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yà lì shān dà / ya4 li4 shan1 da4
ya li shan ta
Alexander (name); Alexandria (town name)
Alexander The Great; Alexander The Great


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yuè fèn / yue4 fen4
yüeh fen
month; also written 月份[yue4 fen4]
Moon and division, a tr. of candrabhaga, 旃達羅婆伽 The two rivers Candra and Bhaga joined. The Chenab river, Punjab, the Acesines of Alexander; Candrabhāgā


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 ningenron / にんげんろん (wk) An Essay on Man (poem by Alexander Pope)


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tuō lè mì / tuo1 le4 mi4
t`o le mi / to le mi
Ptolemy, kings of Egypt after the partition of Alexander the Great's Empire in 305 BC; Ptolemy or Claudius Ptolemaeus (c. 90-c. 168), Alexandrian Greek astronomer, mathematician and geographer, author of the Almagest 天文學大成|天文学大成; see also 托勒玫[Tuo1 le4 mei2]



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bào luó dīng / bao4 luo2 ding1
pao lo ting
Borodin (name); Alexander Borodin (1833-1887), Russian chemist and composer



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bào luó tíng / bao4 luo2 ting2
pao lo t`ing / pao lo ting
Borodin (name); Alexander Porfirevich Borodin (1833-1887), Russian chemist and composer



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qià yà nuò fū / qia4 ya4 nuo4 fu1
ch`ia ya no fu / chia ya no fu
Alexander Chayanov (1888-1937), Soviet agrarian economist


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tuō lè mì wáng / tuo1 le4 mi4 wang2
t`o le mi wang / to le mi wang
Ptolemy, kings of Egypt after the partition of Alexander the Great's Empire in 305 BC


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 borodin / ボロディン (person) Alexander Borodin


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 yusurayashi / ユスラヤシ (kana only) Alexander palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae); Alexandra palm; king Alexander palm; king palm; northern bangalow palm


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 yusurayashi;yusurayashi / ユスラやし;ユスラヤシ (kana only) Alexander palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae); Alexandra palm; king Alexander palm; king palm; northern bangalow palm



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sī kè lǐ yà bīn / si1 ke4 li3 ya4 bin1
ssu k`o li ya pin / ssu ko li ya pin
Alexander Scriabin (1872-1915), Russian composer and pianist



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zhān dá luó pó qié / zhan1 da2 luo2 po2 qie2
chan ta lo p`o ch`ieh / chan ta lo po chieh
月分 Candrabhāgā. 'The largest Pundjab stream, the Acesines of Alexander, now called Chenab.' Eitel.



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yà lì shān dà dà dì / ya4 li4 shan1 da4 da4 di4
ya li shan ta ta ti
Alexander the Great (356-323 BC)



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ào sī tè luò fū sī jī / ao4 si1 te4 luo4 fu1 si1 ji1
ao ssu t`e lo fu ssu chi / ao ssu te lo fu ssu chi
Nikolai Ostrovsky (1904-1936), Soviet socialist realist writer; Alexander Ostrovsky (1823-1886), Russian playwright


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 arekusandorutou / arekusandoruto / アレクサンドルとう (place-name) Alexander (island)


see styles
 arekusandaashotou / arekusandashoto / アレクサンダーしょとう (place-name) Alexander Archipelago


see styles
 areguzandaashotou / areguzandashoto / アレグザンダーしょとう (place-name) Alexander Archipelago



see styles
yà lì shān dà · dù bù qiē kè / ya4 li4 shan1 da4 · du4 bu4 qie1 ke4
ya li shan ta · tu pu ch`ieh k`o / ya li shan ta · tu pu chieh ko
Alexander Dubček (1921-1992), leader of Czechoslovakia (1968-1969)


see styles
 arekisandaapoopu / arekisandapoopu / アレキサンダーポープ (person) Alexander Pope


see styles
 arekusandaapoopu / arekusandapoopu / アレクサンダーポープ (person) Alexander Pope


see styles
 arekusandorosudaiou / arekusandorosudaio / アレクサンドロスだいおう (person) Alexander the Great


see styles
 arekisandaa poopu / arekisanda poopu / アレキサンダー・ポープ (person) Alexander Pope


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 arekusandaakarudaa / arekusandakaruda / アレクサンダーカルダー (person) Alexander Calder


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 arekisandaairuson / arekisandairuson / アレキサンダーウィルソン (person) Alexander Wilson


see styles
 arekisandaakushimanse / arekisandakushimanse / アレキサンダークシマンセ Alexander's kusimanse (Crossarchus alexandri)


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 arekusandaahamiruton / arekusandahamiruton / アレクサンダーハミルトン (person) Alexander Hamilton


see styles
 arekusandaafuremingu / arekusandafuremingu / アレクサンダーフレミング (person) Alexander Fleming


see styles
 arekusandaa karudaa / arekusanda karuda / アレクサンダー・カルダー (person) Alexander Calder


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 faniitoarekusanderu / fanitoarekusanderu / ファニーとアレクサンデル (wk) Fanny and Alexander (film)


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 arekisandaagurahamuberu / arekisandagurahamuberu / アレキサンダーグラハムベル (person) Alexander Graham Bell


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 arekisandaa iruson / arekisanda iruson / アレキサンダー・ウィルソン (person) Alexander Wilson


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 arekisandaa kushimanse / arekisanda kushimanse / アレキサンダー・クシマンセ Alexander's kusimanse (Crossarchus alexandri)


see styles
 arekusandaakaatoraito / arekusandakatoraito / アレクサンダーカートライト (person) Alexander Cartwright


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 arekusandaamakkenjii / arekusandamakkenji / アレクサンダーマッケンジー (person) Alexander Mackenzie


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 arekusandaa furemingu / arekusanda furemingu / アレクサンダー・フレミング (person) Alexander Fleming


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 arekisandaadosuberusukii / arekisandadosuberusuki / アレキサンダードスベルスキー (person) Alexander De Seversky


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 arekusandorusorujeniitsun / arekusandorusorujenitsun / アレクサンドルソルジェニーツィン (person) Alexander Solzhenitsyn


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 robaatoarekusandaashuuman / robatoarekusandashuman / ロバートアレクサンダーシューマン (person) Robert Alexander Schumann


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 arekusandoru sorujeniitsun / arekusandoru sorujenitsun / アレクサンドル・ソルジェニーツィン (person) Alexander Solzhenitsyn


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 arekisandaakushimanse;arekisandaa kushimanse / arekisandakushimanse;arekisanda kushimanse / アレキサンダークシマンセ;アレキサンダー・クシマンセ Alexander's kusimanse (Crossarchus alexandri)

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