhao

  3. Haugen

  4. Heroic Spirit / Heroism

  5. Howie

  6. Jaume

  7. Michał

  8. Pride

  9. Harold

10. Jazmin

11. Jorge

12. Gay Pride

Howe Scroll

豪 is the name Howe in Chinese (Mandarin).

ān háo
Anhao Scroll

安豪 is the name Anhao in Chinese (Mandarin).


háo gēn
Haugen Scroll

豪根 is the name Haugen in Chinese (Mandarin).

Heroic Spirit / Heroism

háo qì
Heroic Spirit / Heroism Scroll

豪氣 is heroic spirit or heroism in Chinese and old Korean Hanja.

This might come across as a bit arrogant to hang on your wall.

háo yī
Howie Scroll

豪伊 is the name Howie in Chinese (Mandarin).

háo méi
Jaume Scroll

豪梅 is the transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the Latin / Spanish name Jaume.


mǐ háo
Michał Scroll

米豪 is a common Mandarin Chinese transliteration for the male Polish name Michał or Michal.

zì háo
Pride Scroll

自豪 is used to convey "feeling a sense of pride".

This can be the pride you feel in yourself, or the sense of pride in belonging to a certain group, team or organization.


ā háo dé
Harold Scroll

阿豪德 is the name Harold in Chinese (Mandarin).


háo sī mín
Jazmin Scroll

豪斯民 is the transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the Latin / Spanish name Jazmin.

háo ěr hè
Jorge Scroll

豪爾赫 is the transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the Latin / Spanish name Jorge.

Gay Pride

tóng xìng liàn zì háo gǎn
Gay Pride Scroll

Gay Pride is kind of a new idea in China. In fact, it's so new, that we may have just started the movement by translating this phrase.

If they ever do start having gay pride parades in China, my best guess is that these 6 characters will constitute the term they use to title the parade / movement.

Who knows, maybe in 10 years they will have a pride parade march straight past Tian'anmen Square on Chang An Street (the main drag in Beijing).

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
Howeháo / hao2  / hao 
Anhao安豪ān háo / an1 hao2  / an hao  / anhao an
Haugen豪根háo gēn / hao2 gen1 / hao gen / haogenhao ken / haoken
Heroic Spirit
háo qì / hao2 qi4 / hao qi / haoqihao ch`i / haochi / hao chi
Howie豪伊háo yī / hao2 yi1 / hao yi / haoyihao i / haoi
Jaume豪梅háo méi / hao2 mei2 / hao mei / haomei
Michał米豪mǐ háo / mi3 hao2 / mi hao / mihao
Pride自豪zì háo / zi4 hao2 / zi hao / zihaotzu hao / tzuhao
Harold阿豪德ā háo dé
a1 hao2 de2
a hao de
a hao te
Jazmin豪斯民háo sī mín
hao2 si1 min2
hao si min
hao ssu min
háo ěr hè
hao2 er3 he4
hao er he
hao erh ho
Gay Pride同性戀自豪感
tóng xìng liàn zì háo gǎn
tong2 xing4 lian4 zi4 hao2 gan3
tong xing lian zi hao gan
t`ung hsing lien tzu hao kan
tung hsing lien tzu hao kan
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your hao2 search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
háo / hao2
 gō / まさる
Gay Pride Scroll
grand; heroic
(n,n-pref,n-suf) (abbreviation) Australia; (n,adj-f) strong; hard; manly; (prefix) tremendous; huge; (given name) Masaru


see styles
háo / zi4 hao2
tzu hao
Gay Pride Scroll
proud (of one's achievements etc)



see styles
háo/ hao2 qi4
hao ch`i / hao chi
Gay Pride Scroll
heroic spirit; heroism

see styles
háo/ hao2 ke4
hao k`o / hao ko
milligram (old); single-character equivalent of 毫克[hao2 ke4]

see styles
háo / hao2
to howl (like a wolf)

see styles
háo / hao2
variant of 嗥[hao2]

see styles
háo / hao2
howl; bawl

see styles
háo / hao2
 hori / ほり
moat; (military) trench
(1) moat; fosse; (2) canal; ditch; (1) moat; fosse; trench; ditch; (2) underground air-raid shelter; dugout; (surname) Hori

see styles
háo / hao2
hair; drawing brush; (in the) least; one thousandth; currency unit, 0.1 yuan
Down, soft hair; minute, trifling, tiny; long, very fine hair

see styles
háo / hao2
 hori / ほり
(1) moat; fosse; (2) canal; ditch; (n,n-pref,n-suf) (abbreviation) Australia; moat; fosse; trench; ditch; (surname) Hori

see styles
háo / hao2
old variant of 嗥[hao2]

see styles
háo/ hao2 wa3
hao wa
milliwatt (old); single-character equivalent of 毫瓦[hao2 wa3]

see styles
háo / hao2

see styles
háo / hao2
to intimidate

see styles
háo / hao2
to shout; to roar; to terrify; swiftly



see styles
gān háo / gan1 hao2
kan hao
to cry out loud without tears



see styles
gān háo / gan1 hao2
kan hao
to cry out loud without tears


see styles
guāng háo / guang1 hao2
kuang hao
The ūrṇā, or curl between the Buddha's eyebrows whence streams light that reveals all worlds, one of the thirty-two characteristics of a Buddha; radiant eyebrow


see styles
gōng háo / gong1 hao2
kung hao


see styles
fēn háo / fen1 hao2
fen hao
fraction; slightest difference; hairsbreadth


see styles
háo / hu1 hao2
hu hao
to roar (of animals); to wail; to cry out in distress; see also 呼號|呼号[hu1 hao2]



see styles
háo / hu1 hao2
hu hao
to wail; to cry out in distress
See: 呼号


see styles
āi háo / ai1 hao2
ai hao
to howl in grief; anguished wailing; same as 哀號|哀号[ai1 hao2]



see styles
āi háo / ai1 hao2
ai hao
to cry piteously; anguished wailing; same as 哀嚎[ai1 hao2]
See: 哀号


see styles
háo jiào / hao2 jiao4
hao chiao
to growl; to howl


see styles
háo/ hao2 ku1
hao k`u / hao ku
to bawl; to cry; to wail; to howl; also written 號哭|号哭[hao2 ku1]


see styles
háo táo / hao2 tao2
hao t`ao / hao tao
variant of 號啕|号啕[hao2 tao2]


see styles
háo / tu3 hao2
t`u hao / tu hao
 dogou / dogo / どごう
local tyrant; local strong man; (slang) nouveau riche
powerful local clan; local strongman; (surname) Dogou



see styles
háo gōu / hao2 gou1
hao kou
trench; moat


see styles
háo / fu4 hao2
fu hao
 fugou / fugo / ふごう
rich and powerful person
wealthy person; millionaire

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