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píng guǒ
Apple Scroll

蘋果 is the Chinese word for Apple.

This red or green fruit tree grows well in the cool winter climates of northern China.

In the context of computers and smartphones, this can refer to Apple Computers.

yǔ guǒ
Hugo Scroll

雨果 is the name Hugo in Chinese (Mandarin).

Karma - Cause and Effect

yīn guǒ
Karma - Cause and Effect Scroll

因果 is a label that is used inside and outside of the Buddhist faith to speak of Karma.

Along with the meaning of Karma, this word can be translated as "retribution" or "chain of cause and effect".

See Also:  Buddhism

yǔ guǒ
Ugo Scroll

雨果 is a common Mandarin Chinese transliteration for the male French name Ugo.

Everything Happens for a Reason

wàn shì jiē yīn guǒ
Everything Happens for a Reason Scroll

The first two characters mean "all things" or "everything".

The middle character kind of means, "in all cases".

The last two characters create a complex word that can be defined many ways such as, "karma", "cause and effect", "fate", "every cause has its effect, as every effect arises from a cause".

Keep in mind, Chinese grammar is a bit different than English, so trust me that this makes a natural proverb that means, "Everything happens for a reason" in Chinese.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
píng guǒ / ping2 guo3 / ping guo / pingguop`ing kuo / pingkuo / ping kuo
Hugo雨果yǔ guǒ / yu3 guo3 / yu guo / yuguoyü kuo / yükuo
Karma - Cause and Effect因果ingayīn guǒ / yin1 guo3 / yin guo / yinguoyin kuo / yinkuo
Ugo雨果yǔ guǒ / yu3 guo3 / yu guo / yuguoyü kuo / yükuo
Everything Happens for a Reason萬事皆因果
wàn shì jiē yīn guǒ
wan4 shi4 jie1 yin1 guo3
wan shi jie yin guo
wan shih chieh yin kuo
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
yīn guǒ / yin1 guo3
yin kuo
 inga / いんが
Everything Happens for a Reason Scroll
karma; cause and effect
(1) cause and effect; causality; (2) {Buddh} karma; fate; (adjectival noun) (3) unfortunate; unlucky; ill-fated
Cause and effect; every cause has its effect, as every effect arises from a cause; to cause and effect



see styles
píng guǒ / ping2 guo3
p`ing kuo / ping kuo
Everything Happens for a Reason Scroll
apple; CL:個|个[ge4],顆|颗[ke1]
See: 苹果


see styles
guǒ / yu3 guo3
yü kuo
Everything Happens for a Reason Scroll
Hugo (name); Victor Hugo (1802-1885), French writer

see styles
guǒ / guo3
courageous; resolute and daring

see styles
guǒ / guo3
 ka / か
fruit; result; resolute; indeed; if really
(1) {Buddh} (See 因・2) phala (attained state, result); (2) {Buddh} (See 悟り・2) enlightenment (as the fruits of one's Buddhist practice); (3) (See 果物) fruit; (counter) (4) counter for pieces of fruit; (male given name) Minoru
phala, 頗羅 fruit; offspring; result, consequence, effect; reward, retribution; it contrasts with cause, i. e. 因果 cause and effect. The effect by causing a further effect becomes also a cause; a result

see styles
guǒ / guo3
outer coffin
outer box of a coffin

see styles
guǒ / guo3


see styles
guǒ / guo3
rice cake (typically made with glutinous rice flour and steamed)

see styles
guǒ / guo3
 ka / か
variant of 果[guo3]; fruit
(1) (archaism) fruit; (suf,ctr) (2) counter for fruit; (surname, female given name) Konomi

see styles
guǒ / guo3
Eumenes pomiformis

see styles
guǒ / guo3
to bind; to wrap; a bundle; a parcel
to wrap

see styles
guǒ / guo3
grease-pot under a cart

see styles
guǒ / guo3


see styles
guǒ / yi1 guo3
i kuo
 ichi ka / いッか
(female given name) Ikka
same effect


see styles
sān guǒ / san1 guo3
san kuo
 sanka / みか
(female given name) Mika
The third of the Hīnayāna 四果 four fruits or results, i. e. non-return to mortality; third realization



see styles
gān guǒ / gan1 guo3
kan kuo
 kanka / かんか
dried fruit; dry fruits (nuts etc)
(1) {bot} (See 液果) dry fruit (e.g. nuts, legumes, follicles); (2) dried fruit


see styles
èr guǒ / er4 guo3
erh kuo
Sakṛdāgāmin; v. 裟 and 斯. The second "fruit" of the four kinds of Hīnayāna arhats, who have only once more to return to mortality. Also the two kinds of fruit or karma: (a) 習氣果 The good or evil characteristics resulting from habit or practice in a former existence; (b) 報果the pain or pleasure resulting (in this life) from the practices of a previous life; second realization


see styles
guǒ / wu3 guo3
wu kuo
 goka / ごか
(1) five fruits (peach, Japanese plum, apricot, jujube, Japanese chestnut); (2) (Buddhist term) five types of effect in cause-and-effect relationships; (3) (Buddhist term) five effects of ignorance and formations on one's current life
The five fruits, or effects; there are various groups, e. g. I. (1) 異熟果 fruit ripening divergently, e. g. pleasure and goodness are in different categories; present organs accord in pain or pleasure with their past good or evil deeds; (2) 等流果 fruit of the same order, e. g. goodness reborn from previous goodness; (3) 土用果 present position and function fruit, the rewards of moral merit in previous lives; (4) 增上果 superior fruit, or position arising from previous earnest endeavor and superior capacity: (5) 離繋果 fruit of freedom from all bonds, nirvana fruit. II. Fruit, or rebirth: (1) 識 conception (viewed psychologically); (2) 名色 formation mental and physical; (3) 六處 the six organs of perception complete; (4) 觸 their birth and contact with the world; (5) 受 consciousness. III. Five orders of fruit, with stones, pips, shells (as nuts), chaff-like (as pine seeds), and with pods; fivefold aspects of cause and effect


see styles
zhù guǒ / zhu4 guo3
chu kuo
 jūka / すみか
(personal name) Sumika
Abiding in the fruit; e.g. śrāvakas and pratyekabuddhas who rest satisfied in their attainments and do not strive for Buddhahood; they are known as住果緣覺 or住果羅漢; abiding in the fruit


see styles
guǒ / fo2 guo3
fo kuo
buddhapala; the Buddha fruit, the state of Buddhahood; the fruition of arhatship, arahattvapala; Buddha-fruit


see styles
zuò guǒ / zuo4 guo3
tso kuo
created effect



see styles
lái guǒ / lai2 guo3
lai kuo
The fruit or condition of the next rebirth, regarded as the result of the present; coming retribution


see styles
guǒ / yi1 guo3
i kuo
 eka / よりか
(female given name) Yorika
idem 依報 v. 依正; effects that are directly attributable to a certain cause as a basis


see styles
xiū guǒ / xiu1 guo3
hsiu kuo
the fruit of cultivation


see styles
guǒ / ru2 guo3
ju kuo


see styles
gòng guǒ / gong4 guo3
kung kuo
realizations, or fruits held in common


see styles
chū guǒ / chu1 guo3
ch`u kuo / chu kuo
 shoka / もとか
(female given name) Motoka
The initial fruit, or achievement, the stage of srota-āpanna, illusion being discarded and the stream of enlightenment entered; first realization



see styles
guǒ / ke4 guo3
k`o kuo / ko kuo
to fulfill



see styles
gāng guǒ / gang1 guo3
kang kuo
 gouka / goka / ごうか
valor and decisiveness (valour)



see styles
shèng guǒ / sheng4 guo3
sheng kuo
The surpassing fruit, i.e. that of the attainment of Buddhahood, in contrast with Hīnayāna lower aims; two of these fruits are transcendent nirvāṇa and complete bodhi; excellent realization

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Everything Happens for a Reason Scroll
Everything Happens for a Reason Scroll
Everything Happens for a Reason Scroll

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